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Thanks for ‘Ops Caviar’, now go for ‘Ops Dedak’

YOURSAY | ‘MACC ought to be commended for the recent spate of arrests, but alas, this is not to be.’

MACC arrests four Felda officials in 'Ops Caviar'

Politician: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), your recent efforts to weed out the errant officers from Felda and other government agencies is very laudable.

However, the whole country is eagerly waiting for you to make that all-important arrest that could solve the many problems afflicting this country.

You can carry out all the arrests that you want, but nothing is going to change unless this single most important arrest is done.

This action will not only change the political landscape of this country, it will return Malaysia's lost glory, dignity and even stabilise our uncertain and declining economy. The Thais, Indonesians and the Vietnamese might even resume accepting our currency when we visit their countries.

With an unaccountable and kleptocratic government, all the arrests and positive comments by our ‘syiok sendiri’ ministers will not change a thing and that is the reality that we the public and you, the only agency that is flexing its arms, at least for now, must accept.

We are waiting for that day.

Dont Just Talk: It is really sickening to read daily the abuses and corruption carried out by the heads of government-linked companies, with Felda topping the list.

It looks like Felda venturing into sturgeon farm project in Pahang and FWC (Felda Wellness Corporation), which promised a turnover of RM100 million by Felda chairman Mohd Isa Abdul Samad but lost RM155 million over two years, are just a way for the top management to abuse their power and fattening their bank account in the process.

When these alleged crooks are dragged to court to face justice, they cover their face with a jacket, towel, etc, to hide their face in shame. But when they put their dirty fingers into the till to steal the money which does not belong to them, they have no guilt whatsoever.

Looking at the rate of corruption in Malaysia, it looks like there are leakages in almost every government agencies and GLCs.

Mushiro: Does MACC want the public to believe that the billion ringgit losses in Felda are the work of only a general manager, a deputy director-general, and two other officers.

Is MACC allergic to the big fishes? Where does Mohd Isa fit in? Or is he already removed from the equation?

Angry Bird: As a young Malaysian, I feel very disturbed by the corruption of all these unscrupulous officials.

MACC should be commended for doing its job, but it has to be fair to all. Go get all of them - from top to bottom.

Worldly Wise: Mismanagement of funds is rife. The auditors should be charged for aiding and abetting such crimes.

Police reports and reports to MACC must be acted upon immediately. If these two organs are diligent, much crime can be reduced.

CQ Muar: MACC ought to be commended for the recent spate of arrest, but alas, this is not to be. Why only the body of the rotten fish and not the head?

We can only be impressed if MACC can find the courage to haul up MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) after all those disgraceful scandals, both nationally and internationally.

Despite billions of ringgit allegedly siphoned off, the authorities still can't find sufficient evidence, or is it a case of "you help me, I help you"?

Are the at least six countries in the process of investigating PM Najib Razak being so unkind, unfair to him over such humiliating exposure? Personally, I doubt anyone will think so.

Kangkung: Yes, when is MACC going to launch 'Ops Dedak'?

Hplooi: While many commentators here may be be highly sceptical of the MACC (on account of its inaction over 1MDB), I would like to (at this stage) reserve judgement.

Perhaps the MACC is 'spinning out of control' of the alleged thief despite clear restrictions on the 1MDB scandal.

Dare I hope that MACC is 'desperately sincere' in trying to prove (and perhaps redeem) itself despite the aforesaid 'restrictions'?

If so, I have a laundry list which it can still skirt around the said and ostensible 'restrictions'. (1) SRC money transfers (2) Scorpene submarines deal (3) how Tajudin Ramli destroyed MAS (4) crony land deals and state contracts in Sarawak.

Anyone else with a laundry list (subject to the said restrictions)?

Anonymous_3f4b: Another datuk in the news for the wrong reasons. It looks like it’s a field day for the datuks, many of whom are of dubious background, indulging in undesirable activities. It is a disgrace to society.

Shunyata: Given that Felda has been dabbling so deeply in non-plantation schemes and investments in the last decade, isn't it time Felda came up with its very own ‘penjara’ (jail) dan Pusat Rehabilitasi Felda (rehabilitation centre)?

Since the number of corrupt high-level personnel within Felda are being uncovered at an ever-alarming rate, this would help ease the congestion at the Sungai Buloh prison and other detention centres.

Why, they can even feature first-of-its-kind luxury detention suites for high-level personnel who have been "serving" Felda for all their lives.

Hplooi: It’s mind boggling how even such a project be conceived let alone considered (I thought sturgeons and caviar are associated with cold artic climes, for example, Russia, Alaska, Canada).

Perhaps we can propose a banana plantation in Alaska?

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