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For MO1, self-preservation comes before principles

YOURSAY | ‘The rhetoric on Myanmar seems hollow and pretentious by his silence on Trump’s travel ban.’

Najib urged to speak out on Trump's 'Muslim ban'

Pemerhati: The sole aim of all politicians is to win elections and they do so by saying and doing things that impress their electorate.

Donald Trump won the US presidential election partly by using the anti-Islamic rhetoric because he knew that such rhetoric would impress the largely Christian-majority country, which had suffered when terrorists killed a large number of Americans during 9/11 and at other mass killings.

PM Najib Abdul Razak and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang tried to impress the majority Malays by championing the cause of the badly treated Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

Now PKR and DAP politicians are trying to impress Malay Muslims by criticising Trump’s seemingly discriminatory actions against Muslims.

Najib, although he was very vocal in championing the cause of Rohingya Muslims, is unlikely to criticise Trump’s discriminatory actions against the Muslims as he fears that if he angers Trump by criticising him, then Trump may take strong punitive action against MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) and his cohorts. Self-preservation comes before principles.

Vijay47: Political analyst Wan Saiful Wan Jan, silence may be an elegant feature in diplomacy, but the only reason people ask why Najib is quiet is because he seemed extremely vocal and quick when it came to how the Rohingyas are allegedly treated.

While he was rather heroic and noisy on that score, many believe that it was hardly altruistic but to serve his political survival in an attempt to be seen as a religious saviour. I would suggest that he hold his tongue on Trump so as to stay out of the US Department of Justice’s (DOJ) radar.

Then again, any protest by Najib over some people being banned from any country might turn the focus to himself. It is not only that Malaysians cannot visit Israel but Najib may just remember that Israeli sportsmen were not given visas to enter Malaysia for international competitions.

Further, he might be asked why even the reverse was enforced, why certain Malaysian personalities were prevented from leaving for overseas. But the worse may be why his own citizens were banned from Sarawak.

There is a tide in the affairs of men, Najib, which needs to be taken at the flood to lead you on to the fortune of international repute, respect, and fame. That moment is now.

Your efforts to speak for the Rohingya cause may not be widely recognised since Myanmar does not count in world matters, but now that Trump has acted against brother nations, it is time for you to stand in solidarity with the Muslim ‘Magnificent Seven’.

Show America, Najib, that while Malaysia is a small country, you can take them on head-to-head. Since the US had barred entry to Iran and friends, you too can disallow Americans from coming to Malaysia and in the same way, and America can be included alongside Israel in Malaysian passports as a rogue nation.

But don't stop there, terminate our trade agreements with the Great Satan and bring back all Mara scholarship holders presently studying there.

And to show that you really mean business, bar opposition members from entering not only Sarawak but Sabah also.

Norman Fernandez: Almost all Muslim countries bar entry to Israeli passport holders, including Malaysia. Malaysia has been doing what America is now intending.

However, do note that US President Donald Trump has instead only banned entry by citizens of Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen and Iraq, temporarily for 90 days.

Malaysia cannot demand from America what it itself practices. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. What is right for Malaysia is also right for America.

In any event, these refugees fleeing from Muslim countries need not fret. There are 57 Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries it can choose from and it is unlikely none of the 57 countries will refuse entry to their fellow brothers of faith in the spirit of ummah.

Catch 22: Indeed, each country has its own policy on immigration and the granting of visas to foreign nationals. That must be respected.

However, it is very unfair for the US to turn away people from the targeted countries when they are already airborne when Trump's executive order was signed and especially when they have valid visas.

If they must, then vet them thoroughly before admitting them. Only if there is evidence of linkage to terrorist activities, those people could be denied entry.

Tony Soprano: Those with refugee status to the US have already been vetted stringently for a period of about two years. It's therefore unfair to detain them when they arrive.

Four federal judges have already suspended Trump's deportation order, but each of the judges is responsible only for his/her district.

Therefore, the matter could well be taken to the Supreme Court, which would issue the final decision on the matter, which Trump could do nothing about, since the government is a system of checks and balances.

Wazerman: I honestly question the sincerity of those Umno and PAS leaders and NGOs who declared themselves as defenders of Islam. They seem to be defending only "selective" issues such as the Rohingyas and the use of the word "Allah".

On the Rohingya and Allah issues, they roared like warriors and are ready to die in defence of Islam. But when issues such as Trump’s discrimination policy against some Muslims countries, these same warriors become pussycats.

They should be ashamed of themselves for not doing what they should be doing, but instead many non-Muslim leaders, including Christians, have condemned Trump.

Sometimes, I truly wonder who the real racists in this world are.

Nehru: Najib won't repudiate Trump’s ban for fear of offending him and that the DOJ action would be sped up. The rhetoric on Myanmar seems hollow and pretentious by his silence on this ban.

SusahKes: Let's see now what might go inside MO1's mind when risk-analysing the situation:

"Do I tweet Trump and tell him to roll back his executive order? That’d show the world what a leader I am among the moderate Muslim community and win some votes back home too" or "Do I better shut up and not risk the pending 1MDB case by the DOJ?"

Sigh, decisions, decisions...

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