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Yoursay: Liow misses the boat, Chinese tsunami happened 5 years ago

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YOURSAY | ‘The Chinese see MCA as only an adjunct to the powerful and racist Umno.’

No more 'Chinese tsunami' in GE14 - Liow

HaveAGreatDay: MCA president Liow Tiong Lai, we shall see soon enough if your confidence is well-placed.

I can only speak for myself - the fact is that nothing MCA has done since 2013 can warrant my giving it a vote of confidence. Period.

Clever Voter: The Chinese tsunami took place five years ago. Liow is late as usual. Many who have switched their allegiance are unlikely to return.

This time, it would be the turn of Malays, then the East Malaysians. Whether this will destroy BN rule is anyone's guess since the electoral boundaries have been changed to give even more advantages to the ruling coalition.

But MCA, in denial and unable to face the truth of its decline, will once again rely on Umno, thereby owing more gratitude to the ruling party.

Appum: So many comments here, yet not even one supports Liow's tune that MCA is reborn again. That clearly shows how disenchanted the people are with the MCA, especially the Chinese Malaysians whom Liow is so desperate to pan for support.

He seems to think Chinese minds are simple and gullible. MCA as a partner in BN has really allowed the status of the Chinese minority to deteriorate ridiculously after 60 years of partnership.

Chinese businesses have flourished despite the obstacles placed in front of them by the Umno government. The Chinese have seen MCA as only an adjunct to the powerful and racist Umno.

Now Umno even wants to attack a foreign-based Chinese Malaysian tycoon who has contributed so much to this country.

MCA tries to defend him but see how MCA is treated and rebuked publicly by Umno's crass top leaders.

MCA is given no grounds to react to unfair criticism - meaning MCA has no say at all. No matter how much transformation Liow has instituted, MCA is still impotent.

Amateur: Liow, you must be daydreaming. You know very well the Chinese community has been struggling to have their certificates issued by the independent Chinese schools’ joint examination recognised.

But to date, MCA has been playing an extraordinarily long ‘tai chi’ (passing the buck) with them. Don't you realise that DAP has successfully pushed to have this "recognition" problem solved by listing it as one of Pakatan Harapan's manifesto?

Shame on you as MCA has been playing akin to a eunuch’s role during the ancient China rule by emperors. So naturally, more Chinese are voting for Harapan.

Sans Prejudice: Umno often plays the Malay-Islam card and MCA is following suit by playing the China-Chinese card. But Chinese Malaysians are loyal to this country where they were born and also hope to die in. They owe no loyalty to China.

For MCA to take credit as a “bridge between Malaysia and China” is hollow. China, like any shrewd businessman, looks for opportunities everywhere to sell its goods and services for a profit to further expand its economic base and stature.

So he is barking up the wrong tree by alluding to the illusion that BN's intimacy to China will sway the Chinese into voting for MCA this time around. Well, to dream is free. So, dream on, Liow.

IQ900: Indeed, Liow is dreaming, and totally ignorant of what is going on in the country.  His surname in Hokkien means "finished" and he is indeed finished this time, too.

EmEmKay: In 2008’s GE12, there was an Indian tsunami - BN lost its customary two-thirds majority. In 2013’s GE13, there was a Chinese tsunami - BN lost the popular vote.

In the upcoming GE14, there will be a Malay tsunami - BN loses the elections.

Mosquitobrain: Liow, what glass and diamond are you talking about?

Many Chinese are not good at differentiating between glass or diamond. You should instead tell this to Mama Rosie. She allegedly has the pink diamond experience. She knows better.

Report: The mauling of Kuok - a form of anti-Chinese dog-whistle

Cogito Ergo Sum: This is antiquated, ancient and puerile politics of a broken and bankrupt party. Bankrupt in finance and bankrupt in morals, Umno will stop at nothing to cling on to power, including insulting its own coalition partners.

And they no longer care whom they hurt or destroy in the process. They have to go.

Kangkung: DAP is the code word the Umno government uses whenever it wants to attack the Chinese. Whenever you see an attack by Umno on DAP, they are actually referring to the Chinese.

Umno created a bogeyman out of DAP so that the government can put fear into the Malays that the Chinese are planning to take over the country.

In every election, they play with this racial card. In GE14, the Umno government is being cornered so it will use the racial card to spark a racial fight.

Goreng Sana Sini: They know they are losing the election, that's why they tried to turn it into a racial issue by creating distrust and a rift between the Malays and Chinese.

SusahKes: Of course, the attack on billionaire Robert Kuok is dog-whistle politics. This is classic guerrilla/Sun Tzu warfare techniques from pro-establishment blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, aka Raja Putar Kuat (king of spin).

Create an illusory enemy, in the hopes of securing your voters base.

Anonymous_40f4: Umno/BN going into the upcoming elections with a world-renowned kleptocrat as their PM candidate.

They will do anything, including playing the racial and religious card to the maximum, to stay in power because if they lose this election, PM Najib Razak and his minions could possibly end up in prison.

So this is not an ordinary election for them, it’s a do-or-die battle.

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