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Yoursay: Perhaps the dumbest election promise ever – free plastic bags

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YOURSAY | 'Does BN think a vote is worth the price of a 20-sen plastic bag?'

Free plastic bags if BN wins Selangor, promises state info chief

Labis Guy: The whole world is attempting to go greener, and yet senseless politicians are promising to give free plastic bags if they win the election.

It takes 200 years for plastic to disintegrate, but these politicians cannot see beyond the next few months.

Léon Moch: Selangor BN information chief Satim Diman is apparently already eyeing a plastic factory project before elections are even held.

Such odd and petty election promises are made because they feel there are enough takers who will gobble this up hook, line and sinker.

Tragically, I suspect they could be right about the number of people who are willing to exchange their votes for things like 20-sen plastic bags.

Slumdog: Satim has to take the prize for the dumbest election promise.

Normally, when political parties try to entice voters to vote for them it is often about spending millions on, for example, education, health, infrastructure, community programmes, etc.

Here we have an unimaginative Umno member promising free plastic bags, really. One has to wonder about the intellect of such a member.

Intent on outdoing Satim, Selangor BN chief Noh Omar comes out with a suggestion that shopkeepers should pay shoppers 20 sen if they bring their own bags.

Selangor voters will indeed be faced with a difficult choice come GE14 – between dumb and dumber.

Meerkat: Guess my vote will go to BN now. Who knows, with their impeccable understanding of and care for us rakyat, maybe they will provide free toilet paper for all homes after they win the elections.

Then maybe free ear-diggers and toothpicks. The list is endless!

I'm going to share this news on my Facebook page to tell my non-Malaysian friends what classy politicians we have in the ruling party. Imagine, if North Korea emulates this, it would mean the end of all the problems for their citizens.

Rojak: Satim’s real fault here is that he doesn’t go far enough.

How about offering us government subsidies so we can get free sugar, white flour and cholesterol-packed fast food?

What about free diesel-power trucks so we can dump our rubbish in the river without having the annoying problem of trying to do this environmentally-friendly business?  

Only then can he say that he truly has the best interests of the rakyat at heart.

My Views: A classic BN politician. This whole episode shows how disconnected they are with the people and the world around them.

When everyone is moving away from plastics because of the environment, you have this mishap of a man who proposes to go back to plastics.

It goes to show they are still living and thinking like dinosaurs, so averse to change as if they’ve never heard of the word. But like the dinosaurs, they will go extinct.

Headhunter: My wife has hundreds of used plastic bags in the kitchen. If Satim wishes, I can donate it to Umno.

Anonymous_3f49: BN is proving now that they’re not just bad for race relations and the economy, but also bad for the environment.

Silencer: No word from the state opposition (BN) on education, healthcare, safety, housing and planning for the future.

Clearly, those don’t matter. Only plastic bags do.

DAP rep terms free plastic bag proposal 'height of idiocy'

Sleepy: Someone should tell Satim that this is an environmental issue.

To even suggest such a thing as repealing the ban on plastic shopping bags tells me this politician does not just woefully underestimate his electorate, but is also irresponsible.

Anonymous #19098644: If anybody thinks that the rakyat will vote for Umno just because they get a 20-sen plastic bag for free, it shows that they are either totally out of touch with the rakyat, or are so contemptuous of them that they think a vote is worth 20 sen.

This is completely nauseating.

Unta Senyum: Would I vote BN for free plastic bags? Satim is insulting our intelligence. He thinks free plastic bags can be exchanged for votes.

I didn’t know the votes of Selangorians were going for so cheap. 

Cocomomo: Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng will get voted in again because of his party, not due to anything he has done for his constituency. However, in this case, I have to agree with him.

Satim will rightly become a laughing stock, but his proposal is scary because it shows BN’s hypocrisy and total lack of integrity.

Cogito Ergo Sum: The tragic part of this episode is that BN verily believes this plastic bag fiasco will work. Somehow this, more so than the other hare-brained BN promises, takes the cake.

Kiasi: If this is the best BN can come up with to recapture Selangor, God help them.

Unless this is, as they are so fond of saying, “slander,” a “misquote,” a “technical error,” or indeed, “fake news.”

888: If shops charge RM1 per plastic bag, each bag would be used and reused until it’s torn. Then it will be finally used for holding garbage for the bin.

Anonymous: At this rate, BN might not win back Selangor, but Satim is certainly in line for a special prize. No prizes guessing what for.


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