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Yoursay: PAS, judges side with the evidence, not with 'Islam'

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YOURSAY | 'So Malunjum would be biased against Muslims just because he is non-Muslim?'

Muslims restless as non-Muslims now 'control' legal system, PAS claims

Appum: Of course, veteran judge Richard Malanjum's appointment as the new chief justice has caused restlessness among PAS and Umno Muslims. Is this surprising?

All other Muslims believe in integrity, transparency, justice, fair play, meritocracy and good morals. They are moving forward in this new chapter of our nation's history.

Let's just leave PAS and Umno to whine and lick their wounds until they come round...

T C Chan: PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan appears brainless. A judge decides on the evidence and the law before him/her, and he/she sides with that. There is no question of him siding with Islam or any other religion.

There are always appeals if you don't agree with the judge. As for the attorney-general, what has prosecution got to do with Islam? As for the de facto law minister Liew Vui Keong, he can't issue orders to change the law to the detriment of Islam.

So how is Islam threatened or sidelined?

Anonymous 278451459939581: The religion issue again. Is Nasrudin claiming that Malunjum, Thomas and Liew would be biased against Muslims just because they are non-Muslim?

If so, could the non-Muslims also claim that the previous Muslim officials who held these positions, were biased in favour of Muslims?

These statements are the ultimate in conspiracy theories. Nasrudin is simply playing to the gallery and promoting the fear-mongering rhetoric of BN and PAS. I know the Malays will not buy such arguments anymore.

Anonymous_1528703087: Why are PAS leaders restless with the new appointment of a non-Muslim in the legal system? Before, we’ve had certain Muslims who controlled our legal system but were they just or corrupt?

Religion has nothing to do with the legal system or politics, it’s the character and honesty of the person in charge that matters.

KarepuSamy: Justice shall prevail irrespective of race or religion.

The new CJ appointed is based on his integrity, capability as well as seniority. Court judgments should be based on the rule of law, not on the faith the judges subscribe to. When are these PAS bigots going to accept the reality?

FizzyAFC: What is the point even if it were Muslims in key positions, when previously they did not adhere to Islamic principles of justice?

Corruption, theft, murder, abuse and torture were all committed under the watch of the previous leaders.

In any case, Islam is a global religion that is bigger than any single individual.

If the religion needs to be defended by Muslim attorney-generals and chief judges, then there would not be any Muslims in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, etc.

Bamboo: I do not care if a non-Muslim or a Muslim judge is holding the top judiciary posts, as long as they carry out their jobs without fear and favour.

Is Nasrudin advocating that only Muslim judges can hold the top posts, even though they carry out the bidding of a corrupt government like we say during BN rule?

Justice: Well, PAS should go back to primary school to learn about the history on the formation of the Federation of Malaysia, the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and the Federal Constitution.

The Federation of Malaysia comprises three equal partners (four initially, but Singapore left), namely, the Federation of Malaya, Sabah and Sarawak.

Except for what had been agreed and guaranteed in the Malaysia Agreement and the federal constitution, such as Islam being the official religion of Malaysia etc, equal partners means equal opportunity for all Malaysians to hold any post in the government of Malaysia, including its institutions such as the judiciary, the Attorney-General's Chambers and Law Ministry, etc, regardless of race and religion.

If all posts or top posts in the government of Malaysia were to be reserved exclusively only for a certain or particular race or religion, or group or region, or for that matter, only for West Malaysians as suggested or demanded by PAS now, surely and definitely the representatives and the people of Sabah and Sarawak would not have accepted or would not have agreed to form or to join the Federation of Malaysia in 1963.

Yes, in the name of freedom of expression and democracy, PAS has the right to express its views. But this kind of religious bigotry, such very divisive, destructive and dangerous views and demands by PAS, should be rejected outright by all Malaysians who love our beloved country.

Speechless: As far as PAS is concerned, everything revolves around race and religion. In their vocabulary, there are no words such as meritocracy, good governance, integrity, rule of law and justice.

To them, a corrupt, incompetent and thoroughly dishonest Muslim is better than an honest, competent and intelligent non-Muslim.

P Dev Anand Pillai: When stuck and exposed for what they are, they run for cover using religion. This is what the political clergy in this nation is good at. The people are not going to buy this nonsense anymore, the voting population has shown what it can do.

The east coast electorate may still buy this nonsense, but not the west coast population. Slowly but surely, more hypocrisy and nonsense will come to the surface - let the people see and decide for themselves.

Vgeorgemy: Perhaps PAS should, in their own lingo, accept and respect God’s command on the GE14 results, whereby God rejected PAS' theology of racism on his people. God even rejected Nasrudin in the electoral contest.

PAS is a godforsaken party, and its leaders’ actions now serve to challenge the will of God and become a party that doesn’t accept and respect God’s plan for his rakyat.

Foodforthought: This is how desperate, irrelevant, anti-social, self-interested bigots justify their miserable existence, to stave off oblivion.

Nothing is spared from these insignificant people's insults, including the rakyat's intelligence and dignity.

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