‘Puad, just leave the RCI alone and let it do its work’

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YOURSAY | ‘If Nor Mohamed Yakcop speaks the truth, you have to accept it.’

Amidst RCI, Jasa accuses Nor Mohamed of taking rap for Dr M

Anonymous 152831504679179: Director-general of the Special Affairs Department (Jasa) Mohd Puad Zakarshi has weighed in on the ongoing royal commission of inquiry (RCI) on Bank Negara Malaysia’s forex losses.

He accused former Bank Negara adviser Nor Mohamed Yakcop of trying to protect then prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad over the forex scandal and questioned whether Nor Mohamed was taking up the role of a scapegoat.

The cat is now out of the bag, thanks to Puad, that the forex RCI is purely political, bent on implicating Mahathir and then deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim. It is going to backfire badly in Malaysian Official 1's face. Let him learn the hard way that truth always triumphs.

There was nothing criminal about the forex misadventure in 1992: it was clearly a policy blunder on the part of the central bank, apparently done without the knowledge of the prime minister and finance minister.

Central bank interventions in the forex market are supposed to stabilise the home currency against external pressures and not speculate for profits.

What Bank Negara did then was to gamble in the forex market by pitching against currency speculator George Soros. It certainly was not the business of Bank Negara to defend the British pound when it came under speculative attack in 1992 and drain its reserves in the process.

The blame for this fiasco falls squarely on Bank Negara and no one else.

In any case, why keep flogging the dead horse, ignoring the huge 1MDB elephant in the room right now?

Dojusa: The RCI is not completed yet, but this Umno leader is already accusing Nor Mohamed of shielding Mahathir.

It is not a good reason to create a commotion just because the RCI is not moving in the direction he wanted it to go. The whole forex fiasco was due to a bad judgement, not a corrupt act like the 1MDB.

Puad should let the commission do its work. If this was a court case, Puad could be cited for contempt already.

Anonymous #44199885: Strange and stranger things seem to always happen in Malaysian politics.

Puad, who refuses to acknowledge the fraud committed via 1MDB and the persons implicated by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) – both named and referred to via monikers – is up in arms claiming Nor Mohamed is lying and taking the fall for Mahathir.

Puad is only concerned about a trading loss that on the books as audited is only RM5.7 billion but completely ignores the theft of almost RM30 billion of public funds to fund the lavish lifestyle of certain individuals, including a person who is alleged to have received a multi-million pink diamond.

Anonymous 2436471476414726: Puad, why can't you believe that Nor Mohamed is speaking the truth in taking full responsibility for the loss?

For sure, the testimony of Nor Mohamed is a big disappointment to people like you and Umno. But if he is speaking the truth, you have to accept it.

Basically: Why is Jasa issuing a statement by an Umno member? Isn’t that abuse? Plus, he is from the party against a now opponent, isn’t that clear bias and interference in the RCI?

In addition, his Umno leaders have known about the forex case for 30 years and did nothing, so isn’t this abetment, collusion or cover-up? Shouldn’t present Umno leaders also be probed over the alleged losses?

Oh, right, in this case, it's purely Mahathir’s fault, while in other major cases, it's always the underlings while the bosses are all in the dark.

6th Generation Immigrant: Why call Nor Mohamed to testify if the intention of the RCI was a sham to get Mahathir and Anwar? Did Nor Mohamed inadvertently save the two in his testimony? Can't these Umno people even organise picnics for woodpeckers in the woods?

Imagine that we have a game of soccer with international rules promulgated by Fifa. Umno then brings in some new game-changer (only in Malaysia) called RCI so they can win the soccer match. Nor Mohamed scored a goal against them.

But when Puad questioned whether Nor Mohamed was taking up the role of a scapegoat, is he not now openly moving the goalposts in the middle of a match – to save the RCI, which is losing the plot?

'Rabies' stricken-DAP will be buried soon, says PAS man

Boonpou: DAP is behaving like it is stricken with “rabies” in its quest to remain as the “controlling” party in Pakatan Harapan, said PAS youth wing's information chief Hishamuddin Abdul Karim.

This is called inferiority complex. PAS and Umno are the same. Spoon-fed for decades and this is the result. Are the two of them ever capable of talking sense?

Both are hijacking race and religion just like the Taliban, IS, etc. It is really sad how both of these parties are trying so hard to destroy what has all along been a multicultural Malaysia.

I keep asking myself, why are they doing this? Why do they preach a blend of Malaysia full of mistrust and hatred when, on the ground, folks are simply trying to get along?

My fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, aunts and grandfathers, what do you see? Are Malaysians so vulnerable and precarious as what these PAS and Umno political ulamas and ustaz proclaim us to be? I don't think so.

Can we all go back to the shining days of P Ramlee or the glorious days of Malaysian soccer that truly reflected the true identity of a multicultural Malaysia?

Anonymous 24621504705224: This is "politik matang" (mature politics), according to PAS – to accuse others without any evidence and to be so vindictive.

I wonder if PAS holds any Islamic principle that they so frequently profess to uphold. They sounded so much like an ordinary political party out to kill other political parties.

They are just politicians trying to wear religious robes. The more worrying thing is that they are condoning corruption by supporting those known by many to be corrupted.

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