But Malay Singaporeans have reasons to be proud


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YOURSAY | ‘How many Malay Singaporeans are clamouring to become Malaysians?’

Using BM doesn't mean DAP protects Malays, Puad tells Dr M

Existential Turd: What does it mean by "protecting" the Malays? Like the way Umno is "protecting" the Malays?

Perhaps Umno supreme council member Puad Zarkashi is afraid the Malays may be treated like the non-Malays are being treated by the Umno-led BN government.

Although unmentioned, he knows, and we know he knows, the non-Malays are being treated like dirt in Malaysia. DAP did not take up the cause of the national school, because, it has already been well taken care of by Umno/BN.

If the rural national schools are in poor state, then he should be asking why Umno/BN is not doing anything about it, instead of blaming DAP.

Does he think the Malays in Singapore are being treated like the non-Malays in Malaysia? How many Malay Singaporeans are clamouring to become Malaysians?

I personally know a Malay Singaporean, who works as a security guard, can afford to buy a house in Malaysia on top of the government flat he owns in Singapore. How many security guards does he know in Malaysia who are able to afford two houses?

Anonymous112233: Umno supreme council member Puad Zarkashi, could you do a survey of Singapore Malays to find out whether they are happy or not happy with their government? Please don't just talk without facts.

By the way, I think they would be happy with the Singapore dollar, which equals RM3.2 right now.

Anonymous #45522856: The leaders of Singapore brought their country from the Third World to First World, all in five decades. But here, with all the resources we have, we are going from Second World to Third World.

And yes, Puad, RM1 is equivalent to 32 cents in their currency.

AJ: As usual Puad, you know nothing. Malays are treated with equal dignity in Singapore and are better educated and better informed than their counterparts in Malaysia.

If DAP can come close to what PAP had done in Singapore, all Malaysians would be dancing in the streets.

Corrupt Umno has made the ringgit from parity to less than a third of the value of the Singapore dollar. Explain that, minister.

Vela: Almost 90 percent of the Malays in Singapore are better off than the Malays in Malaysia. We should all be striving to follow their lead.

It has come to a point where a lot of Malaysians - Malays, Chinese, Indians - can't even afford to travel to Singapore anymore. So don't talk nonsense.

Amateur: The following is the ratio of the composition of the three major races in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Malaysia, the Malay, Chinese and Indian are respectively 50 percent, 23 percent  and seven percent. Malaysia's cabinet racial composition in this order is 69 percent, 11 percent and four percent.

In Singapore, the population is respectively 13 percent Malay, 74 percent Chinese and seven percent Indian. Their current cabinet's racial composition is 10 percent Malay, 70 percent Chinese and 20 percent Indian respectively.

It looks like Singapore practises a system based more on meritocracy than race.

Or Lan: Puad, don't just talk nonsense. Tell us what is happening to the Malay Singaporeans under PAP rule?

The Malays in Singapore are doing good making a decent living and need not be fed with ‘dedak’ (animal feed) from the government.

Don't insult the PAP just because the Monetary Authority of Singapore is prosecuting those scoundrels who had helped launder stolen funds linked to 1MDB.

Tok Jangut: Puad is out of date. Malay Singaporeans have reasons to be proud.

Unlike the Malay Malaysians, most can stand on their own feet. They do not require help from others or the government. They are as smart and capable as any other race. They are not marginalised.

Puad should visit Singapore with his eyes wide open.

Anonymous_1381287629: I think Puad is still living in the jungle. There are so many Malay doctors, dentists, accountants and lawyers in Singapore who are well recognised and respected, and they are where they are without much help from the government.

They are able to compete globally and speak first-class English. It’s sad to see, after more than 50 years of independence, Malays in Malaysia are still drumming up for protectionism.

HeWhoGivethTaketh: Oh, the poor Malays in Singapore. They can only own properties in Singapore, can only study in potentially one of the best universities in the world, and only earn salaries with great purchasing power.

Malay Malaysians, meanwhile, get free handouts, have no need to compete and live in a country where the currency is falling against the rupiah every day.

Malaysia4All: It is disgusting and abhorrent to read that Puad thinks equality among races is against our Federal Constitution. Is he plainly ignorant of the constitution, or is he simply a racist?

Or will he later claim, under an apparent Umno standard operating procedure, that he was 'misquoted'? It’s amazing that Umno harbours such miscreants in the ranks of its so-called 'leaders'.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Has the PAP in Singapore eliminated the Malays from the government or economy despite the Malays making up only 15 percent of the population?

The special position of the Malays is entrenched in our constitution. It requires a two-thirds majority in Parliament and the consent of the Malay rulers for it to be repealed.

Is the DAP going to win two-thirds of the seats in Parliament? Are the rulers going to consent to this?

TimesAchanging: When DAP leaders don't use Malay, you don't like it. When they use Malay, you say they are not sincere. Heads, you win. Tails, they lose.

Rupert16: One thing for sure - Umno is no defender of Islam, race and country, but a defender of the corrupt and those who live off ‘dedak’.

The sorry and poor state of our country is evidence that Umno has done us all in for the last 60 years, regardless of one's religion or race.

Anonymous_1388029052: Hello Puad, it's 2016, going on to 2017. You mean to say Malays still need "protection" after almost 60 years of Merdeka?

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