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Day 3: 'Those who give BN unfair advantage will be remembered'

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GE14 LIVE DAY 3 | It's day three of the 14th general election campaign period, and there are just ten days to go before polling day.

Follow our live blog as the Malaysiakini team brings you the news as it takes place.


  • 'Kitten' Syed Saddiq wants Razali debate
  • 'Those who give BN unfair advantage will be remembered'
  • ‘Najib’, ‘Deadpool’ campaign for BN in Sekinchan
  • Muar incumbent MP denies having second wife
  • Solidarity vigil for Tian Chua
  • MCA Sekinchan feeds 2,000, feast of crabs, duck and chicken
  • EC acted illegally by cutting out Dr M's image, says lawyer
  • Harapan's Rantau candidate demands explanation from EC
  • PAS requests prayers for victory over Rewcastle-Brown
  • Familiar shape replaces Rosmah's face on billboard
  • Rafizi: I'm ready to face Khairy in court
  • Liow condemns Liew's 'dirty tactics'
  • Nik Omar's exit triggers Hadi's open letter
  • Najib's image 'missing' in Permatang Pauh
  • Dr M's image removed from DAP billboard

11.59pm: We've ceased live updates for Day 3 of the campaigning period in the lead up to the "mother of all polls". Follow us tomorrow for our live blog on Day 4.

'Kitten' Syed Saddiq wants Razali debate

11.30pm: Muar, Johor - Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman takes up Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin's suggestion and challenges both Muar incumbent MP Razali Ibrahim and the PAS candidate Abdul Aziz Talib to a debate. 

He suggests that the debate be held this weekend. 

"The topic should be on Pakatan Harapan, BN, or PAS for Putrajaya," he tells reporters after a ceramah in Parit Nawi. 

'Those who give BN unfair advantage will be remembered'

11:00pm: Sik, Kedah - Bersatu deputy president Mukhriz Mahathir warns civil servants to act impartially, saying those who give BN an unfair advantage will be "remembered." 

"Don't abuse the your power to give BN an unfair advantage, because we will remember and we will take action if we form the government," he said, after railing against the disqualification of some Harapan candidates, and the ban on Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad's likeness on billboards. 

Some 300 people are in attendance, but many are choosing to stand at the side and back of the venue rather than to take one of the many seats available, leaving a gap in the middle rows. 

When asked what actions could be taken against errant civil servants, Mukhriz says, "We'll have to see."

Shamsul compares himself to hero in classic Chinese novel

11pm: Rim, Malacca - In a small isolated Chinese kampung near the Johor border, Pakatan Harapan’s Rim candidate Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin compares himself to Zhuge Liang from the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms

“I am like Zhuge Liang fighting against Cao Cao, who has all the resources and military might,” he said to the crowd of about 100, who delight in hearing him reference the classic Chinese novel. 

As depicted in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang is a master strategist while Cao Cao is a warlord.

This will be Shamsul’s first time contesting in his hometown of Rim.

He will also defend his incumbency at the Hang Tuah Jaya parliamentary seat in a rematch with former Malacca chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam. 

Harapan’s Jasin candidate, Amanah's Khairuddin Abu Hassan, is also present at the ceramah kelompok. Rim is a state seat under the Jasin parliamentary seat. 

In his speech, Khairuddin explains 1MDB to the crowd, and his efforts over the years in highlighting the scandal surrounding the state investment firm. 

Muhyiddin hypes Bersatu's 'kitten' Syed Saddiq for Muar

10.30pm: Muar, Johor - At a ceramah in Parit Nawi, deep in the interiors of Sungai Balang, Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin hypes the party's Muar candidate Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman as a "kitten" that is greater than BN's Razali Ibrahim.

"Syed Saddiq, our kitten. But if you hear his speech he is better than Razali.

"I think Syed Saddiq should challenge Razali to a debate, let's hear what the answer is tomorrow," Muhyiddin says.

Earlier today, Umno vice-president and Sembrong candidate Hishammuddin Hussein told a crowd in Muar that Syed Saddiq was just a 'kitten' and a political novice, urging voters to pick Razali instead.

