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Yoursay: IGP has one call to make in Altantuya case – the right one

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YOURSAY | ‘Fuzi has literally zero to lose, what is holding him back?’

IGP to discuss reopening Altantuya case with officers

Prudent: Why does Mohamad Fuzi Harun need to discuss this with his officers first? Isn’t he the inspector-general of police? Interesting, I didn’t know democracy was practised so widely in the police force.

The case for reopening the case, as it were, is apparent to everyone – no motive was established for the murder, and yet people were sentenced to death. The test of mens rea was not fulfilled.

Just say the word, Fuzi. At the double!

Hmmmmmmmm: Do you really need to discuss this with your subordinates where justice is concerned? Aren't you guided by ‘the right thing to do’?

You are the head of the police, for goodness’ sake. Please show some leadership here.

Cogito Ergo Sum: When you have not established motive or who gave the kill order, the verdict is empty and hollow.

As the current IGP was in service at the time of this trial, he would know the real story behind this episode. Asking him to reopen the case is like asking the wolf to investigate who ate the chickens.

An independent body of investigations with extrajudicial powers must be constituted to investigate this case all over again.

If Altantuya Shaariibuu’s murderer Sirul Azhar Umar talks, you will have new evidence to open another inquiry.

Anonymous 350791436750385: Ok, let’s say you decide not to reopen the case, what do you think the majority of the rakyat will think of you? The previous trial was basically an attempt to clear everybody but the hired guns.

The poor girl was killed by somebody extremely influential in the power hierarchy who was controlling the direction of the trial.

Mongolian president Khaltmaagiin Battulga has already asked Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad to look into the matter, and Mahathir himself indicated in public he was not satisfied with how the case was handled.

Why should we sour our relationship with another Asian nation just because your subordinates think reopening the trial is not a good idea?

It would be good to ask yourself this: do you really have a choice in this matter? If you think you don’t, shouldn’t the decision be obvious?

I know you are trying to spread the responsibility with your 'officers' should you make the wrong call, but I’m afraid there is no escaping this one.

There is but one call for you to make here. To ease your mind – it is the right one.

Podah: Assuming none of us know who ordered the killing and why – of course we do, but let’s play dumb for a moment – Sirul has repeatedly said that he was under orders to carry out the gruesome killing of Altantuya.

Just a few days ago, he said he is willing to spill the beans in exchange for a full pardon.

Leaving aside the matter of whether he deserves the full pardon – he doesn’t – isn’t this evidence that sheds new light on the case, and which warrants the case be reopened? Isn’t that what the police are supposed to do?

And the IGP is talking about the decision whether to open the case. It should be a no-brainer (except, it seems, to no-brainers). You do not conduct investigations only when you know the outcome, you get an outcome only after you open the investigation.

There is no reason for the IGP to dither. The powers-that-be that he may have had to appease are gone, and may not come back in this lifetime. He has literally zero to lose, what with there being a new administration in power, most of whom want to see justice done in this case.

What is holding him back?

VijayR: Yes, reopening the Altantuya murder case is not an option, it’s a must. The world needs to know who ordered the kill.

Anonymous_4b55eb98: Sirul and Azilah Hadri cannot be put on trial for the same murder charge again – double jeopardy.

So the authorities need to work with both of them on a deal to get the mastermind of the murder to justice.

Just A Rakyat: This is not the kind of answer we want from our IGP. You should have said if new evidence is available, the police will pursue the case so that justice be done.

Starmandala: Fuzi doesn't seem to be a natural-born roughneck like some of his predecessors. He certainly would have inspired more confidence when he took over as IGP if he hadn't played safe by following the script.

But the script has been burned now.

There is no one left to cast a dark cloud of fear over him. If anything, the opposite is true. He seems a bit slow to realise that he needs to seize the moment and win the respect and trust of the rakyat, instead of waiting around for orders from above.

Everyone with common sense realises what a ridiculous farce the Altantuya trials have been.

1Msian: The rakyat demand to know the identity of the ‘hidden hand(s)’ who called for the murder of Altantuya without further delay. Putting to death two hired killers without establishing any motive is not justice.

Beman: No need to hesitate. The case can and should be reopened. Most, if not all, of the principal witnesses are all still alive and, more importantly, the culprit (or culprits) who has (have) real motives for murdering Altantuya is (are) still walking around freely.

Anonymous_ec7c0e35: Fuzi, while you’re ‘discussing’ whether to reopen the Altantuya case with your officers, can you also ‘discuss’ Teoh Beng Hock’s death too?

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