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Yoursay: A desperate MO1 tries to rope in peeved DAP man

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YOURSAY | ‘The BN chief supporting a DAP MP? Politics in M’sia must have turned on its head.’

DAP veteran: Dr M won't change, puts others in his pocket

Vijay47: In my previous comments on your statements, DAP lawmaker Tan Seng Giaw, I had been rather restrained; no, I was actually kind.

But now that you seem to find almost everything wrong about DAP and its commitment to Pakatan Harapan, you are revealing that the earlier doubts about your loyalty to the opposition cause were justified and maybe the kid gloves should be removed.

The opposition pact was not arrived overnight, it was achieved over months of discussions; being a senior leader of DAP, why did you not voice your objections to the proposed association earlier?

In your present ramblings, you come across as a man bitter that he no longer enjoys the adulation he once had, that he is now being led out to pasture, a disdain that you have earned on your own.

Contrary to your sneer, I don’t think anyone has forgotten how Dr Mahathir Mohamad had once ruled the country, yet circumstances have evolved, and distressed as we may be about his past, we have to stride firmly into our future.

You claim that Mahathir will not change. Perhaps. He might even be worse. But it is for us to weigh the realities before us, use our judgement and come to a conclusion.

We are convinced that a 93-year-old man fighting alongside us is sincere, that he shares our hopes and for our part, we choose to disregard the past. Sadly for you, you will soon be forgotten.

David Dass: If you had been given a seat, would you have complained about Dr M leading the party and the non-use of the ‘rocket’ logo?

You were silent until you were told that you were no longer required to run in GE14. These belated views of yours have the colour of sour grapes. A case of “if I cannot have it I will bring the house down”.

So much for your commitment to the opposition. The train has left the station, Tan. Time for you to go home.

Anonymous #44199885: You may have good reasons to be unhappy but the choice Malaysians face is whether to continue to be governed by an alleged kleptocrat or go for meaningful change.

For a person who underwent ISA in defence of your principles, surely this must be obvious. While I appreciate that you have suffered and I will never be able to feel what you have gone through, it is time for you to move on.

The next generation should not have to pay for your suspicions. You seem to be still in the mindset of racial politics concerned that if rural Malays supported Harapan, DAP will be weakened.

It’s time for all Malaysians to think as Malaysians and move away from your generation's racial prism. This is the only way for us to make sure every Malaysian will have opportunity to advance regardless of religion, race and creed.

Can you please retire with grace and not raise such poison when our country is at the crossroads?

Bluemountains: He rode on DAP's name for 40 years. The fact that he is not defending his seat as an independent, despite indicating his wish to do so earlier, clearly shows that he understands that throughout the 40 years, the people voted for DAP and not Tan Seng Giaw.

Gerard Lourdesamy: Tan’s reasoning is baffling. The DAP got into politics for what purpose? Just to remain as the opposition forever?

Without Malay support, DAP can never win an election on its own. DAP can only be part of the government if it works with other Malay-dominated parties. That does not mean that the DAP has to sacrifice its principles.

A logo is just a symbol. The way Tan is speaking suggests that the DAP can only represent the Chinese and that also outside the government. Then why bother to contest in elections if the aim is not to get power?

By making such statements, Tan is trying to confuse the Chinese so that they do not vote for Harapan under Mahathir.

Even if Mahathir has allegedly not changed, you certainly have since the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) investigations into 1MDB. Your interview with Utusan Malaysia says it all.

Madam X: Can you please shut up, Tan? You have already made yourself despicable.

WhatNow?: How can Malaysians call their country democratic when they implore or warn Tan to shut up? If anything, such a demand epitomises dictatorship or worse, totalitarianism. How are they better than Umno/BN?

Tan should be allowed his voice against anything and anyone as long as there's no fakery. He should be allowed the democratic right and freedom to speak out against anybody without fear or favour.

It seems to me those who are trying to shut Tan up have merely adopted the swine flu of Umno/BN to coerce those who do not toe their line or way of thinking.

This is yet another reason why Malaysia is politically immature and can never progress to democracy because it is littered with little dictators.

Besides, unless these people want to whitewash history, everybody knows Mahathir was tyrant, and one who nurtured institutionalised racism and corruption in this country.

And yet we have people here who think now he shouldn't be condemned. That makes them hypocrites and nothing else, who are mirror images of Mahathir and Najib, Umno, MIC, MCA and Gerakan.

Najib says Tan Seng Giaw dropped over 1MDB 'truth'

Matusa: A BN chairperson supporting a DAP MP? Politics in Malaysia must have turned on its head. Since Najib likes Tan so much, may be Najib should just appoint Tan to run in Kepong under BN.

Surely, he'll give DAP a better run of its money than a candidate from Gerakan or MyPPP. Najib and Tan should just jump into bed and consummate their relationship. Stop teasing the public.

Anonymous: So what now, Tan? Are you happy that your words are being spun by BN? If you have your mentor Tan Chee Khoon’s blood in you, then you will come out with a statement on exactly what you said and meant.

Clever Voter: Just imagine that, Tan’s words being used by BN chief Najib to reinforce his innocence. That doesn't carry weight, unfortunately.

Kawak: Tan, what a way to end your political career - from hero to zero. You have been a respected opposition leader. Your statement on the PM in respect of 1MDB is being used to attack your party.

You should know the scope of PAC investigation did not cover the complicated web of cross border transactions, where 1MDB funds were allegedly siphoned.

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