‘Slap and kick show’ a smack on Najib's face

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YOURSAY | ' This country has lot of laws, but no order…’

Najib gets heat from MP for being cool over 'mob justice'

Desperate For Change: I am so sad that this incident happened. Why was Mat Over (comedian Sulaiman Yassin) angry?

Who is he to go and slap someone (film director David Teo) who was asking PM Najib Razak a question at the TN50 (Transformasi Nasional 2050) town hall dialogue?

The police must do the right thing - arrest and charge him for slapping another person for no apparent reason. This constitutes assault.

Abasir: What's more telling than the 'slap and kick show' in Najib's palatial abode is the way he reacted to the violence.

Instead of reprimanding those with a tendency to be violent at a "dialogue" and that he will not stand for uncivil behaviour, he simply stood by, watched it unfold and then simply carried on.

He could have used it to drive home the point about how conflicting viewpoints or ideas should be handled in his ‘Satu Malaysia’.

But that, I guess, requires good character and wise leadership - both of which he does not have in any measure.

Ee Beng Guan: Some of us may recall when a US Republican supporter made a nuisance of himself and was booed by the crowd, then US President Barack Obama called on his supporters to respect the veteran Donald Trump fan.

When a similar incident happened at a Republican gathering, Najib's "buddy" President Trump responded by yelling, ''Get him out of here."

I don't know who is learning from whom. Seriously, it is a reflection of the sad state of affairs in our country, for which our political masters must take responsibility.

6th Generation Immigrant: Mat Over does not even regret his actions, despite shaking of hands "to settle matters" in front of the crowd, cajoled by the PM. This is indeed sweeping matters under the carpet.

The PM could always file a case against Teo for being rude and showing poor manners to him, as what Mat Over claimed had happened.

However, the PM did not appear so in the video. So can the TN50 organisers, the PM, the crowd present and all Malaysians guess whose "rude actions", between Mat Over and David Teo, were more severe?

Incidentally, while we are debating this, Mat Over had already decided he could take the law into his own hands.

That it happened in front of the PM shows racial intolerance excels in Malaysia - that any person (sitting on a, or given lordship, pedestal) can just walk up to and slap another person to teach that person "some manners" anytime.

What's more worrying is that this senseless act was not worrying the PM.

Anonymous 2452491482485122: This country has lot of laws, but no order, because thieves and thugs cannot survive on law and order.

CQ Muar: Padang Serai MP N Surendran, did you actually expect Najib would have that kind of natural instinct to respond to such disgraceful hooliganism?

Besides, Najib must have thought it was right that Teo received that uncalled-for slap for his "rudeness". If Najib had been a sensible, upright and well-loved PM, he wouldn't have gotten himself in such disgusting and disgraceful dilemma.

At this point in time, Najib welcome the much-needed support from all those lackeys and "kaki bodek". In turn, these opportunists are expecting a share of the billions Najib readily hands out to them for their show of "loyalty". Thus, such is the scenario and reality in this country.

PP1: This is what they call TN50 - to transform the country into one filled with more gangsters like Mat Over. If Teo is considered rude, what about you, Mat Over?

Amanah lawmaker rues slap which shamed nation

Compassion Above All Else: If Teo was impatient and rude, then so was Sulaiman (Mat Over) for reacting in the same manner towards Teo.

If Sulaiman was uncivilised for slapping Teo, then so was Teo for reacting in the same manner towards Sulaiman by kicking him in spite of already blocking away the slap.

One wrong cannot be corrected or justified with another wrong. Such incidences can simply be avoided with just a little tact, concession and compromise by both parties concerned.

The reconciliation attempt after the damage is done is commendable, but it would not make much of a difference if the damage end up with fatal injuries or even death.

Fair Play: Mat Over thought he defended the dignity of Najib by doing what he did to Teo. Instead he brought shame to the PM by displaying the intolerance of ‘ketuanan Umno’ of their ardent supporters.

Clever Voter: This is the consequence of a two-tier law. One is for everyone outside the ring, and expect the rule of law to be applied rigorously.

The other is for privileged few, where if you are well-connected then flexibility will be applied.

Sadly, the PM could have reprimanded the culprit but he chose a populist route where he is the champion for all, including the not-so-desirable ones.

TN50???: This is the country where the person who is assaulted has to apologise, whilst the aggressor(s) - and those who had already broken the law by parking indiscriminately - are not apprehended by the police.

Where some even have the audacity to lodge police reports/demonstrate against the aggrieved party who was assaulted.

And where many political/society leaders dare not speak out against people who take the law into their own hands, just because they are from a particular race.

That's TN50?

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