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Yoursay: After Siti Kasim’s arrest, new Malaysia an illusion?

YOURSAY | If Siti can be subjected to such treatment, can you imagine a commoner who is a nobody?

Lawyer Siti Kasim arrested for obstruction over 'kidnapped' client

Cogito Ergo Sum: It’s time the new government draws a line between religion and secular laws. It has to make a stand, or else what is the difference between BN weaponising religion to do its will and what is happening now?

The police seem to have got all their circuits wrong and do not know how to react to new Malaysia. We rejected the old ways of the former regime.

If the Pakatan Harapan government does not do anything decisive, this old phenomenon will slowly creep back into the system. A system thoroughly rejected by the rakyat. Act now, Harapan, and act decisively.

Anonymous 2478181499087834: I can't believe this is still happening in Malaysia Baru. From the video, it appears that the police are at a loss on why they were there and what to do. That is why they had to be in constant contact with their superiors.

When they were ordered to arrest lawyer Siti Kasim, they seemed to have come up with an apparently previous incident of obstructing a civil servant on duty. If so, why not call her earlier or arrest her then, when the so-called crime was committed?

I should commend the police staff on site, for they were polite and courteous but merely acting on orders from above. But it is the one who was giving orders on the phone who should be called to explain and be held responsible.

Siti Kasim, please sue for the deprivation of your civil liberties. I hope the attorney-general (AG) will not intervene if there is indeed a breach of police duty. And we, the taxpayers, should not be made to pay for any damages if it is found to be an abuse of authority.

If Siti Kasim can be subjected to such treatment, can you imagine a commoner who is a nobody?

Hmmmmmmmm: How old exactly is Siti Kasim’s client? If she is an adult and she has said she was not kidnapped, what right have the police to detain her and her 'protector'?

The police should just investigate and then release everybody once it is clear the client has not been kidnapped. They should not involve themselves in religious matters. Yes, I can see a big lawsuit coming up.

Spartacus: First of all, did the police have a warrant to raid the property? Second, is the girl above the age of 18? Third, the police should also call in the mother of the girl, if it is a false report. Fourth, why is Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) involved? Under what pretext?

If this is the case, many people in this country can be arrested for giving refuge to those who are in need or abused. Siti Kasim, you should sue the mother for her false report.

If one can be arrested for helping a victim of abuse, be it, a child, a wife, etc, then we might as well not lend a helping hand and let the abused be continued to be abused.

Abd Karim: Any enforcement authority that is deemed to have exceeded its role should not be tolerated.

A strong message on zero tolerance policy should be adopted even if they are a religious authority, for such behaviour can lead to lawlessness.

Cops broke into Siti Kasim's home to ensure client didn't harm self

Anonymous_1371525430: As long as those "little Napoleans" who think that their authority should remain unchallenged are still in power, there will always be such fracas happening every now and then.

I pity those petty officers who have to follow the orders. They get bashed by the people, while those who give orders are nowhere to be seen.

Jaded: Indeed, this is absolutely ridiculous and outrageous. The police should be sacked for doing things like this. This is the precise reason why the last government was voted out.

If they do not understand the law, the police have no place to be law enforcers. Furthermore, Siti Kasim is acting as the victim’s lawyer and pressing charges against the lawyer sends a wrong signal to the people.

Anonymous_1419577444: I think people are wondering: which is more embarrassing about the police force - barging into Siti Kasim's house to arrest an adult supposedly on the grounds of "religious deviation" or their incompetence of not being able to detect where Umno leader Jamal Md Yunos is when he is openly leaving cyber footprints, taunting the police on a daily basis?

Para: And why no such action on finding Indira Gandhi's daughter (who was kidnapped by her convert husband)?

Kangkung: I woke up this morning thinking that this is a new Malaysia but now I know it's all an illusion.

Lawyers object to Siti Kasim's arrest

Vijay47: After that fateful May 9, many heads very deservedly began to roll, but it appears that the delay in similar drastic action against the inspector-general of police (IGP) and his cohorts in the police force has convinced them that their Maharaja Lela days can still be continued.

IGP Mohamad Fuzi Harun and friends are skilled in quoting chapter and verse of the Penal Code but seem selective when enforcing that very code.

I don’t recall a single Umno crook being dragged to court in handcuffs in an orange prison outfit like Siti Kasim was; on the contrary, they are often treated like visiting royalty.

At the moment, we are uncertain as to the details of this issue, except that it involves a mother-daughter disagreement where one of them may be mentally unwell.

Why did the police apply for a four-day remand for such a relatively straightforward case? Was it payback time for all the thorns that Siti Kasim has been to the police?

When it comes to women or those seen supportive of Harapan, the police are extremely efficient in apprehending them but are totally impotent where the mastermind in the Altantuya Shaariibuu killing, the Pastor Raymond Koh abduction, the child-kidnapper, and even a lowdown Umno street-thug are concerned.

If we want the police to function as required, Fuzi must be sacked, “on Monday morning”, like Human Resources Minister M Kulasegaran promised in another case.

Jasmine: Institutional reform must begin with the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM). Is Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin capable and does he have the moral courage to initiate those wide-ranging changes necessary?

What about the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC)?

Starwars: Many of us complained about such abuses during the BN era, but it is still happening in the Harapan era.

Those of you who promised the rakyat that Harapan will end such kind of abuses, make sure you act on it since you are now in power.

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