About 150 people, mostly Malays, are at the ceramah.

In 2013, Razali won 804 votes in the Parit Nawi polling district, while PKR received 208.

‘Najib’ and ‘Deadpool’ campaign for BN in Sekinchan

9pm: Sekinchan town - Caretaker prime minister Najib Abdul Razak makes a surprise appearance at BN’s concert in Sekinchan tonight, in the form of a life-sized 3D hologram.

As his hologram talks about BN’s GE14 manifesto, comic book character “Deadpool” rolls in, in the form of a multi-coloured convertible.

Adults and children alike come forth to marvel at both Najib’s image and the car.

BN-Umno’s candidate for Sungai Besar Budiman Mohd Zohdi later serenades the mostly-Chinese crowd with a Mandarin-language song entitled “Tomorrow will be better”.

MCA’s Sekinchan candidate Lee Yee Yuan takes the stage next to urge the audience to support him, and not DAP’s incumbent assemblyperson Ng Suee Lim, who is running for a fourth term.

Muar incumbent MP denies having second wife

9.30PM: Muar, Johor - Muar incumbent MP Razali Ibrahim denies past rumours that he has a second wife, stressing that his one and only wife is always with him.

"Some ask me if my wife doesn't get angry when I'm photographed (with other women). My wife told me that it's ok to take photos with 1,000 women.

"She's not angry, she understands the job, but just as long as I don't take 1,000 photos with one woman," he jokes during a ceramah in Tanjong, Muar tonight.

He also quashed rumours that he sleeps at a hotel whenever he is back in Muar, saying he stays with his parents in Seri Menanti or occasionally, at the local Umno headquarters.

"Even my mother-in-law asked me about this...That got me worried," he says.

Later after his speech, a replica BN tank "fired" at an opposition polling district with a loud bang.

Solidarity vigil for Tian Chua

8.30pm: Batu, Kuala Lumpur - A candelight vigil for PKR vice-president Tian Chua is taking place in Jalan Sentul. 

Over 200 PKR members and supporters are gathered to express their dissatisfaction against the Election Commission's decision to disqualify him from contesting in Batu. 

Tian Chua himself is in the crowd, greeting his supporters with a smile. They are waiting to hear a speech from him on the May 9 polls. 

MCA Sekinchan feeds 2,000, feast of crabs, duck and chicken

7:30pm: Sekinchan town - Ahead of a concert held to promote its candidates, BN Sekinchan has laid out a free-for-all feast fit for 2,000 on the streets of the Sekinchan town.

Among the dishes laid out are crabs, duck, fried chicken, laksa and made-to-order burgers.

An hour before the event is slated to start, crowds swarm the buffet and the tables are quickly filled with a largely Chinese crowd.

The tables face a massive stage where a string of performances has been lined up. Slated to take place also is a lucky draw, where the main prize is a motorcycle.

However, as the emcees' attempt at rousing the crowd, few join in.

A woman at the event tells Malaysiakini that after finishing her plate of food, she will head to Pakatan Harapan’s mega ceramah, happening several streets away. 

DAP’s incumbent Sekinchan MP Ng Suee Lim is slated to speak there. DAP heavyweights like Tony Pua, Gobind Singh and Nga Kor Ming will also be present.

MCA is fielding newcomer 29-year-old Lee Yee Yuan for the seat against Ng and PAS’ Mohd Fadzin Taslimin.

S’wak CM promises more affordable homes

8.15pm: Samariang, Sarawak - The Rumah Mesra Rakyat 1Malaysia (RMR1M) project will be extended to other parts of the Sarawak as it is the state government’s policy to help Sarawakians own their own homes, says Chief Minister Abang Johari Abang Openg.

“This Sungai Midin project here is the proof of this,” he says during a walkabout at the Sungai Midin RMR1M project in Samariang today, adding that it is a reflection of BN’s slogan “Janji ditepati” (promises kept).

