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Who needs PAS when we have DBKL

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YOURSAY | 'Sabah and Sarawak should take full note of this. It’s coming to you soon.'

Beer festival cancelled due to 'political sensitivity', says organiser

Vgeorgemy: We should initiate a judicial redress challenging Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) interference in the fundamental rights of citizens, as stated in Article 5 of the Federal Constitution - right to life and liberty; and Article 10 – right to freedom of speech, assembly, and association.

The cancellation of Better Beer Festival 2017 is nothing but a case of ultra-right-wing civil servants imposing their way of life on minority communities in the name of the majority community’s moral standards.

This nation didn’t give in to the terror of the communist insurgency in the 1960s when they challenged our way of life.

It is very sad to see a certain segment of the civil service being emboldened by the culture of ethnic discrimination propagated by others.

Quigonbond: PAS says the beer festival may lead to reprisals from extremists. People should learn that this is a bad argument because:

1) PAS should be fighting the extremists. Being afraid of extremists is equivalent to saying you will negotiate with terrorists.

2) It begs the answer - who are the extremists? Does PAS know something the police do not? If they do, they'd better share the information with the police so that the police can invite the extremist leaders to the police station for coffee and a chat.

Goldee: Quote: “PAS central committee member Riduan Mohd Nor added that the event would lead to crime, rape, sex outside of marriage and other vices."

Is he trying to tell the world that all the crimes are committed once a year and during ‘The Beer Festival’ period, and those who committed these crimes are all alcoholics?

Anonymous 2443871479002035: PAS calls it an event that would lead to crime, rape… This can only happen in Riduan's filthy mind. What about the father who raped his daughter daily for years? He presumably doesn't drink beer.

Bob The Builder: Hold the Better Beer Festival 2017 in Petaling Jaya or Shah Alam then. This is a non-Muslim event, why can't we non-Muslims hold it?

On the one hand, PM Najib Razak claims we are known worldwide for being a modern country with a multiracial society, on the other hand, we are so primitive that even holding an event for non-Muslims is not allowed.

Vijay47: Today we are reminded again that the ravings and rantings of one Islamic fanatic override the legitimate rights of the entire non-Muslim populace, further cementing the pious assurance that Najib has been boasting lately to US President Donald Trump and others about how Malaysia has been strengthened into a bastion of democracy and free speech.

Yet sadly, I can only repeat that we witness daily the destruction of our freedoms to the brutal demands of political dominance. Ahh... how welcome would be a return to drugs, bribes, and incest.

Anonymous 2460391489930458: This "political sensitivity" is a result of decades of social conditioning of the Malays beginning in the 70s. Religion has since been politicised and eventually, this has led to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, religious intolerance and bigotry.

Do their leaders faithfully practice what is required by the religion they claim to uphold? Seriously, I don't think so. But that should not be surprising since they are essentially politicians, not genuine religious leaders.

Unfortunately, the conditioning is now so strong and so ingrained, not many a soul dares to go against the status quo for fear of being ostracised.

Odysseus: Hey, please mind your own problems, particularly PAS. There are thousands of social problems amongst your community you can attend to. Please leave the non-Muslims alone.

PAS, please clean up your backyard in Kelantan first before you try to play God.

Anonymous_1388029052: Can the police please release statistics on persons committing the offences listed by PAS? Does it involve people who do not drink, or are the non-drinkers the biggest culprits?

In Kelantan, where PAS has been ruling for 27 years, drugs and incest cases are reportedly the highest.

Anonymous 2465861491622056: DBKL, close all the pubs in town. After all, these pubs can cause social unrest. They are a bad influence on our society and the federal government should also close the two breweries in Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines should be directed to stop serving alcohol on all flights, besides this will increase tourism as more Muslims will come to Malaysia.          

Someonroutthere: MCA religious harmony bureau chief Ti Lian Ker, please come out and defend BN as the "umbrella of moderation" as you often do.

As for PAS, this does not reflect well on your argument that Islamic laws do not affect the non-Muslims.         

Newday: It is extremely disappointing that DBKL has kowtowed to the hardcore self-righteous extremists. What next? That hudud will not extend outside of Muslim circles?

Well, it obviously does, and it will be our death knell as a progressive nation.

Fair&Just: Sabah and Sarawak should take full note of such bigotry. It’s coming to you soon.

Coolhand: We now don't need PAS to impose its will on non-Muslims. We have government agencies such as DBKL doing it on its behalf.

I wonder what's in store for non-Muslims in the years to come.

Kangkung: The Umno-PAS Islamists have won. It won't be long before these very Islamists demand a total ban on alcohol in this country. Are you then going to give in to these Islamists due to "political sensitivity"?

This is a multiracial and multi-religious country, and it is a secular country. If the Islamists can respect those who consume ‘dedak’, why can't these Islamists respect others?

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