What Harapan can and can’t do if it wins GE14

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KINIGUIDE | Pakatan Harapan is one step closer to becoming a formal coalition and offering itself as a major contender for the throne in Putrajaya.

Coalition chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced a slew of election promises, including the abolition of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and to impose a two-term limit for the prime minister’s post at a press conference on Thursday night.

But even if Harapan does win the 14th general election, what exactly can - or can't - it do in Parliament, assuming that the coalition only gets a simple majority.

Can it abolish the GST?

Yes. A simple majority in Parliament is sufficient for Harapan to introduce, amend or repeal laws, meaning that it can get rid of the GST despite warnings from economists against it.

Power to legislate also means it can abolish laws such as the Sedition Act.

Can it impose term limits for the prime minister?

Yes and no. Term limits can be put into practice on a matter of principle. However, this means there's nothing to stop anyone from doing a U-turn on this promise...