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Yoursay: Is DAP in power a mirror image of MCA of old?

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YOURSAY | ‘Whether Kit Siang is a Mahathir lapdog, the people will decide.’

'From roar to whimper' - MCA senator questions Kit Siang's silence on Dr M

Den of Thieves: With due respect, MCA senator Ti Lian Ker, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

1. Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s idea was noble as he wanted to elevate the economic status of our country. Unfortunately, Proton’s failure was due to mismanagement and the lack of support from its partner, Mitsubishi. We could have been like Sweden, where Volvo is manufactured. I support Mahathir’s third national car initiative as he is not looking at our domestic market but the global market.

2. Why harp on the forex (foreign exchange) loss? Money was lost due to speculation on currencies… it was not stolen. Please differentiate between the two scenarios.

Don’t keep targeting Mahathir who is fully occupied to right the wrongs of the previous government, on top of focusing his energy to prop up the economy.

Anonymous 1802761448130592: Ti, until and unless you and MCA dare to say something against the monumental 1MDB saga, which has adversely affected each and every one of us, you have morally forfeited your rights to talk about any other matters of national importance.

So please mind your own business and don't pretend that you are on a higher moral ground to tell Lim Kit Siang and DAP what they should and should not do.

Jackay Way: Why didn’t Lim object to the appointment of Mahathir as the leader of Pakatan Harapan coalition? After all, Lim has been very critical of Mahathir’s administration when he was previously the prime minister.

He can’t as the country needs a leader of Mahathir’s calibre to lead the coalition so that the country can be saved from plunderers, which include Umno and MCA leaders.

Why didn’t Lim object to the appointment of Mahathir as PM this time around? After all, with Harapan leader Anwar Ibrahim still in jail then, the party lead by Lim has the second biggest number of parliament seats.

He can’t as a promise is still a promise.   

Why didn’t Lim object to the cancellation of East Coast Rail Line (ECRL)? He can’t as the country is in dire financial constraint. As such, it has to be cancelled.  

FellowMalaysian: Why is this MCA-nobody directing his grouses, frustrations and disappointments over Mahathir's decisions at DAP leaders Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng?

Ti should have the guts to go after the PM. Please don't hide behind the DAP leaders and use them as your shield.

Mahathir has explained that the third national car is totally a private concern and if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with his answer, then please go after the right person.

In fact, MCA is now part of the opposition and Ti should learn and emulate Kit Siang’s punctilious past as an excellent opposition leader if he is serious in playing a 'check and balance' role.

Newday: Ti, it is fascinating that you manage to come up with this scenario. Just like your colleague, Wee Ka Siong, earlier with his salacious allegation that the ECRL was stopped because of some Harapan plot to deny development in opposition states.

I am pretty certain Kit Siang is realistic and pragmatic to understand what it means to be part of a coalition of parties that also happen to be in government.

Ti, you have learnt nothing since GE14. Harapan is not controlled by any one particular party as Umno did when BN was in power. The bullying they did to MCA was reflected in its inability to attract voters in GE14. They were seen as spineless by Malaysians.

All we see now is Kit Siang and Mahathir working together to improve this country. What are you doing to improve this country, Ti?

RR:  I and others fired our salvos against Mahathir initially on yet another national car. But when it was clarified the third national car project will be a private sector project unlike Proton which was funded by the government, we dropped our objection.

The country has to employ no less than 500,000 students and graduates every year. Therefore, we should encourage private sector investments to create more jobs. It is up to the private companies to do their feasibility study on the viability of their projects.

Kwong: RR, you're missing the point about the third national car. It does not matter if it is private funds or not.

It is whether there will be protectionism and favouritism for the project that cause an increase in the price of other cars, much like in the past.

Remember that the BN government gave a soft loan to Proton two years ago in order to save 60,000 jobs - at that time, Proton was also 100 percent privately owned.

That "third national car will be 100 percent privately funded" thing is a red herring.

In fact, it will be worse as the government may put in place policies to cause all other car prices to go up, give tax incentives, soft loans, grants, etc, and end up benefiting private cronies like in the past.

Until a guarantee is given that protectionism won't happen and car taxes will not be increased, all Malaysians should be worried about the third national car project.

Kit Siang was also quiet when Mahathir suddenly announced that our only remaining sovereign fund, Khazanah, is now to benefit only bumiputeras (not all Malaysians).

If former PM Najib Razak had said the exact same thing, Kit Siang and DAP will be kicking up a fuss. On this issue, Kit Siang and Guan Eng have not said a word.

Jianzhi: Ti, you are entitled to your opinion. But whether Kit Siang is a Mahathir lapdog, the people who supported this new coalition and voted them into government will decide, just like how they decided that MCA was no longer relevant in the old government.

If MCA does not reform and instead continue in their old ways, they will face certain death and people will spit on its grave.

Quigonbond: This is so old news if MCA thinks the public is going to speculate along with them. I believe the attitude is working within the system first for now and see what happens.

There is really no baseline evidence to suggest that Mahathir is doing something against the Harapan manifesto now.

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