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Yoursay: MCMC can’t touch RPK, better for Apandi to sue him

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YOURSAY | As AG, you have failed to even carry out what you had threatened to do.

Go fly a kite, Apandi tells 'mercenaries'

6th Generation Immigrant: When confusion as such this pops up, rest assured that a civil war in brewing amongst the key players in government.

The "penulis upahan" (mercenary writers) had already switched sides two elections ago to this closely-knitted group. Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali is one of the key players, and Malaysians are already weary of him.

The Malaysian Insight is, however, linked via marriage, whether of convenience or otherwise remains to be seen (Apandi’s wife Faridah Begum KA Abdul Kader is an owner of Insight and sister to the new portal’s editor-in-chief Jahabar Saddiq).

Who is truthful and who is fake is slowly being revealed, for the pie is getting too small to be shared among all those involved and this civil war is the end result.

It can get even more petty and noisy after GE14 date is fixed. Let the games begin.

Barking Rooster: Apandi, you are supposed to sue Malaysia Today’s editor Raja Petra Kamarudin aka RPK till kingdom come but instead, you went kite flying.

As AG, you failed to even carry out what you had threatened to do. What else can we can do, except probably believe in RPK’s articles.

Varuna: Admittedly, Apandi has every right to confront what he deems as false allegations about him with his “go fly kite” statement. This is his right as a private individual.

However, as the AG of a country, mind you, and himself on the occasional spotlight for decisions made in his professional capacity, he is, some would think, beholden to the sense of confidence of the public in his office to refute any ill-intended reference to him with some decorum and forthrightness.

Andy Vinodovich: Indeed, an erudite high-class person would normally rebuke the allegations/accusations/misnomers in a very professional way.

For example, “I’m responding to allegations, assertions and other false accusations that were made against me in an article published by blah, blah, blah on these dates.

“Therefore, I would like to provide the following information, once again to refute the allegations made against me. I believe the biggest problem with the article is that it tarnished my good reputation."

But then again, he has no class.

Anonymous*: An AG's professionalism is highly important to the rule of law in this country and nation. To do your job professionally, without fear or favour, is what is we require of you.

Have you fulfilled this requirement?

Odin Tajué: I'm very busy, Apandi, but I'm making this comment only because my work has to be stopped due to heavy snowing and blizzard.

What else could you have said, eh? Your empty threat to sue the Raja of Manchester till kingdom come has irrefutably confirmed what those whom you have described as mercenary writers have written of you - and of your wife, too? - was all factual.

It does seem that there is indeed such a thing as karma, isn't there?

MCMC orders TMI, Malaysia Today to remove articles

Anonymous_2679c6e5: When the teacher in class takes selective disciplinary action, that is called favouritism; when the law enforcement authorities mete out selective punishment, that is called persecution.

When the government promotes the interests of one group or race over another, that is called discrimination, when the innocent are selectively prosecuted and convicted, that is called injustice.

When the authorities carry out selective purge of certain people groups, that is called ethnic cleansing; when the authorities carry out selective mass killings, that is called genocide.

These are the characteristic traits of a people without moral conscience. All are various stages of decline into barbaric anarchy and people who promote and perpetuate such practices seldom have any moments of self-reflection on what type of animal they are turning into nor show any inclination to change.

People and nations descend into the abyss if such acts are left unchecked.

Ravinder: Freedom to sing praises of the government, but not to expose any wrongdoing by the government. Are the makers of the 'offensive' statements not protected by the Whistleblowers Act?

If the statements were untrue, sue the parties for defamation. This banning only serves to confirm that the statements must be true, and as they are damaging to certain parties, they must be stamped “sulit” (top secret) and prohibited from circulation.

Cogito Ergo Sum: It looks like the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is preparing the ground for a news blackout from online portals prior to GE14.

Malaysiakini must be careful, especially since Utusan Malaysia has already run a stupid piece on its readers comments.

Anticonmen: "Crackdown on criticism will only result in more abuse of power. Democracy thrives on criticism. I will vigorously defend the right of my critics to criticise me." – Barack Obama.

NNFC: Freedom of speech or freedom of expression is an important element in fighting corruption and to check a government which is too powerful.

Without this fundamental freedom, the government can do what they want and this leads to erosion of people's rights.

Quigonbond: With vast powers like this, why do we need fake news legislation?

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