Abang Johari, who is also state BN chief, promised that the Sarawak government will expand its initiative of developing affordable homes from Sungai Midin right up to the Borneo Samariang Resort Water Park.

IGP: Streram incident being probed

8pm: Kuala Lumpur – Inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun confirms that two reports were received over Dr S Streram allegedly being prevented from submitting his nomination papers, including one from the PKR candidate for Rantau himself.

He was quoted as saying by Bernama that an investigation is being carried out, with the results referred to the Election Commission thereafter.

On nomination day, Negeri Sembilan caretaker menteri besar Mohamad Hasan won Rantau uncontested after Streram was denied entry into the nomination centre, as he did not have his Election Commission tag.

Video footage of the incident showed Streram trying to get in while police formed a line to prevent him from doing so.

Today, Fuzi again reiterated his claim that his men had only assisted EC officers on duty at the nomination centre.

On a separate matter, the IGP said that police seized as many as 16 drones on nomination day last Saturday for being flown without permits from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAAM).

Toll-free polling day on Latar Expressway

7pm: Kuala Lumpur - KL-Kuala Selangor Expressway Berhad (Latar) announces that the highway will go toll-free on polling day, May 9, according to Bernama.  

Latar Expressway managing director Mohamed Raffe Chekku says that as an Ijok native, the move is to share his happiness and give back to those who will be voting there.

The Ijok state seat is under the parliamentary constituency of Kuala Selangor. The seat will see a multi-cornered fight between BN, PKR, PAS and PRM.

“As a responsible Malaysian company, we are very much supportive to Malaysians travelling faster and safer back to their hometowns to exercise their rights.

“Latar Expressway as a gateway not only to small towns in west coast of peninsular Malaysia but also to other townships such as Selayang, Rawang, Shah Alam, Sg Buloh and many more,” Raffe said in a statement.

The highway will go toll-free at 8am on May 9, and end at 5pm on the same day. The exemption applies to all classes of vehicles.

EC acted illegally by cutting out Dr M's image, says lawyer

6.15pm: Kota Damansara - Lawyer Mohd Haniff Khatri Abdulla says that the EC is acting illegally in cutting out the photograph of Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad from buntings and banners all over the country.

He explained that since Harapan, had on Jan 7, declared in their manifesto that Mahathir is Harapan's choice for PM, there is nothing wrong with putting his image on billboards, as what is approved in the manifesto can be put up as campaign material.

"I challenge the EC chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah to state which law bars the image of Dr Mahathir to be used," he said, adding since Harapan has agreed to use the PKR logo in this election, and PKR agreed with other Harapan component parties that Mahathir can be PM, then the image should be allowed.

Harapan's Rantau candidate demands explanation from EC

6.00pm: Kota Damansara -  Rantau Pakatan Harapan candidate Dr S Streram files a letter of demand against the Rembau returning officer and the Election Commission, for wanting the EC to rectify the situation following the nomination fiasco on Saturday, which resulted in Streram being disallowed from registering - allowing incumbent and Negeri Sembilan caretaker menteri besar Mohamad Hassan to be elected unopposed.

He has also filed two police reports under Section 124B and C of the Penal Code for violating the parliamentary democratic process, against the returning officer.

His lawyers also indicated that failure by the RO and EC to react by 5pm on Wednesday, would see a misfeasance
in public office suit against them.

PKR incumbent 'lectured' by pasar malam trader

5.55pm: Bukit Katil, Malacca - An elderly man selling supplements and oils at the pasar malam started to preach to Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin during his walkabout at the state seat of Bukit Katil, previously known as Bukit Baru.

The Pakatan Harapan Hang Tuah Jaya incumbent, who will defend his seat against former Malacca chief minister Mohd Ali Rustam, greets the man standing behind his wares as part of the walkabout.

The man, who only identified himself as a former commando, immediately speaks over Shamsul about the “billions of ringgit stolen” from the country.

He goes on to decry the redelineation exercise in Hang Tuah Jaya, previously known as Bukit Katil.

“Everything has been sold to China,” he adds.

The man is still preaching even as Shamsul and his entourage move on with the walkabout.

