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Anti-kleptocracy roadshow may not lead to extra votes

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YOURSAY | ‘The campaign must include kampung areas and Sabah and Sarawak.’

Opposition plans Sept rally on DOJ suits, roadshow starts next month

Clever Voter: Opposition parties are planning to hold a rally in September in response to the latest court filing on the 1MDB issue by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) under the tagline "Sayang Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi" (Love Malaysia, Eliminate Kleptocracy).

A nationwide roadshow will be held in the run-up to the rally to explain the issue to the public, starting in Kepala Batas, Penang, on July 6.

However, Pakatan Harapan should note that the excitement created from the roadshow will not necessarily lead to extra votes. On the contrary, it will infuriate the hardcore supporters whose rent-seeking fruits will be threatened. The events may even invite trouble.

Most urbanites would already have known some details of the issues related to 1MDB. Indeed, it’s a common topic of conversation at coffee shops.

The opposition would be better off coming together to share a common manifesto, which the rakyat would be eager to know about. If they want support, the opposition needs to explain the weaknesses of BN, but they also need to tell the people what they have got, in order to gain the people’s confidence.

It's concerning that the opposition hasn't quite got it yet. Today’s world fights over basic needs. Jobs, food prices, house prices, et cetera, are topics that aunties, uncles, and the younger generation are keen on knowing more about.

It's amazing what voters will want - not 1MDB but food prices. It's the stomach that matters!

Chai Tau Kway: The occasional protest rally will not work. Just follow the example of the South Koreans, who care so much for their country that they rallied every day initially, then every weekend, until their President Park Geun-hye left office.

The issue is not just about money. It's about honesty and integrity or the lack of it, of those who pretend to lead you.

What is the point of striving for a law-abiding society while, at the same time, thieves are allowed to get away with their loot? If Malaysians cannot grasp this basic tenet of life, then there is no hope for Malaysia.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: I support Harapan’s move. The rally should also include major towns in Sabah and Sarawak. They need to explain the rationale behind DOJ’s actions, which Umno officials allege to be “foreign meddling”, to the rakyat.

Separately, they must also write letters to all state muftis, particularly those in Pahang, Perak and Kelantan, to enlighten them on the DOJ’s actions. These three muftis have been afflicted with the "foreign interference" disease as well.

Sarawakian: Good move, Harapan. Rally and watch Malaysian Official 1(MO1) squirm. Any crackdown by the authorities on the rally will shine the spotlight ever so brightly on 1MDB and get the attention of the kampung folks.

Hopeful but Prepared: I support the opposition, and I do assume too, that most of the people who read this.

What I want to know is how they plan to get the news out to the people who need to know. How will the campaign reach the kampung areas? What of the people of Sabah and Sarawak? Give us a plan, and not only can we verbally support, we can also take action to help you.

Worldly Wise: Please apply for permission to hold the rally in Dataran Merdeka. The City Hall gives its approval to every Tom, Dick, and Harry to hold events there. It should give approval to the opposition leader too.

Have A Great Day: It is a little slow off the ground, but well, better late than never. Most important will be to get the message of the billions siphoned off by MO1 to the folks in the rural hinterlands.

Wait a minute, I hear a lot of yelping in the background - “Tweeter King” already pronouncing it illegal and promising drastic actions against all and sundry for taking part.

Report: BNM's foreign reserves 'hugely impacted' by forex losses

Thickskin: Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) US$10 billion foreign exchange losses incurred in the 1990s have had a huge impact on its foreign reserves today, claimed a former assistant governor of the central bank, Abdul Murad Khalid.

The US$10 billion, would have increased over the 25-year period to US$26.66 billion, or more than RM100 billion, if the money had been kept in government savings at a compound interest of four percent annually, Murad said.

It is sickening to hear such wild speculations by people who have kept their mouths shut tightly for decades, but now have opened them to make unproven speculations and accusations, seemingly in order to divert attention from the plundering of 1MDB by MO1 and his group of greedy cronies.

They think that by providing a higher figure than RM2.6 billion, attention will be diverted from 1MDB. The forex losses was not a crime. 1MDB plundering is. We should bring the criminals to justice.

R Venugopal: Murad, if BNM had not been sleeping on the job, the forex loss would not have been incurred. Therefore, the BNM governor should submit all documents to the investigating authorities to extract the truth.

All this while, you have remained silent. People in power today do not offer solutions but blame others for their failures. This shows your quality of leadership and integrity to lead the nation at such a critical divide. With your sort of leadership, the nation is in bigger trouble.

Anonymous #44199885: All scandalous financial mismanagement causes losses to the country, but using a scandal or poor financial decision in the 1990s to deflect and detract the increasing volume and chorus of criticism, complaints and curses at the scale of greed and avarice with regards to the daylight robbery of the public purse so that a few can become instant billionaires at the expense of the sweat and blood of the rakyat, is unimaginably horrific.

The 1MDB scandal may even transcend the conscience of the habitually corrupt. Our constitutional and law enforcement institutions seem hamstrung, unable to act for the good of the country.

Our democratic institutions have failed us. Parliament has failed us. Our cabinet may soon qualify for the title "band of thieves" as they have not publicly voiced out nor acted against those who have stolen the public's money. And all this while the alleged thieves are pleasantly immersing themselves in our money.

Rupert16: Why tell us what we already know - that the Umno-BN government has been screwing the country for the last 60 years? The important question to ask is, why wasn't RCI set up then despite the huge impact on our forex reserves?

The next even more important question to ask is, why wasn't an RCI initiated for the current 1MDB scandal which has not only impacted our forex reserves through the large devaluation of the ringgit with respect to the US dollar and other foreign currencies, but has also brought shame to all of us for allowing our top leader and his minions to allegedly embezzle massive public funds, which has made the country famous for the wrong reasons?

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