No prosecution, therefore no case?

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COMMENT BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan has once again raised some eyebrows, when he suggested that there is no case involving SRC International Sdn Bhd.

His rationale based on attorney-general Apandi Ali’s decision not to prosecute anyone involved in the transfer of RM40 million from SRC International into the private accounts of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, simply does not hold water.

If the money had also come from an Arab donor, most people would accept it; however, there are allegations that the money had originated from a former subsidiary of 1Malaysia Development Berhad and part of the money had been used to pay credit cards belonging to Najib.

The myth of the Arab donor has been dispelled since the US Department of Justice revealed the money trail. We all know that the money did not come from a generous Arab prince but through a money trail that has landed several people in Singapore and Abu Dhabi in jail.

The best solution

What baffles most of us is that Najib has not been forthcoming after news of the 1MDB scandal received publicity in the international media. This does not help him with his reputation, and the country is now being perceived as a rogue nation, to say the least.

As ordinary citizens, we observe and know what is happening. In fact, when a former cabinet minister, Zaid Ibrahim filed a lawsuit against AmBank Islamic Berhad to compel the bank to reveal details regarding five private accounts belonging to Najib, the Umno president applied to intervene in the ex-parte lawsuit.

In my opinion, Zaid has achieved his intention even before the court were to compel the bank to reveal details of Najib’s private accounts in the interest of the public. If Najib had nothing to hide, he would have been more up-front to reveal the details himself - in order to clear his own name!

So, why did Rahman Dahlan have to spin the story by telling us that there is no case because the attorney-general decided not to pursue the investigation into SRC International? Who do you think the people would believe?

Let the courts decide. Let the people decide, but first of all, Najib should have the courage to reveal the facts, instead of allowing Rahman Dahlan to spin the story. No one is going to believe him.

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