5,800 Sarawakians register with MACC's Gerah movement

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The MACC  has registered 5,800 people in Sarawak as "Friends of the Anti-Corruption Revolution Movement (Gerah)".

State deputy director Zulhairy Zaidel said the movement launched on May 8, was an initiative by the commission to approach the people and give them the opportunity to work with the MACC to fight corruption and abuse of power.

“This campaign has been well-received by the community. The people's support to the MACC is evident when more than 50,000 Malaysians have enrolled, out of which about 5,800 are Sarawakians.

“Friends of Gerah will act as the commission’s eyes and ears. As such, a special course will be provided,” he said at the launch of the Gerah Programme and Sarawak Majlis Amanah Rakyat (Mara) 3J campaign at Plaza Astana in Kuching today.

- Bernama

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