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Kugan's case revisited as court allows AGC appeal over P Chandran

The Attorney-General's Chambers, representing the police, obtained leave from the Federal Court today to appeal the decision to award damages of RM357,500 to the family of P Chandran, who died while in police custody six years ago.

A three-member bench led by Chief Justice Md Raus Sharif allowed them permission to revisit the controversial apex court majority judgment in the A Kugan case last November, where the court ruled that the surviving family members are not entitled to receive exemplary damages as such damages can only be awarded to the living.

Chandran's family was awarded a total of RM357,500 in damages, comprising RM200,000 for exemplary damages, RM144,000 for loss of income, RM10,000 for loss of dependency and RM3,500 in special damages for funeral expenses...

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