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In M’sia, nothing happens without a phone call from the top

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YOURSAY | ‘Indeed, how many gov’t servants have disagreed and spoken up against the politicians?’

Dr M, Najib not behind Sodomy II, says ex-IGP

P Dev Anand Pillai: Dr Mahathir Mohamad now needs Anwar Ibrahim's help to get Malaysia back on track so the truth is coming out in bits and pieces for all to see.

Poor Anwar was locked up because he opposed feudal politics in Umno. The losers are the Malays, because the whole world looks at them as fools who believe whatever their feudal lords say.

This former police chief is allegedly being the serf which feudal lords expect of their subordinates.

The day when the Malays break free from this mindset and start believing in themselves and not being afraid of bogeys or phoney demons made up by their feudal lords, will be the day they become free and will be able to administer this country well.

Vijay47: If not being called in by the police is evidence of innocence, then the whole lot of Umno leaders past and present are living saints.

Former inspector-general of police (IGP) Musa Hassan, now that you are retired, it looks like your new profession is stand-up comedian.

Just a Malaysian: In Malaysia, nothing happens without a phone call from the top. Crimes committed by ‘our own team’ are always forgiven.

Anonymous_3f49: "We just carry out our duties and support the government of the day based on their policies," said Musa.

Need more be said?

Oscar Kilo: Musa said no government servants are running dogs for politicians. But how many government servants have disagreed and spoken up against the politicians?

Monty: Musa, I was following your line of argument until you said that no government servants are running dogs for politicians. Where have you been for the last three decades?

All government servants fall over themselves trying to please their political masters. Even those distinguished Group of 25 (G25) members, although to their credit they finally saw the light.

So please, don't think the public are fools.

Ipohcrite: Look, Musa, stop trying to clean yourself with dishwashing liquid. It does not make you look clean because you are not quite a dish. Your stained reputation needs more than dishwashing liquid to restore it.

Repent and tell the truth about your alleged ignoble role in the Sodomy 1 conspiracy, then beg for forgiveness. Then, and only then, will you regain any measure of esteem.

Victor Johan: With former PM Mahathir’s abundant involvement in the present opposition front and his working together with former DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and the Pakatan Harapan leadership to form this formidable opposition pact to challenge the present Najib Razak-led Umno-BN government, now emerges Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) to share further his spewings.

We all know RPK is one allegedly being paid to create doubts and uncertainties among the Malaysian voters who want a change of government. It doesn't matter whether Musa does and doesn't sue RPK for defamation.

Odin Tajué: Musa, here is a short list of storytellers - Aesop, Aldous Huxley, John Updike, TS Eliot, Gertrude Stein, Hans Christian Andersen, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Charles Perrault, Joseph Jacobs, Alexander Afanasyev, Carlo Lorenzini, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and Musa Hassan.

You will find that one of them has failed miserably at telling folk tales. Guess which one it is.

Musa Hassan tells RPK to retract Sodomy II claims or else...

Hank Marvin: The simple thing to do is just to admit the mistake and tell the truth. And this includes Mahathir. Then work together to remove Najib.

Odin Tajué: Musa, if my memory serves me right, at least one person once stated somewhere that you have a degree in law. If that is correct, then your knowledge of even basic legal points seems suspect.

You said, inter alia, "I feel this is unprincipled slander that is not factual.” First point. One infers from your comment that RPK has defamed you in an article of his. That means it came in the printed/published form. Therefore, it was not slander but libel.

Second point. Any slander, or, for that matter, libel, cannot be unprincipled nor principled. A slander is an oral statement (a libel is a printed statement) made maliciously to injure the reputation of the defamed.

You are not a man of principles if you indulge in that sort of thing. Further, such oral statements may actually be false. Therefore, in the case of RPK, and provided that what you have claimed is in fact fact, then he and not his libel is unprincipled.

It does seem that you do have need of a lawyer. And one fondly hopes that you will retain a competent one, or else RPK will laugh himself silly all the way to and from the bank.

SusahKes: Please, proceed to sue. Let's see if your suit - assuming you go ahead with it - could prompt a Sarawak Report-style ‘gostan’ (U-turn) by RPK and get him to run and hide behind mommy.

Prove your innocence, Raja Petra defies ex-IGP

Vijay47: For a fake who delighted to showing to the world that he was an omniscient fountain of knowledge, Raja Petra now reflects a level of intelligence that even Salleh Said Keruak, Khairy Jamaluddin, and Ismail Sabri Yaakob could top.

So, he has transferred the onus of proof of innocence to Musa. I wonder where this man who professed to know everything about the rendering of justice picked up this gem of legal practice. North Korea?

I don't care a hoot and a damn for Musa or for that matter, the present holder of that lofty title of IGP, but who the hell are you that anyone should care to defend themselves against your allegations about their deemed dearth of honour and honesty?

You are a failure, an unemployed drop-out, Raja Petra, desperately clutching at straws in some futile effort to make yourself relevant.

Gone are those days when people would have given you the time of day, you condemned yourself to the sewers when you prostituted what passed as principles to a pirate.

Hopeless: These two could be playing 'sandiwara' to clear one of involvement in Sodomy 1 and 2, while the other is seen as speaking for people who support the former DPM. I would not trust both of them.

Anonymous 706151436780066: Under the criminal justice system in this country, it is not incumbent on the accused person to prove his innocence. It is the duty of the accuser to prove the crime. Raja Petra has got it back to front.

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