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Our glorious duty to help make America great again

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YOURSAY | ‘Najib went to one of world’s biggest economies and offered to invest billions.’

'Najib made us proud, Dr M and Guan Eng eat your hearts out'

Commentable: Pasir Gudang Umno Youth chief Azman Jaafar said “we are proud of Najib's achievement". Just what are PM Najib Razak's achievements? Let's see:

1. His few minutes of glory, meeting with US President Donald Trump;

2. He pledged billions of US dollars buying US planes, a decision he apparently made on his own instead of those in Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

3. He pledged billions of US dollars of our Employees Provident Fund's (EPF) money to invest in the US.

4. He even pledged to make America great again, something which is not his job to do;

5. He avoided the opportunity to explain to the American people (and the world) as to why there is no such scandal in 1MDB and that Department of Justice’s (DOJ) probe into it was a mistake. He would have also cleared his name and Malaysia's reputation.

With such "achievements", which US president won't part some of his time entertaining Najib.

Bottom line? Najib's boot licking, of course. Facing Trump - it's to make US great again; facing Xi Jinping - China's One Belt One Road is the best.

Odysseus: Leaders from developing countries visit developed countries to attract investment in order to help build their own country. However, Najib did the reverse. He went to one of the biggest economies of the world and offered to invest billions.

One of his offers is to use our EPF money to invest in US infrastructure. Yet, he has to borrow lots of money from China to fund infrastructure projects in Malaysia. Something is not right.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Najib did us proud. He is trying to strengthen the economy of a superpower, while the country goes begging from China for funds. It’s like a beggar trying to help Warren Buffet financially.

Secondly, he is also an international shame to the country. As a leader, he dared not take questions from journalists at the White House, which is a rare opportunity for world leaders to be heard.

Gerard Lourdesamy: US foreign policy has zero integrity. So long as US interests are safeguarded, they will receive even the worst despots at the White House.

But this was hardly a ringing endorsement from the US establishment. No meetings at Capitol Hill or with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. No press conferences. And of course, no engagement with the DOJ and the FBI.

Let’s see if the US gets our investments. Perhaps when we invest "units" there, Trump will see the folly of Najib.

Gemas: For those who understand body language, it was clear that Trump's reception and treatment of Najib showed his fondness for and confidence in Najib.

Arms folded by Trump means "not interested in what you say".

Anonymous #44199885: What coup is Azman talking about? DOJ has not abandoned their investigations and they have not withdrawn their complaints and the allegations made with evidence of alleged theft of public funds and the beneficiaries of those funds.

How is meeting Trump vindicate Najib from the allegations of wrongdoing in 1MDB? Trump is not DOJ and he has no control over them. For crying out loud, Trump himself is under investigation.

Existential Turd: So foreign intervention is welcomed now? Also, it is one thing to seek foreign intervention by accepting "donation", it is a new low - paying for foreign intervention.

Critics using 1MDB to sabotage economy, Najib tells US-Asean business community

Vijay47: The Americans do not build altars or sacrifice sheep to honour their political leaders. On the contrary, US politicians are subject to the closest scrutiny and the public does not hold back their punches when punches are called for.

When you represent Malaysia, you are expected to rise above petty childish whining and carry yourself with pride, maturity, and dignity.

Instead, you came down to the crude level of name-calling and succeeded only in proving that you were out of depth in the company of those you were addressing.

Did you really think you impressed anyone, did you think that you were at your party assembly?

Despite expected cloying praises from Umno lackeys, your entire US visit was a bungle right from when you arrived at an empty airport, the absence of any welcoming ceremony, to your pathetic posture and body language in the presence of Trump and his team.

You seemed overwhelmed just being in the White House and relieved that someone offered you a chair.

Anonymous 1854081505287316: Empty words, more empty words and all seemingly couched on a bed of "spin". And all of which belie the known facts.

And does Malaysia Airlines (MAS) have the money to buy all these planes from Boeing? I think anywhere else this would be called "pork barrelling". It may work electorally in Malaysia where it is an entrenched electioneering tool. Does Najib not know that Americans don't vote in Malaysian elections?

Regardless if Boeing gets that magnitude of order for planes from MAS, the Malaysian taxpayers are going to be paying for it for a long, long time. Such irresponsible grandstanding with the seeming sole intent of some short-term political gain is shameful.

What is this nonsense about "helping to boost the US economy"? Shouldn't Najib be strengthening Malaysia's economy?

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Najib, those investors were not born yesterday. Before you arrive in New York, your reputation has preceded you.

For that matter, most of them already have access to the ongoing investigation on 1MDB. Why waste your breath accusing others of sabotaging the economy? You are only making a fool of yourself.

Wira: Indeed, why would any Malaysian want to sabotage our own economy? Did you tell them about the RM2.6 billion found in your personal bank account?

Did you not manage to convince those participants that every media in the US, including the DOJ, was publishing fake news about the money which rightly came from an Arab donor and not from 1MDB?

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