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Yoursay: BN is no more - no point still trying to grope for meaning

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YOURSAY | 'Umno must do a thorough house cleaning and get rid of its racialist mentality.'

Zahid says BN not suspended, Annuar claims remarks taken out of context

Quo Vadis: "The article quoted Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa as saying: 'BN for the time being needs to be suspended for a little while...'. It's time to call a spade a spade.

For all intents and purposes, BN is no more. What perhaps is holding it in the interim may just be the impetus to share and distribute the 60 years of accumulated spoils of the past among its lingering remnants, and jostle for a lost relevance.

In the aimless groping for meaning in these days, there is no evidence of new ideas, no remorse, no unequivocal rejection of kleptocracy, or patronage, or untruths, or the financial rape of the country as the world has never seen before.

Recent disclosures show how deeply ingrained and embedded lies BN's untrustworthiness. It’s best to roll up the mat and go home to enjoy the ill-gotten gains, or like the vultures, fight over the carcass.

Ruben: Annuar Musa must either be having dementia, or he is in denial. BN now only has three parties, with 51 Umno, two MIC and one MCA parliamentary seats in the House.

This is not a coalition. MCA and MIC should just do the right thing. They have always been bullied and had never stood up for the party and for the rakyat.

Salvage Malaysia: There are only three parties left in BN, and you can’t even get your act right. This is the problem when there’s no strong leadership, things go rudderless.

Roger 5201: A case of the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing?

After Umno's supreme council decided that former president Najib Razak would not campaign in Sungai Kandis, no one made a sound when the latter campaigned there at the 11th hour. This is Umno Baru?

VGV: No need for the suspension of BN for a while, Umno. If things go on like this with no proper leadership qualities from party president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Umno may even disintegrate.

Newday: Whether it is BN or just Umno, the only suspension you need to concern yourselves with is the urgent need to suspend Najib’s party membership, pending the outcome of his trial.

Otherwise, any moral and ethical standing you still have will turn to zero.

Love Malaysia: Umno is still in trauma. They are still in denial and can't believe that the majority of the rakyat has rejected them.

They still can't understand why, and the only arrogant answer they have to please themselves is that Harapan won based on slander or unfounded accusations, not because of the weaknesses of their leadership, and the abuse of power and the people's money. I pity them.

Honest: I believe we need good check and balance, so it is important that we have a good, credible and strong opposition. But Umno and its coalition partners must do a thorough house cleaning and get rid of their feudal and racialist mentality as well as their corrupt ways.

Then they can regroup and come back with a new approach for the betterment of Malaysia. So, maybe it is a good idea for them to break up now and regroup with newer and more forward-thinking leaders.

I think Khairy Jamaluddin is a good fit to lead this new coalition

Anonymous_1528170669: I am just wondering whether a strong opposition is really necessary for a viable democracy. What if the opposition is dysfunctional or worse, delusional?

What happens if it exists just to binge on the public expectation for a “strong opposition” and no more? I am personally inclined to believe that having no opposition is better than having a dysfunctional one.

Maybe for Third World polities, a strong opposition need not be a political entity, but perhaps an institution like the military, one that is capable of intervening and pressing the reset button if things go wrong. Just my two cents.

Malaysian-United: It is high time for BN to disband, since it has always been dominated by Umno and its racist philosophy.

After GE14, Umno is unabashedly more racist than before, so it's really stupid for BN component parties to remain in this meaningless coalition.

On top of that, there will no longer be financial incentives for anyone to remain in BN since the gravy pool has nearly dried up.

Anonymous_8a8199e7: I'll bet my last sen MCA has no guts to ditch BN. They have been slaves to Umno for 60 years, and they have lost their courage to go against their master.

Moreover, if they use their own logo in the upcoming Balakong by-election, they may lose even more badly as no Chinese will support them except a few sycophants, and the Malays and Indians would also not vote for a one-race based party.

Ian2003: Go ahead with the MCA flag at Balakong and be the racist party that you are. How sad, such a noble flag that once represent the struggle of the people, now being turned into a flag that represents only one community.

I suppose now it represents the struggling community, which is confined to the struggling tycoons losing their influence over the people.

Dont Just Talk: How is MCA going to survive in BN when the big brother Umno has leaders like Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman still playing the racial card because he does not have the intellect to debate on relevant matters?

Each time when racist remarks are made by an Umno member, support for MCA by Chinese voters dwindles.

Odysseus: Isn't this a hint to MCA and MIC to get lost, since Umno is courting PAS? At the same time, PAS is playing the 'hard to get' game to get a better deal before they actually get married.

Muruga: Yes, Umno is clearly already in a 'coalition' with PAS, so why are MIC, MCA still in BN?

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