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Yoursay: PAS is squandering chance of being a formidable opposition

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YOURSAY | I am disappointed with PAS for taking up the role as Umno defender.

PAS claims seizures linked to Najib to cover up Harapan's 'failures'

Kamaru: This is PAS' desperate attempt to throw smoke to cover its guilt. And it backfired.

By accusing Pakatan Harapan of seizing former PM Najib Razak's ill-gotten loot as an excuse for not fulfilling its manifesto, PAS is indirectly condoning Najib's looting.

Aren't we fortunate PAS isn't the government of the day? PAS' stealthy treachery can only mislead simpletons among its constituency. Hiding behind the Islamic vial of piousness is the dangerously warped design of PAS.

Harapan, please don't sit on your laurel. You still have work cut out for you. Use the government machinery you now control, go to the hinterland and bring modernity and progress to free the Malays from the clutches of PAS' lies and falsehood.

New Hope: This is what happens when a political party in which the basic principle aims and policies are not in line with the people's aspirations.

The fact that PAS is back to Kelantan and Terengganu is a message given by the voters from all communities - especially those from urban areas - to the party that what it stands for is not for them.

PAS has been, in wheeling and dealing and in cahoots with the then kleptocrat PM, to further its own selfish agenda and all its Muslim principles are just a means to get there as PAS does not think twice to backstab anyone.

Instead of being a principled party once led by the late Nik Aziz Nik Mat, it is now led by people who use religion as a weapon to achieve their aims to the extent of working with alleged thieves and protecting them as well.

Open Mind: Supporters of PAS, do you believe that the seizure of the massive cash and jewellery are a show put up by the Harapan government, as suggested by party vice-president Iskandar Abdul Samad?

Do you not believe that Najib has stolen public money and abused his position for personal benefit? Time for you to decide who is telling the truth and who will work for you.

Anonymous_1408265047: Is it any wonder that PAS is treated with contempt by the majority of Malaysians?

It will take many years to undo the culture that has grown up in this country. A culture that thinks personal advancement by whatever means it takes is perfectly okay.

To repair the judiciary, the Constitution, the laws, the police force, the racism and the utter abuse of religion will take many years. This was amply demonstrated by a former chief justice in recent days.

When a member of a political party rises and complains that all this has not yet happened in a few short weeks shows the level of ineptitude, inanity and plain bloody-mindedness of many of the very people who are charged to bring about the change.

I.AM.Malaysian: I am disappointed with PAS for taking up the role as Umno defender. Even the reason given is nonsensical. Harapan government is about two months old.

How can anyone rebuild a country from the rot of the previous government in two months?

Come on show us, the rakyat, that we can depend on PAS as a formidable opposition. Umno is too rotten to be a reliable one.

Anonymous 2413471460628504: PAS and Umno should pair up, for they are remarkably similar.

Everything they say is devoid of logic and cocooned in a dream world where they expect any nonsense spilling from them to be accepted by the brainless rakyat.

Forty departments under PMD shifted out under restructuring plan

Coffee Shop Talk: The only reason why everything was put under the Prime Minister’s Department was the power-crazy mentality of Najib.

After this, besides getting rid of the top executives, the government should also look into how GLCs are set up. I believe they use the same Najib model.

Centralise everything, so the CEO has absolute power. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Headhunter: Now we are getting somewhere. After all the necessaries are done, we know whose retirement should come next – one of the useless fat cats whose existence was to cater to the whims of his former boss.

Myop101: I hope this year the government will reduce funding for the Prime Minister’s Department and spending for Budget 2019 as part of the restructuring plans.

Too much has previously been wasted to sustain political appointees’ rice bowls.

Bebas: This is progress… I guess? Now we know where the priorities of the Harapan government lie. If it has to do with saving money, then they’re on it.

But with the move to keep BTN (Biro Tatanegara), Jakim (Islamic Affairs Department) and the NSC (National Security Council) around, the segments of the country who were hoping for a more pluralistic and liberal society after May 9 may have to wait for another generation.

I believe many Malaysians knew the transition would be rough. BN could only be replaced without bloodshed if its replacement was something quite similar, just a small step to the left. Anything more radical would have required a painful excision.

Still, this means that we cannot let our guard down and go on spouting the poppycock of ‘new Malaysia’. The fight is still on for our rights and freedoms. Give them an inch and they will take a mile.

This doesn’t involve making Umno and BN a viable opposition – they should be left to rot into depressing footnotes in history books – but crafting a new progressive opposition front altogether.

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