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Elsewhere, IGP would be probed by an independent prosecutor

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YOURSAY | ‘Can you imagine the turmoil in Britain had the head of Scotland Yard made such an admission?’

IGP admits alleged main suspect in protection racket 'known' to him

Tholu: Inspector-general of police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, Sarawak Report, with whatever information it had obtained so far on the police protection racket had only stated that Gopi (Gopinathan Krishnan, the main intermediary in the police protection racket in Malacca) was known to you and your family.

It did not extrapolate or embellish the facts and accuse you of any corrupt practice. It presented the facts as it was - it did not spin; it did not lie.

Its straight reporting on this matter has made me believe that all its past reports on 1MDB, RM9.5 billion payout to lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and a myriad of other scandals of the government and its minions are all true.

So, Communication and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak, don’t tell us not to believe Sarawak Report, especially when none of those accused by it of corruption and abuse of power has legally challenged its reports nor sued it for defamation. Salleh, it's you who I do not believe.

But the pitiful thing is that although you (and the rest in the BN) know that Sarawak Report’s reports are true and accurate, you being a member of the allegedly corrupt government are painfully defending your colleagues in the government - against your conscience.

Democrat: Salleh, what do you say about this Sarawak Report now? Shouldn't the IGP stand down?

How can an alleged big crook be known to his family members and make such frequent calls at a time when he was being investigated?

Karma: IGP, tell us why Gopi called you, your brother and your son so many times? What did you all talk about?

Kangkung: Only in a country run by the Umno government can you find the top cop is also a friend of a suspected criminal arrested in connection for gambling dens and prostitution houses.

With one arm of the government 'checkmated' by another, no open investigation will ever be conducted on the matter.

So MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) will be silent unless he wants his thick file with the police to be opened. This country is now on par with failed states like Somalia, Zimbabwe or Iraq.

Headhunter: Can you imagine the turmoil in Britain had the head of Scotland Yard made such an admission? The whole British government would be in crisis.

But in Bolehland, nothing surprises us anymore, does it? The dividing line between an alleged crook and a public servant is only wafer thin here.

Vijay47: The lesser point first - there is a certain gentleman in Putrajaya, one with a rather unsavoury reputation, known to me and even my family.

But we would hasten to add that he is not a family friend, he is the sort of character we would never want to include within our circle of friends.

So, the press was quite justified in seeking to establish the degree of relationship that you, the IGP of the country, had with an alleged member of the higher echelons of the Malaysian Mafiosi.

Secondly, the moment you admit that you have such a bond with him, intimate enough to make personal calls to you, the position you hold is contaminated beyond repair and you have no choice but to resign.

Your successor will have the delightful task of charging you for bringing your post to disrepute, even if you did not join your confidante in his tax collection duties.

The ‘tupai’ has fallen to the ground and we are just waiting for the ‘gajah’ to pound on him. Ahh… karma, when kissing cousins have to kiss and tell!

Yoda: The IGP should take leave of absence while the "known" suspect is being investigated. If he does not do so, the chief secretary must advise him to do the right thing.

Antigila: In any civilised country, the IGP would be investigated by an independent prosecutor. In Bolehland, this man can still remain so arrogant. Just like his master.

This is what happens when we don't have independent media. He can run riot, shooting off his mouth because he is protected by his masters.

Righteousness4all: The ball now is at the foot of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC). Let us wait and see how righteous and effective MACC will be.

We can only pray and hope MACC will not come up with a statement saying 'no case' against IGP but only against a few officers. This is an acid test for MACC.

6th Generation Immigrant: You, Khalid, have just admitted that Sarawak Report was right about your phone calls and relationships with certain shady personalities.

I read Sarawak Report with a pinch of salt and kept an open mind, but now I am convinced they are objectively revealing the active shenanigans of Malaysian upper echelon leaders.

Rupert16: So Khalid, is this Sarawak Report report baseless as you have previously claimed?

Thank God, that we have Sarawak Report and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) to tell us about the corruption and shenanigans in 1MDB, SRC International and now about your alleged connections with protection racketeers.

RR: Dear IGP, with so many accusations against you by the rakyat, it is best for you to save face and step down so that the morale of the good officers under your command are not badly affected.

Not resigning would be very bad for the police force and the country. As a senior citizen, this is my humble advice.

Obviously, the PM, home minister or chief secretary won't sack you under the current circumstances.

Anonymous 2415891461978791: Clare Rewcastle-Brown should be IGP, not Constable Tweet-Head. She's a better investigator.

Anonymous_4115: Recently, an inspector who was friendly with some underworld gangsters was charged.

How about this IGP being friendly with an alleged underworld character? Will he be charged, or have his tenure extended?

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