During the walkabout, Shamsul and his machinery hand out colourful anti-GST flyers illustrated in comic form.

The illustration reiterates Harapan’s promise to abolish GST if they win while warning that GST rates might increase if BN wins.

It also includes estimated cost of living with and without GST, as well as Harapan’s other manifesto promises.

BN's Penanti candidate asks voters to return mandate

5.30pm: Dewan Koperasi, Guar Perahu - BN's Penanti candidate Suhaimi Shabudin meets local folks. About 60 people, mostly women, turned up for the event.

Suhaimi, who contested the Permatang Pauh seat in a by-election in 2015 against PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, appeals to the voters to give BN a chance.

"If we give this seat to someone else, there may be no development here," said Suhaimi.

"It's been 10 years, do we still give them (the mandate) again? We can prove to you that they have done nothing. We are the ones helping the schools and mosques," Suhaimi added.

He touched on the lack of affordable housing for Penanti folks.

Suhaimi admitted that so far, the campaign has been civil, but he is uncertain of the situation in days to come. Polling day is on May 9, another eights days to go.

"Wait until it is nearer to polling day. All kinds of issues will come out, we need to be prepared," Suhaimi said.

Suhaimi will face Harapan's Norlela Ariffin (incumbent, PKR) and PAS' Fawwaz Mohd Jan in a three-corner fight in Penanti.

PAS requests prayers for victory over Rewcastle-Brown

5.10pm: Kuala Lumpur - PAS is urging all of its members and supporters nationwide to perform special prayers (solat hajat) for a positive outcome of the defamation suit filed by party president Abdul Hadi Awang against Sarawak Report's editor Clare Rewcastle -Brown.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man says the case is currently being heard at the High Court in London, at about 5pm Malaysian time.

"This (alleged) slander by Sarawak Report has caused PAS to be attacked from all angles by our political enemies and by those who did not receive the right information," Tuan Ibrahim tells a press conference at the party's headquarters in Jalan Raja Laut here.

Hadi had filed a defamation suit against Rewcastle-Brown Brown at the London High Court on April 21.

This follows Sarawak Report's claims last Aug 6 that RM90 million was deposited into a PAS leader's account as part of caretaker prime minister Najib Razak to attract their support for BN and Umno.

When met later, PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan says he believes Hadi has a strong case against Rewcastle-Brown.

Kit Siang: It's now or never, five years will be too late

5pm: Bahau, Negeri Sembilan- A ceramah at a coffee shop featuring DAP's Lim Kit Siang, Harapan candidate for Iskandar Puteri, has attracted a crowd of about 400.

Besides Lim, the mostly middle-aged crowd were there to listen to Jempol candidate Kamarulzaman Kamdias, Seremban candidate Anthony Loke, and Bahau candidate Teo Kok Seong.

"This general election is different than the previous ones. It is not the same as the past as it has been for the past 61 years(since independence). 

"Your vote can now decide whether (BN chairperson) Najib Abdul Razak or (Harapan chairperson) Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be Prime Minister," Lim told the crowd.

"If we cannot change the government this time, next time it won't be easy.

"Five years later? Will Mahathir still be around? Not easy. Will Anwar be around? Maybe he will be sent in (to prison) again. Lim Kit Siang won't be here too.

"If we don't change, then we will no longer have change," he added.

Bahau is a Chinese-majority seat (63 percent) under the Jempol parliamentary constituency. 

In 2013 general election, DAP retained Bahau with a 5,136-vote majority.

Familiar shape replaces Rosmah's face on billboard

4.30pm: Yong Peng, Johor - The billboard which mentions Rosmah Mansor has been restored, sans her face.

It was removed by the Election Commission yesterday. Interestingly, the empty space now reflects Rosmah's voluminous hairdo. 

Dr M's image cut off, but why not Ku Nan's, EC asked

3.45pm: Segambut, Wilayah Persekutuan - Pakatan Harapan’s Segambut candidate Hannah Yeoh questions why the Election Commission is removing Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s image on a billboard but not that of Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor. 

