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Jamal, big or small, an AP parasite is an AP parasite

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YOURSAY | ‘The AP system is an example of rent-seeking masquerading as 're-engineering' of bumis.’

Jamal: I'm just a small-time car seller, has the least number of APs

Anonymous_1415541900: People are overlooking a key piece of information. Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos states that his company IBM Automobiles Sdn Bhd has fewer APs (approved permits) than other companies.

However, a check on the web shows that the cars IBM deals in are luxury types - Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, etc, being sold for over RM1 million. So, Jamal doesn't need a high quantity of APs - imagine the excise duty for importing such luxury cars.

A regular Honda/Toyota AP is estimated to value around RM30,000. What is the value of AP for such luxury cars? Perhaps Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng can ask Jamal to disclose this information

Mushiro: Jamal dare not even mention the number of APs that he has been receiving every year as he knows that this will upset many Malays and put him in bad light.

It is interesting to note that Jamal bought stakes in IBM Automobiles 10 years ago - where did he get the money from?

Under the pretext and slogan of fighting for the Malays, Jamal amassed a fortune from the government for himself.

Trueglitter: Contrary to the widely-held perception that the untouchable Jamal is merely a small-time "ikan bakar" salesman from Sekinchan, the nation is understandably astonished and in great disbelief at the immensity and diversification of his lucrative businesses which comprise - hotel, resort, APs, ikan bakar exports, etc, thus making him a very wealthy and powerful businessman cum politician.

Small wonder that the much-emboldened and untouchable Jamal is strutting about without a damn or a care in society, particularly the opposition when the rewards of APs licence and other unaccounted businesses privileges could well be government-related awards and incentives given him for being its brazen and outrageous spokesperson and perpetual clown.

The public should seriously awaken to the fact that the practise of cronyism and corruption are rampant within the powers-that-be and the only antidote to rid such social cancer afflicting our nation is to ensure Umno-BN's defeat at the GE14.

Slumdog: Jamal, it doesn’t matter that you are among the lowest AP recipients. The fact is that you have an AP, you’re one of those Umno-protected species who can do or say anything and yet will not be charged with any offence.

You must be one of those higher-ups the Umno hierarchy. Just look at your recent history or acts of defiance against the Sabak Bernam District Council order, attacking and provoking Bersih supporters, inciting your thuggish supporters to violence and the list goes on, and nothing has happened to you.

Anonymous #70881335: The whole AP system was set up to benefit Umnoputras. Other Malaysians have to get up early in the morning to go to work, pay the bills and worry about inflation.

Men like Jamal and their likes are the parasites of Malaysian society.

Hplooi: The AP system is one good example of rent-seeking masquerading as 're-engineering' in favour of the bumiputeras. It reinforces my assertion that Malaysians pay one of the highest taxes in this region (indirectly).

The AP system for cars in particular hits the common Malays as much as the non-Malays. The AP system which include a slew of other monopolies, is also one reason why Malaysia is still stuck as a middle-income nation.

The 'window of opportunity' offered by protectionist policies have now passed. While we could have become the automotive and steel hub of Asean, our neighbours have instead now overtaken or are overtaking us in many industry sectors.

While APs for cars is very much in the limelight, APs in industrial sectors (for example, glass, steel, biodiesel, etc) inordinately awarded as part of the Umno political grandee system is not much examined; particularly how it distorts our economy.

Tpn: Jamal sold more than 400 cars in 2013 and he considers himself a small-time operator? The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) should investigate his company.

MVA: Goodness me. If it is true the company sells 400 cars a year then assuming the company makes RM50,000 a car, they would have made RM20 million a year. And yet they got the least number of APs.

If we assume that the remaining 96 companies averaged 800 APs each, then we are looking at almost RM4,000,000,000 being distributed to a select few who have the necessary connections.

Rick Teo: That’s how our country has been feeding these parasites, which are sucking the nation’s coffers dry.

No wonder our country is going bankrupt soon with the government giving them APs to enrich themselves.

Anonymous 23651434356067: Jamal, instead of saying the least number of APs received, it is better to indicate the exact number and honestly reveal how much was earned from it.

People would then appreciate your gesture of being truthful.

Anonymous_4031c: Why should APs be given to this narrow band of favoured bumis? The government is in dire need of raising revenue.

Having a tender for APs would have raised hundreds of millions.

Vijay47: Shamelessly, this crude politician is actually whining that he "got the least number of APs", unable to realise that all Umno succeeded in its economic policies is to create a group of Malay parasites unwilling and unable to display pride and stand on their own feet.

Umno can attach various lofty descriptions and colour their APs and discount concessions in glorious hues, but the fact remains that these two schemes reflect unadulterated theft, discrimination and abuse of authority.

Umno would never reveal who the beneficiaries of this largesse are, the list would include only party leaders, each totally unworthy of receiving aid paid for by the nation.

These twin sins come with a cost, of course, which conveniently has to be borne by non-Malays.

I won't say you are a Malaysian disgrace, Jamal. What do you and Umno know about disgrace? Nothing, when extortion is an entrenched trait.

And the real poor in the kampung? They can continue their diet of nasi and ikan masin.

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