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Yoursay: If there’s no ‘cheating’, Shahrizat should be the one afraid

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YOURSAY | ‘The contest will be a lame sequel, like watching ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.’

I hear Nurul Izzah is afraid to defend her seat, says Shahrizat

Clever Voter: It's quite obvious Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has forgotten why she lost the support of the thousands of voters in Lembah Pantai in 2008.

A mixed constituency, the majority of the voters were turned off by her arrogance - so unashamed of her role in the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC) scandal.

Rico Suave: So the battle for Bangsar hots up again. I remember standing outside the school, waiting for the official count – although I don't vote in Lembah Pantai, it was one of the seats that went down to the wire.

I remember the yellow bags of allegedly 'extra' votes brought in. And yet PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar still won.

To ensure a victory this time around, Bukit Aman is going to be lumped into Lembah Pantai by the Election Commission (EC) to sway the vote in BN’s favour.

Thousands of votes for free. It looks like they won’t be needing those yellow bags next year.

Like everything about this coming election, it will be a tiresome retread of GE13. The stakes might be higher and it will probably be dirtier.

But with the candidates put forth, it will turn out to be a lame sequel, like watching “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Not Convinced: The Election Commission has moved the Bukit Aman police headquarters, with over 6,500 voters, into Lembah Pantai from the neighbouring constituency of Segambut.

Clearly, this is designed to ensure Nurul Izzah's defeat. Should EC’s new delineation, which is being held back thus far by legal action, is pushed through, it would deliver an almost certain defeat for Nurul Izzah.  

If BN plays fair, the opposition would win hands down. Not just in Lembah Pantai, but the rest of the country as well.

AJ: Millions have been lost because of the cow affair. The people’s money has been squandered in the NFC scandal, and her family has been enriched.

Shahrizat must take the people of Lembah Pantai as fools for even considering the possibility of electing her party in again. Cheating is the only possibility for them to win the seat.

Anonymous: There are a few burning questions for Shahrizat to answer before she makes her big comeback.

Where is the rakyat’s money of RM250 million? When is she returning it to the rakyat? Maybe she should consider returning the money first before facing the rakyat.

Shunyata: Former minister Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin would have had a one-in-100 chance to win back Lembah Pantai, but not as long as Shahrizat is his mouthpiece.

If Umno's strategy of winning female support is by “reglorifying” and pedestalising their Wanita chief, they're making a colossal mistake.

Anonymous 278451459939581: Lembah Pantai will always support the opposition. We are thrilled to have Nurul Izzah as our MP. She portrays a clean and fresh image.

Shahrizat had a chance but allowed cows to skittle her record. It’s time for her to retire gracefully.

Senior Citizen: Afraid? You must be joking, Shahrizat. Nurul Izzah brought down two Umno ministers - you and Nong Chik.

Hang Babeuf: Brave lady, this Shahrizat.

Shahrizat should contest in GE14, but...

Clever Voter: Shahrizat surrounds herself with the unemployable so that she can be idolised.

No decent person with common sense and integrity will approve of her behaviour, especially in the NFC scandal.

She (and her husband) is allegedly one of the biggest rent-seekers. Her hypocrisy is well known, sadly many are misled by her misdeeds.

Anonymous 2460391489930458: Shahrizat should just tell Umno delegates that cows living in condos can produce better quality meat than cows bred in farms, because Umno supporters will believe whatever you tell them.

They just need some kind of explanation, however fanciful, to hoodwink the rakyat when they ‘turun padang’ (go down to the ground).

Anonymous 1330001439179066: My take: she won’t explain the NFC scandal, and she won’t contest.

She will be made a senator, and then finally a minister.

Annonymous: Simply shocking and revolting! Is corruption no longer a crime, and is it now rewarded and supported by all members of Umno?

We are speechless. Allah, please help this country.

Rupert16: No wonder our country is going backwards.

With Umno planning to have more politicians like Shahrizat to run the country, it won’t be long before we become the next Zimbabwe.

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