Yeoh says having Tengku Adnan on BN billboards were flouting the EC's rules which limits only images of the top two party leaders to be on campaign materials. 

“This is clearly a double-standard practised by the EC in enforcing its new guidelines.

“If Tengku Adnan is allowed to be the face of BN all over Kuala Lumpur, then surely Mahathir has every right to be the face of Harapan.

Yeoh called on EC to display the same zealousness in cutting off Tengku Adnan's images from billboards all over Kuala Lumpur, today.

Rafizi: I'm ready to face Khairy in court

3.30pm: Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur - PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli says he is ready to face Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin in court on Khairy’s threat to sue him for defamation.

"I will be more than happy to meet Khairy Jamaluddin in court.

"I am waiting for his demand letter. We will respond to it and I will see him in court," Rafizi tells reporters at Invoke Space in Kuala Lumpur after unveiling findings of the pollster's latest elections survey.

Khairy yesterday threatened to sue Rafizi over the latter’s claims concerning how Harapan's Rautau candidate Dr S Streram could not enter the nomination centre.

Lim: Why is Najib so frightened of Mahathir?

3.30pm: Segamat, Johor - “Why is Najib so frightened of Mahathir?”

This was asked by the DAP parliamentary candidate for Iskander Puteri Lim Kit Siang, who was shocked when he saw Mahathir’s image was cut off from a giant billboard in Ayer Hitam.

He condemned that such disrespect and contempt for the seniors and elders in the country could happen in so blatant and brazen a manner.

“I must ask the (caretaker) prime minister Najib Razak, whether this is the way he wants to win the 14th general election, as if the unfair and undemocratic disqualification of one parliamentary candidate and five state assembly candidates from Pakatan Harapan are not enough?”

Liew challenges Wee to debate

3pm: Yong Peng, Ayer Hitam - DAP's candidate for Ayer Hitam Liew Chin Tong challenges his MCA rival Wee Ka Siong to a debate.

Liew says he has drafted a letter to invite Wee for a debate before May 7 and a representative will get in touch with Wee's office.

"If you have the time to go to Penang and challenge DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang to debate on the Penang undersea tunnel, I believe the people of Ayer Hitam also want to hear your vision for the next five years.

"What are Wee’s plans for Ayer Hitam and Yong Peng, for Malaysians working in Singapore and for the economy," he asks.

Liew says he is prepared to let Wee organise the event and that he can debate in Malay, English or Chinese.

Teng reiterates commitment to Penang's environment

2.42pm: Penang - BN Tanjung Bungah candidate Teng Chang Yeow reiterates his commitment to ensure that any development 76 metres or 250 feet above sea level would not be approved.

He reminded that this pledge was stated in the BN's election manifesto to turn such highlands and hillslopes into forest reserves.

"Pakatan Penang's manifesto on Green State did not even touch on hillslope development and protecting the environment," Teng said in a press conference.

However, the Harapan manifesto did touch on preserving and not reducing forest reserves in Penang, that gazetted permanent forest reserves can be increased and not reduced.

Teng also called on Penang Island City Council to stop processing building plans for a high rise and high-density development above Miami Green Condominium in Tanjung Bungah.

"We also want the Department of Environment to intervene in this case as the Environment Impact Assessment was approved by the state DOE," he added.

The project's planning permission was granted by MBPP but the local authority has yet to issue a commence of the work order to the developer to start construction of the units.

"The project's density is 101 units per acre and it violates the Penang Structure Plan, which allows only 15 units per acre for Class 4, environmentally sensitive and high-risk areas," Teng added.

Liow condemns Liew's 'dirty tactics'

2.30pm: Bentong, Selangor - MCA president Liow Tiong Lai lambasted Pakatan Harapan’s candidate for the Pakatan Harapan Ayer Hitam Parliamentary seat, Liew Chin Tong, for using dirty tactics to vilify the BN’s Ayer Hitam parliamentary candidate Wee Ka Siong.

