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Yoursay: Investigate ‘treasonous’ letter to CIA

YOURSAY | This is proof that Najib was not averse to foreign governments interfering in Malaysia.

PM Dept's letter to CIA sought US backing in event of narrow GE14 win

Vijay47: Shock or outrage over such a degrading plea that Malaysia’s head of government would make to a foreign leader is hardly the sentiment evoked in me.

Rather, I am acutely embarrassed that our prime minister would actually send an appeal reeking of contradiction and paradox, devoid of any intelligence or logic.

In fact, considering the confidence that Najib Razak “would adequately win the elections,” there wasn’t even a need for a letter of this humiliating proportions, and to keep in line with his previous promise of “making America great again”, Najib assures that any US support would “enhance the strong rapport between our two leaders”. 

Najib seems surprised and confused that the opposition would use Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s political prowess to defeat Umno… isn't that what elections are all about?

The letter then embarks on a litany of Mahathir’s sins, mentioning strangely enough, that Mahathir was anti-Semitic, implying perhaps that Najib’s intimate friends include Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mahathir must be greatly relieved that apart from the many transgressions listed, he was not accused of being a Liverpool supporter.

Sparky and Pumpkin: If you were to read the letter as reported, carefully and thoroughly, Najib was trying to two-time the US.

While stating that he is pro-US, he was cosying up with China. This shows that Najib is of dubious character, with no principles nor morals to state his stand, and do remember, he also played the Islamic card.

Clever Voter: Najib will obviously deny such a letter. He will probably blame the new minister of trying to gain brownie points.

Geopolitics today is awful. Najib obviously wanted to take advantage by being a two-timer, playing up sentiments of bigger nations including US and China.

The former has a bad reputation for interference in domestic policies of nations in Middle East and South America.

Whatever motive Najib has is obvious, he has pending issues with the US Department of Justice, and his victory at GE14 would be a must if he was to have any chance of influencing US politicians.

It's not hard to imagine the extent to which Najib would do to ensure his ‘great escape’.

Newday: It appears contingency plans were drawn up in event of a close result in BN's favour in GE14.  Contingency plans for what?

To quell potential public unrest as people saw the level of electoral rigging that had been occurring and could not accept that BN won fairly? Possible.

BN were aware that they might have to do nasty things to ensure their tenuous grip on power was maintained at any cost? It appears so.

Najib not aware of this letter? Come on, Najib, we know better. Then again, you had no idea about your wife's opulent jewellery collection.

It is truly a frightening scenario – a close BN win. No doubt there would have been blood on the streets. Thank you to all that voted this man, and his coalition of the mad, out of government.

Anonymous_1527658987: Indeed, it is unthinkable that a unit under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) would write a letter like this without the approval of the PM.

Najib cannot dodge this one – I mean he will try, but he can't be left off the hook.

Lovemalaysia2: This is proof that Najib was not averse to foreign governments interfering in Malaysia.

But it was a waste of effort because the US would have all the not very flattering reports from its own diplomats in Malaysia on Najib and his track record.

Sinner: My take is that Najib knew he will lose and planned to buy over sufficient elected MPs before a Pakatan Harapan government can be installed. That may explain why the results of GE14 was withheld for several hours.

Man Lee: The letter mentioned a one-seat majority. But it is actually hinting to the US to support Najib should he lose the elections and went on to declare an Emergency.

The tone of the letter is clear. It wanted the US Central Intelligence Agency to be on its side should that be necessary. Najib and we all know that the CIA and its dirty tricks department would have no hesitation to even cause murder and mayhem if they see merit in partisan support of a foreign regime.

May 9 could have been a huge disaster for Malaysia. We were lucky to have Mahathir warning the fascists not to try anything funny.

Mechi: Najib, still controls Umno via the unreliable Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, much to the annoyance of the 'better' Umno leaders like Khairy Jamaluddin and those in Umno Youth.

They are wise, impatient, techy savvy and know exactly the monstrous damage caused by Najib/Rosmah Mansor and Umno warlords.

They wish to move Umno forward but the resistance is very strong from Najib. They wish to declare that Umno lost GE14 mainly due to the weak and incompetent top leadership and the 1MDB scandal, and this has to be echoed in no uncertain terms to all Malays. If this happens, Najib is "buried."

Meanwhile, Zahid employs his ineffective but rich cronies to the supreme council. Same old Umno approach of no engagement and consultation, angering Khairy and peers.

Fiery BN speeches in Parliament are useless if Umno harbours indolent and incompetent top leaders. The rustic yesteryear approaches are no match to the crisis management and damage control approaches urgently needed for Umno to survive.

Sunshine: A full-fledged investigation ought to be conducted to get to the bottom of this “appeal for US support.”

The motivations for the construct of such a letter (even as the full content is not presented here) could be misconstrued if not construed to play on the fault line of treasonous intent.

It is unbelievable that an official letter had characterised Mahathir who had led this nation as PM for some 20 years in such demeaning terms.

RR: Yes, this is treason. There is no other word for it. The culprits should be thoroughly investigated as it such a serious matter.

Headhunter: The letter sounds so amateurish, childish even. They (BN) were practically begging the US for support. Thank God, we the rakyat managed to throw them out in time.

I can't imagine what the country would be like if they mismanaged it for another five years.

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