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MIC leaders should look at themselves before attacking Waytha

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YOURSAY | ‘Sivarraajh, are you implying the Indian community should trust MIC more?’

Stop dreaming, MIC Youth tells off 'stuntman' Waytha

Anonymous 2475091498015598: Persatuan Hindraf Malaysia (PHM) chief P Waythamoorthy should stop "daydreaming" about winning Indian support in the next general election, MIC Youth chief C Sivarraajh said.

Sivarraajh listed down Waythamoorthy's "political stunts" since the Hindraf movement staged a mass rally in November 2007 to argue why Waythamoorthy's political ambitions would fail.

Sivarraajh, who is daydreaming? Undoubtedly, you are the one who still thinks you can win in Ipoh again. You cannot compare yourself to Waytha in any way. He was one of the pioneers in Hindraf but you instead glommed onto the established political party.

I have never heard you "turun padang" for any Indian issues. Stop pleasing yourself as though the Indians are dying to seek your help.

Tholu: Why has MIC left it to a boy to do a man’s job? Indians don't trust Waytha anymore, said Sivarraajh. Never mind about that. But having claimed that, are you implying that the Indian community trust MIC more?

Take the thumb out of your mouth and wake up to reality. MIC contested nine parliamentary seats and 18 state seats in GE13 but only won four parliament and five state seats, indicating a disgraceful result and a dismal Indian support for its candidates.

The Indians in both urban and rural federal and state constituencies had long abandoned MIC in droves. Urban constituencies with a sizeable number of Indian electorates where Indian candidates contested such as Sungai Siput, Kapar, Subang, Teluk Kemang and Kota Raja bit the dust.

Even in the rural Kedah state seat of Lunas for example, PKR won with a huge majority despite the constituency having 25% of Indian voters.

You talk about the Malaysian Indian Blueprint. Aren’t you ashamed to even talk about it? Are you pretending not to know that it was precisely this hollow and empty promise by PM Najib Razak to uplift the Indian community’s social and economic standards through the blueprint that made Waytha resign his deputy minister’s post and quit the BN government.

Don’t you know that Najib’s exhortations to the Indians to place “nambikai” on him was a trickery to deceive the Indians to win their votes but later to ignore them?

Waytha was a man of principle and integrity. When he realised that Najib had fooled the Indians and reneged on his promise, he left the government. Would your leaders do that? Would you do that?

You are all hypocrites and spineless sycophants who unlike Waytha, remain in the bullying and discriminating BN government to enrich yourself and are not really interested and committed to help the community you are supposed to represent.

Dear Sivarraajh, it is to the MIC and not Waytha that the Indians will show the door during the forthcoming GE14. Just wait and see.

Joker345: MIC is so desperate that it needs to resort to lies. Waytha appealed to the United Nations for help to campaign for the minority Indians to raise international awareness, that eventually led to the abolition of the Internal Security Act 1960 and release of the Hindraf members who were being held.

Furthermore, he could not come back as his passport was revoked by the Malaysian government during his campaigning in Europe, and Great Britain had to grant him political refugee status.

The revocation of his passport was in fact raised in the Malaysian parliament by the opposition. All these are documented facts.

Vijay47: I do not admire Waythamoorthy. But the sentiments I have towards him are nothing compared to the utter contempt and disgust I bear towards MIC, and in particular, S Vell Paari and Sivaraajh.

The only reason you both occasionally jump into the public light is that you believe that your statements will find favour with Umno and with that perhaps some discards from their banquet table will fall your way.

Apart from such abject grovelling, what have you and that equally spineless leader Dr S Subramaniam done for the Indian cause?

Where do you hide when M Indira Gandhi and S Deepa weep in their grief, when Indians die in police custody, when Indians are reviled by your masters?

Sama2 Rojak: These MIC leaders are only capable of attacking another Indian. They are totally silent when their rights are taken away, when Indians don't get citizenship, when Indians don't get university admission, when Indians don't get loans, when Indians don't get government jobs, when Hindu children get converted forcefully.

Where are these leaders during that time? When it's time to attack another Indian, they are superfast.

It's okay if Waytha made a mistake but he did not sell his soul and he did not cheat the community. Yes, he made a strategic mistake. For that, we forgive him. Not MIC.

Despite Waytha's Najib MOU fiasco, Harapan warms up to talks

Aries46: Waythamoorthy's meeting with Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad has received positive reception from several coalition leaders, despite Waythamoorthy's infamous pact with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak going into the 13th general election.

If Harapan can get Waythamoorthy aboard, it would be a major clinch and should send cold shivers down MIC chief Subramaniam's spine.

The Indians, perennially manipulated by MIC for their votes, are badly in need of direction and leadership going into GE14.

Hindraf will certainly make the difference provided they are willing to make a commitment to Harapan's objectives, unlike opting for the highest bidder as in GE13. Has Najib's goose has come home to roost?

Don’t Just Talk: Harapan leaders should get into dialogue with Waythamoorthy and find ways to co-operate together as a team to take on Umno and BN during GE14.

A three-way split with PAS as a spoiler is bad enough for Harapan, and if PHM can draw away the Indian voters who are MIC supporters, it will be a win-win for Harapan and PHM.

Pawancheek B Marican: To work together with Harapan, Hindraf leaders must stop calling other Indian politicians in Harapan "mandores."

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