Liow said that the billboard illustrating MCA with the President Xi Jinping of China was to show MCA’s results in promoting the Belt and Road initiative to the rakyat, while Liew’s billboard contained slanderous elements.

“This shows that he did not fulfil the promise to have a clean and fair fight with Wee.”

1.30pm: Setiawangsa - BN's Setiawangsa candidate Zulhasnan Radique unveils a manifesto specifically for the local community, covering entrepreneurship, education, housing and religion.

He promises to smoothen the application of licences for small businesses and also help those interested in the food truck business.

Zulhasnan also tries to woo Chinese and Indian voters, pledging to engage MCA, MIC and MyPPP for this purpose.

"We will engage voters and convince them to vote for BN," he says.

Hadi pens open letter

12.30pm: Following Nik Omar Nik Abdul Aziz's (photo bottom, in beigeexit from PAS, the party president writes an open letter warning the children of "PAS leaders" on the dangers of joining forces with Pakatan Harapan. 

He says Harapan consist of those aligned to DAP, a group that he claims is "openly anti-Islam", as well as those who are "liberal Muslims". 

"They just want to get to Putrajaya and have U-turned to Kajang and is going further from Putrajaya. 

"Their surveys are merely calculations on paper and involve only telephone calls. It is not done properly. 

"Their Islamic advisor is from Saudi Arabia who speaks Arab but are unable to translate it to Malay and explain things in the Malaysian context," he says.

Yayasan Aman - Anwar's legacy for Pmtg Pauh

11.45am: Permatang Pauh, Penang - PKR president Dr Wan Zizah Wan Ismail is speaking at Yayasan Aman, an NGO founded by former Permatang Pauh MP to help underpriviledged children. 

"Upon graduation from Universiti Malaya, he was offered a job by United Nations in New York, with a salary of USD2,000.

"But he left that behind, and opened a school for dropouts here. This is his passion.

"I am happy that young leaders like Afif Bahardin and Nurul Izzah Anwar are happy to continue his passion," she says. 

"We hope kids will not be marginalised and in line with Harapan's vision, no one will be left behind as children a chance to lead our country in the future."

Nurul Izzah is the PKR candidate for Permatang Pauh.

Najib missing from BN posters in Penang

11.45am: Permatang Pauh, Penang - PKR candidates points out that BN are not using the image of its leader Najib Abdul Razak in their campaign materials. 

"Are they ashamed of Najib? We are not ashamed of our leader although he is a prisoner," asks Seberang Jaya candidate Afif Bahardin during a press conference today.

He also points out that BN's Permatang Pauh candidate Mohd Zaidi Saad is promoting himself more than the party. 

"Even before the elections, up to now, Zaidi is promoting only Team Zaidi, and not really Umno," he says.

Afif also jabs PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for conducting two rallies in Permatang Pauh - PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim's home base - before the start of the campaign and has yet to do the same in Pekan - Najib's home base.

"(PAS) says that they want to topple BN, but their president has yet to go to Pekan," he says.

Amanah takes a page from BN's playbook

11.35am: Sungai Besar, Selangor - Amanah too emulates BN's discount markets for staple goods, albeit on a much smaller scale.

The party's Sungai Panjang candidate Mariam Abdul Rahman is seen ushering locals to the pasar peduli rakyat stall, set up in the middle of a Malay fishing village that is blanketed with BN and PAS flags.

Curious residents dismount from their motorcycles or walk out from their homes to check out the goods sold.

For RM5, they can choose from any three units of staples such as cooking oil, sugar, flour, dried meehoon and creamer.

It is not a large crowd, as many fisherfolk have already gone to sea, but Mariam is able to engage a number of women about Harapan’s manifesto.

“Communities here like the ‘personal touch’,” she tells Malaysiakini.

The event, which name borrows a line from the Selangor state government’s subsidised healthcare initiative - Skim Peduli Sihat -  also offers customers the chance to register for the initiative as well as other welfare programmes.

Off with his head! Dr M's image removed

11.30am: Ayer Hitam, Johor - Local authorities are cutting off the image of Dr Mahathir Mohamad from DAP's billboard. 

