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Yoursay: The fakest fake news to come - 'BN wins GE14 fairly'

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YOURSAY | 'With this rogue regime, fair is foul and foul is fair.'

Hanipa: In M'sia, real news, not fake news, is the enemy

Cogito Ergo Sum: In a world gone upside down, doing good, exposing evil and telling the truth is now looked down upon and even punished.

Even George Orwell, vivid as his imagination was when he wrote “1984,” could not have envisaged how much worse Malaysia would have become than his fictional state. The fakest fake news is yet to come – that BN has won GE14 fairly.

V George My: After the jail sentence imposed on Pandan lawmaker Rafizi Ramli, it is imperative now that we need to protect the truth and honesty for the well-being of the rakyat.

The rakyat has no doubt that truth is now the enemy of Umno, and fake news has to flourish for Umno’s survival.

If the government is concerned about the dissemination of fake news and disinformation, then the law must protect the truth, even if veiled in the name of secrecy.

The truth will supersede the laws which are employed to cover up facts.

Anonymous 2393771451372105: Yes, the ones who commit the crimes get away, while those who expose the crimes are found guilty.

Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and her family get away with allegedly conning the rakyat of hundreds of millions of ringgit.

The world's greatest kleptocrat allegedly lies and cheats and scams and siphons billions of ringgit from the rakyat. Cronies have milked the rakyat endlessly through dirty deals in federal institutions.

Yet Rafizi is sentenced to 30 months in prison for being an honest person. This is my beloved Malaysia.

Em Em Kay: Rafizi was doing his duties as a parliamentarian by voicing out the wrongdoings of National Feedlot Corporation (NFC). This is a matter of public interest.

Rafizi had to leak bank data to prove the wrongdoings as he had no other way to prove it. Sentencing Rafizi is an oxymoron and has set a bad precedent.

DC: The people who should be in jail are running the government, and the people who should be running the government are in jail.

Do the right thing, please. Kick out the corrupt this coming election and make Malaysia great again.

Abasir: Indeed, this being a rogue regime, fair is foul and foul is fair.

Salleh: Fake news not a denial of free speech, but a threat

Quigonbond: In its worst form, the new ‘fake news’ legislation is likely to contain the following components:

1. Massive jail terms or fines for anyone peddling what has been certified as fake news.

2. A fake news designation that cannot be challenged in court.

3. The cabinet’s right to ban websites and newspapers for peddling news certified as fake.

4. No provision for determining objectively and impartially what is or is not fake news.

I hope this will never come to pass, but I have a really bad feeling about this. Malaysians should stand up and object to this fundamental infringement of our freedom of expression.

What this administration has failed to do, and I suspect it is deliberate, is to nail down precisely what is the threat of fake news in this country.

Without knowing the specifics, one can expect the legislation to be all-encompassing, hence granting vast powers to ministries to enforce "real news" and ban fake news.

This administration does not even have the courage to tell us the exact reasons why this issue has become so critical in this country that a fake news legislation needs to be rushed through Parliament – except to make broad brush statements and quoting other countries doing the same thing.

That's all speculative. UK and Malaysia may eventually have their own fake news legislation, but the content may be vastly different.

That we need fake news legislation is worrying, to say the least, because it shows the government is no longer interested in explaining itself. It is the death of democracy.

Newday: Indeed, the people will be a bit more accepting of this need to curb “fake news” if Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak actually managed to present some clear-cut examples of what it actually is, and how it has harmed the country and its citizens.

Shunyata: Why is Salleh not making the recent telco data leak and other data leaks his priority instead?

Zaid: Fight fake news with facts, not special committees

Chokstone: Once news is legislated in a corrupt government with no credibility, the citizens will be rendered into automatons, feeding on whatever information the regime decides is genuine, without the right to dissent.

They are trying to cling on to power by hauling us back decades.

Anonymous BKT: I agree with former law minister Zaid Ibrahim that fake news needs to be fought with facts. No need for further censorship laws that will set the nation back 20 years. We have had enough of this mollycoddling.

888: Keep in mind that the term “fake news” was made a household term by a buffoon of a US president. Even my seven-year-old grandchild uses this term.

Anonymous_af85ea73: In this country, it depends where the news comes from. What’s true in the US or Switzerland or Singapore may be fake in Malaysia, right?

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