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Are they doing to Yeoh what they did to Ahok?

YOURSAY | ‘Why is a Muslim telling a non-Muslim what she can believe in, what to read, and what to write?’

Lecturer lodges report, accuses Yeoh of proselytisation

Malaccan: It is incredulous to claim it is offensive to Muslims for Selangor speaker Hannah Yeoh to write about her faith and how it impacted her decision to go into public service.

Anyone is free to talk about their beliefs without being misrepresented as proselytising.

This is an open attempt to control the voice and expressions of non-Muslims, and closely resembles the controlling imperatives practiced by the villainous Taliban, Islamic State (IS) and others of their ilk.

Universiti Utara Malaysia lecturer Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, who lodged a police report against Yeoh for allegedly pushing a “Christian agenda” through her autobiographical book - ‘Becoming Hannah: A Personal Journey’ - defends his views claiming spurious evidence, and along the way draws support from like-minded individuals, while being lauded by such base publications like Harakah and Utusan Malaysia.

With PAS research director Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki jumping into the fray, an institutionalised hate-mongering tendency is being seen in PAS.

Kamarul now blithely draws the extremist fringes to his defence and makes more incredible claims unhindered by the authorities.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Yeoh did not ask Muslims to buy or read her book. She is not selling or distributing the book to Muslims. She did not use public funds to write, print and distribute the book.

The book has not been banned by the Home Ministry or prohibited by the Selangor Islamic Affairs Council (Mais) or Selangor Islamic Affairs Department (Jais).

What this lecturer is saying is that non-Muslims cannot be allowed to write or publish anything about their faith and beliefs, and if they are in public office they should not even practice or follow their faith since Muslims may get offended.

His shallow and bigoted statement is not only seditious but offends Articles 3, 8, and 11 of the Federal Constitution. Why is a Muslim telling a non-Muslim what she can believe in, what to read to, and what to write?

If Muslims are worried that her book will weaken their faith and confuse them, the answer is simple. Just do not buy or read the book. The book is not a policy document of the DAP. Rather it is about Hannah's personal experiences.

Yoong John Yen: It looks like they are doing to Yeoh what they did to Ahok (former Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama).

Target a threat to them (Yeoh being a hardworking woman and highly respected), make an enemy out of her by focusing on her religion, and incite an extreme religious response by twisting a very simple matter into blasphemy, proselytization or some hidden agenda with little or no basis in fact.

Ahok is being jailed for blasphemy for merely telling people not to be fooled by people using the Quran for their own means. How different is it for Yeoh being accused when she says God gives her strength?

Are the Muslims trying to convert us whenever they say "insya Allah"? That's how ridiculous this sounds.

Anonymous: Another very confused Muslim or is he seeking publicity? We, Muslims, believe in Allah guiding us to the right path, and we sing praises to Him. Why can't a Christian do the same?

Don't read her book if you are easily confused. Why did you file a police report, Kamarul? Yeoh did not go to the street and give out free copies of her book to Muslims.

I will buy a copy to read. And I shall remain strong in my faith.

Clever Voter: It is worrying to note the increasing number of bigots. There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone expressing his or her experiences in the context of his or her chosen faith.

The assumption that Muslims are easily influenced is insulting (to Muslims).

RR: How did Kamarul become a lecturer? Doesn’t he know the real meaning of proselytisation?

Did Yeoh speak of the greatness of Christianity to a group of Muslims? That is proselytisation.

Her writing a book about her Christian faith is not proselytisation, because all non-Muslims have the right to freedom of religion.

Yeoh must report Kamarul for lodging a false police report.

P Dev Anand Pillai: Indeed, Yeoh’s book is a mere opinion. Since when is it wrong to state one's opinion in writing? If someone happens to read it, so be it.

Kamarul has the right to read the book or ignore it. As an academic, this man ought to know about that.

Prudent: Yeoh should not have responded at all in the first place, much less with a police report.

With the 14th general election coming, PAS-Umno are trying to deliver a coup de grace to DAP, and by extension Pakatan Harapan, with the race-and-religion gun.

Now there is a counter-police report by Kamarul, and Yeoh will be investigated and charged in order to give more credence to the perception that DAP is indeed involved in the Christian "proselytisation" of Muslims in Malaysia.

Better still, if DAP could be provoked into remarks that can sold as blasphemy against Islam. So please, DAP, don't fall into their race-and-religion trap.

Anonymous 706151436780066: Kamarul has displayed a poor standard of logic and reasoning to the point of being facetious.

While everybody is entitled to their opinion, this lecturer has shown a distinct intolerance, distaste, and animosity for an individual's expression of their faith to their God. He is unfit to be teaching at a university.

AP: It is disgraceful that a lecturer can be influenced by a book. Such weaklings think that seeing a Christian cross or a Hindu statue can convert them.

This is absolute nonsense. Non-Muslims hear prayers from the mosque/surau every day, and they don't get converted.

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