Embassy slams those who instigate hatred against China

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Those with an ulterior motive should stop politicising bilateral ties of Malaysia and China, China’s embassy in Malaysia has urged.

This came in light of former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s statement that Malays and Chinese did not welcome investors from China as the locals feel their rice bowl would be at risk.

Without naming Muhyiddin, a Chinese embassy spokeperson said some people repeatedly emphasised the good ties between both countries and encouraged China's investment in Malaysia, but they also instigated people to hate China after losing power.

"Where is (their) integrity when (they) changed drastically? How can (they) win the respect of the international community and the trust of Malaysian Chinese?" the spokeperson said in a statement carried by Oriental Daily today.

While upholding the principle of non-intervention, the embassy said China does not want to see cooperation between both countries being jeorpardised by those who used unscrupulous, divisive tactics.

The bilateral cooperation would not harm the interest of Malaysians, the embassy spokesperson said.

Thus, the embassy said, the issue of "China investors breaking local people's rice bowl" was merely a lie and false statement.

The opposition, including Bersatu, has been speaking out against the Chinese investments, worried that it may lead to Malaysia being at the beck and call of the world superpower in its chess game of global politics and hegemony over the South China Sea.

The embassy also touched on the bilateral trade between Malaysia and China, worth US$100 billion, in the statement.

China agreed to unlimitedly import palm oil from Malaysia and encouraged Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in the palm oil industry, which benefit tens of thousands Malaysian planters.

"China agreed to finance RM55 billion to develop East Coast Rail Link (ECRL). This is to bring long-term economic development to this infrastructurally backward East Coast," said the embassy.

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