The Election Commission's allows only for the leader of a competing party to be used on campaign materials, but Pakatan Harapan are all using the PKR logo, which Mahathir is not part of.

Tian Chua sues EC and RO

11.15am : Kuala Lumpur - PKR vice-president Tian Chua files a suit against the Election Commission and Batu returning officer Anwar Mohd Zain for disqualifying him from running

Chua is seeking a declaration that he is indeed qualified to run for office under Section 48(1) (e) of the Federal Constitution.

He is also seeking a declaration that he is entitled to contest and be accepted as a candidate in this general election. 

His lawyers are trying to secure a early hearing date. 

BN man pledges high-speed internet for Seremban

11.00am: Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - BN Seremban candidate Chong Sin Woon pledged to bring high-speed internet coverage to the town, as one of his 12 pledges. 

“For the entire Seremban parliamentary constituency, I will try to expand the Internet coverage and speed including in economic zones like Seremban and Nilai,” he says.

Chong, who is also the MCA Youth chief, says he will also help his constituents generate a second source of income, according to Bernama

“We will also promote the use of the Digital Free Trade Zone (DTFZ) platform for the sale of local products to the international market besides providing marketing training and rebranding of products and services to small and medium entrepreneurs,” he says.

Perak MCA candidates promises day care centres and hospitals

10.45am: Ipoh, Perak - BN Gopeng candidate and Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie pledged to establish a senior citizens day centre, a special nursery for children of single mothers and a dialysis centre for the constituency, according to Bernama

Over at Kampar, her MCA colleague and BN Kampar candidate Lee Chee Leong reiterated Kampar BN's pledge to build a new hospital in the constituency. 

"I planned to build a new government hospital here when I was Kampar Member of Parliament from 2008 to 2012.

"The Health Ministry had approved the project in 2012 slated to be built on a 40 ha site in Bandar Baru Kampar,” he adds.

Storm threatens discount market event

10.00am: Pengkalan Kundur, Kedah - Heavy rain and strong winds initially threatens to dampen Alor Setar Umno's Jualan Harga Runtuh program at the Pertubuhan Peladang Kawasan Tun Adam Malik, which was supposed to begin at 10am today.

About 20 people sought shelter under canopies and buildings, and some of the canopies had been lowered or partly dismantled out of concern that the wind would topple it over.

However the canopies were set up again at as soon as the wind dissipated and the rain slowed to a drizzle at about 8.40am, and the event is in full swing with people streaming in and out to buy discounted groceries by 9am although it is still raining.

There are at least 50 shoppers present at any given time, many of whom told Malaysiakini they had heard about it by word of mouth.

BN Alor Setar candidate Yoo Wei How and BN Alor Mengkudu candidate Abdul Malik Saad were among those present today, and a booth had been set up to distribute BN campaign materials.

The event is scheduled to continue until noon.

BN Muar candidate plays up 'Chinese unity'

8.30am: Muar, Johor - BN Muar candidate Razali Ibrahim accuses DAP of causing disunity among the Chinese after waging war against MCA, reports Free Malaysia Today.

“I understand that among the Chinese community, they are very helpful towards each other. In business, they look out for each other and ensure that everyone has equal opportunities.

“Today, I don’t see this any more,” he tells village at Maharani, a state seat in Muar.

DAP's decision to field its Johor chief Liew Ching Tong against MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong is part of the same campaign to destroy MCA, he claims.

“I can’t believe even the Chinese are fighting against each other, when they are known as a race that is united. This is really bad,” he says.

7.30am - Kuching, Sarawak - DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has promised to recommend Sarawak Harapan chief and Stampin candidate Chong Chieng Jen as cabinet minister if the coalition takes Putrajaya.

“If we can win power in Putrajaya, we want representatives from Sabah and Sarawak in the cabinet," he is quoted as saying by The Star during a ceramah in Kuching last night.

Chong is the third DAP candidate to be recommended for a cabinet post following Perak DAP chief Nga Kor Ming and Johor DAP chief Liew Chin Tong.

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