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Yoursay: In what way is public flogging ‘educational’?

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YOURSAY | ‘New M’sia is just rhetoric if we allow 1M’sia to become 2M’sias.’

T'ganu exco: Caning to educate public, not hurt the two women

Anak Raja: Reading about the caning of the two women in Terengganu attempting same-sex relations makes me ashamed. Is this the real Islam? Where is the love and compassion decreed in the Quran?

Muslim women, you have to decide what to do. The states ruled by PAS – Kelantan and Terengganu – are economically poor. Why stay behind? Most of the men have moved out anyway to make a living.

Fairperson: Terengganu state exco Satiful Bahri Mamat says the punishment will “educate” the public to not commit ‘zina’ (illicit sex). What education?

You have already humiliated the two women and literally scarred them for life. The damage has been done. Why are these people so obsessed with making public what happens between two persons in private?

Clever Voter: So these men think they have done society a favour by caning these women. Such barbaric acts are unthinkable in the modern age. It's also hypocrisy at the highest level.

Who are they to tell the world they have every right to harm others for so-called offences they interpret as illicit sex? Indeed, they are the ones who should be punished for supporting corrupt leaders and practices, child marriage, and inhibiting access to proper education.

The wanton abuse of human rights is right at our doorstep. Yet the relevant ministries at the federal level chose to remain silent. Allowing this Taliban style of government at state level contradicts what the constitution stands for.

Relevant parties, including the rulers, shouldn’t need reminding that these are barbaric methods used not just to humiliate the two women, but inflict pain, and will only leave behind permanent scars.

The future looks bleak if we continue to kid ourselves with the rhetoric of ‘new Malaysia’.

Sinan Belawan: Where are Women, Family and Community Development Minister Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her deputy, Hannah Yeoh? Can we trust them to protect women's rights?

Lodestar: Even those who steal billions of ringgit are not caned in public. This is not just a physical punishment but also an exercise in humiliation.

The state should only be concerned with law and order, not prosecute moral offences that are victimless.

So it seems that paedophilia via child marriage is condoned in some states, but not the right of two consenting adults to have sex. And this is what they call "education of the public."

RZee: It's archaic, backward and frightening that in this day and age, this is happening. And I wonder how one can separate the public learning from the hurt caused to the women.

I suppose they will say the same thing on chopping off hands – it's to teach the public and not to hurt the thief. But tell that to the one-handed thief.

Annonnymous 080: If you really needed to “educate” these women, there are many other ways to do this rather than caning.

But since you did this, you have left them traumatised, physically and psychologically hurt, made to feel ashamed and marginalised in their own communities.

Anonymous007: Terengganu Bar Committee chairperson Sallehudin Harun says the execution of the sentence gives the public clarity on the process. What nonsense is this?

These days, the office bearers of the Bar Council have lost all courage to speak up, especially on such issues of religious extremism. The independence of the Bar is near death.

Anonymous 133971438080786: “Clarity” my foot. This should not be happening in Malaysia.

What about the Gua Musang man who married an underage girl, is the paltry fine he got sufficient punishment?

Anonymous1485270518054: It doesn’t seem like these two women have hurt anyone, and are not stealing the rakyat’s money. And yet they must suffer the most severe, inhumane punishment.

Kawak: When it comes to sex offences, PAS is so adamant about making it seem like the only sinful act.

Yet, telling lies, taking bribes, criminal breach of trust, kleptocracy, inciting hatred and defaming others without basis is not considered sinful – at least, that’s what their friendship with Umno seems to suggest.

No Faham: Then they should also cane the corrupt leaders who live beyond their means... If they do that, then I will believe that it a real religious state.

Not now, when the high and mighty go free with impunity but the poor get punished for the slightest of misdeeds.

Anonymous_2e7168df: Such public punishment goes deeper than just “educating the public,” it is meant to instil fear. I feel sad for those who voted for PAS in the east coast, it will be at least five years of living in fear.

If you don’t mind that, remember your state cannot survive on its own. With development at a standstill and youth leaving, the future seems to be bleak under PAS.

Tourism is lagging too. I, for one, won’t holiday there anymore… for fear of being wrongly accused of something.

JC: Recently, a tahfiz school teacher in Kuantan punished an eight-year-old boy by pulling and threatening to cut off his penis and set it on fire. There is a sinister undercurrent to all this.

Caning of two T'ganu women unlawful, claim SIS, MCA

Lodestar: I don't feel threatened at all by two women having consensual sex. I am more worried about the mindset of those who prosecuted and punished them.

What other aspects of intimate behaviour between consenting adults do they want to regulate?

Legit: In the corridors of power, there are probably thieves, murderers, child predators and all other kinds of crooks. But is any action taken against them?

They are only powerful against the defenceless, like the two women who did no harm to anyone, but only living true to what God made them.

Hang Jebat: There will always be conflict between syariah and civil law. For Malaysia to progress and be relevant in this world, civil law must supersede syariah law.

I am a Muslim, and I will state that there are syariah laws that conflicts with civil laws, and that I am against the caning of the two women.

Religious belief is personal. God only exists in the mind of those who choose to believe in his existence.

Islam teaches dignity, mercy, says Khairy on T’ganu caning

Anti-Racial: “The caning was carried out at the Kuala Terengganu Syariah High Court this morning in full view of the public gallery where about 100 people were seated.”

Inhuman people carried out the punishment, and 100 inhuman people sat and enjoyed the show? What cruel human beings we have on this Earth, taking delight in the suffering and pain of others.

People Power: Keep up the good job, Khairy Jamaluddin! Please continue to reject PAS’ plan for hudud in Kelantan and Terengganu, then surely rakyat will look to you as a true leader of Malaysia.

Clever Voter: All said and done, the PAS government is a legitimately elected government and their religious agenda appealed to the majority of the electorates. Their moral standing on national corruption is not exactly any higher relative to Umno.

Whatever one said of these men in green, their stand based on syariah principles is nothing new. While the better-informed electorate in urban constituencies may be appalled at such development, and display a higher degree of tolerance for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) issues, it is clear that this is a different world.

It's regrettable that the relevant minister, Wan Azizah, has no influence on this matter. ‘New Malaysia’ remains merely rhetoric if we allow two nations within the country.

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