Judgment day will come soon for Jho Low and Riza Aziz


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YOURSAY | ‘I hope DOJ will also file criminal charges against them soon.’

US court rejects Jho Low's family’s request for delay in 1MDB hearing

Trueglitter: The pursuit of justice by all mindful Malaysians is well on track when US federal judge Dale Fischer denied postponement of hearing in respect of documents filed by Department of Justice (DOJ) involving US$3.5 billion of allegedly misappropriated funds from 1MDB.

It is not unexpected that Low Taek Jho, popularly known as Jho Low, would connive with family members to endeavour their utmost to delay hearing so that they could go to courts in New Zealand and Cayman Islands to transfer assets to a new trustee.

However, the denial of said proposal will have immense legal ramifications.

Dont Just Talk: US judge Fisher should be lauded for coming up with the right decision to deny the motion by Jho Low and his family members to delay hearing on 1MDB.

Hopefully, the hearing will expose once and for all how Jho Low and his alleged band of thieves had stolen US$3.5 billion from the Malaysian people.

Mamadias: Good one, Fisher. Don't let these parasites get away with the ‘heist of the century’ from our beloved country.

I hope DOJ will also file criminal charges against them soon. We Malaysians are really hoping and praying these parasites will go to jail. Even if it’s only for one year, we would be satisfied.

Drama1942: Let's hope and pray that the money will be returned to Malaysia but not have it under the present corrupt regime, but given to a trustee who will look after the money until a new and clean government is installed.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Judge Fischer, well done. The people of Malaysia appreciate your decision and are deeply indebted to you.

And, to those greedy ones, please be merciful to the poor Malaysians. Give back to the people what rightly belongs to them.

Szepheng: The earlier the "actors", including MO1 (Malaysian Official 1), who are allegedly implicated in the 1MDB saga go through DOJ's embezzlement and money-laundering lawsuit - and face the music - the better it is for Malaysia and its people.

James_3392: Why rely on your relatives? Jho Low, why don’t you appear in person in the US court to fight your case?

Or Lan: This is just like a robber, whose stolen loot has been confiscated by the police, asking his father and brothers to claim it back from the court.

Report: China to be 1MDB’s new white knight in dispute with IPIC

Clever Voter: In simple terms, if these are true then everything that is in the script is falling into place. Predictably China does the bail out, the nation gives up its assets and risk its security.

The society does not benefit since the opportunity cost is negative. China will benefit from greater market share and access, assets to produce goods for its own market and importantly goodwill, which politically there isn't much the future government can do.

One man's action and the entire nation has to live with the consequences.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Has the government considered applying to Beijing to become an overseas territory or province of China?

This only confirms that China is going to exercise maximum leverage over us in the coming years and effectively erode any independent foreign policy objectives that we may have in the region.

Umno's ‘ketuanan Melayu’ mantra is beginning to sound hollow and we have forfeited aspects of our statehood to an unelected and authoritarian regime in Beijing. Well done, Najib and Umno.

1Citizen: Are all these Umno people idiots or what? While they worry about Chinese Malaysians in DAP, they are totally blind to the wholesale takeover of the country by the Chinese of communist China to save their hopeless political party and its lying and thieving leadership.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: China is smart, looking for opportunities to zoom in for the kill. It is very fond of corrupt countries. The more corrupt the government, the easier is the kill.

It used to lose territories to foreigners because the emperors were corrupt. Now, it is her turn to annex territories from corrupt government.

Annonymous: Where are your very super-generous Muslim Arab brothers who blindly gave you RM2.6 billion without condition and to be used as you please? Why are they not helping you now?

Why RM2.6b not probed under Section 124C, asks Ambiga

Hornbills: Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed is suffering from the foot-in-mouth disease as a result of consuming an overdose of dedak, I think.

The BN made a law which they could not enforce on their own members. In their enthusiasm to enforce it on the opposition, they overlooked the fact that the BN supremo had earlier committed the same offence by his own admission.

They should feel embarrassed at their brazen slip-up, but being an arrogant lot, they will simply bulldoze with their persecution of their enemies.

Anonymous #21828131: Hakam chairperson S Ambiga has raised a salient point – why the double standards?

We have proof of a foreign nation getting involved in our democratic process to sway the result of the general elections of a sovereign country.

Kim Quek: The US government has proven to the world, with undisputed evidence, that Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak has stolen US$731 million from 1MDB, Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund.

And what has Malaysia done about this grand theft of the century? Nothing! What does this tell the world about Malaysia? Is it not clear that Malaysia is already an autocratic kleptocracy?

What a tumble Malaysia has taken - from a model of democracy among emerging countries to the world’s most notorious kleptocracy.

Do you, as a Malaysian, accept this? If not, what must you do?

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