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Yoursay: ‘Maszlee, decline IIUM presidency to avoid conflict of interest’

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YOURSAY | ‘How will he enforce varsity reforms if he is wedged in a compromised position?’

DAP rep: No 'loopholes', Maszlee must quit as IIUM president

Headhunter: I totally agree with Kampung Tunku assemblyperson Lim Yi Wei. With the education portfolio, doesn't minister Maszlee Malik have enough on his plate?

So far, there's no ground-breaking policy or anything of significance from him as the education minister. He should concentrate on his job instead of trying to spread himself thin with additional positions.

Worse, the additional position is in conflict with his current job. It looks like it's Umno all over again.

Anonymous_b3cdcd05: This episode of Maszlee's appointment as president of IIUM is shocking and raises many disturbing questions about the new Malaysia's reform agenda, including Pakatan Harapan's manifesto that is clearly against any form of activities and appointments that demonstrate a conflict of interest.

How will Maszlee ever be seen as independent and able to enforce the slew of reforms promised to free the universities from executive stranglehold and oppression, and provide academic freedom if he himself is wedged in a compromised position?

Does this imply that there is no one other than him qualified to helm International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)?

Sinan Belawan: Yes, this is absolutely a conflict of interest situation. Maszlee must step down as education minister if he wants to hold positions in educational institutions and entities that do business with the Education Ministry.

Thickskin: There is no need to rush and jump the gun. Instead of quickly condemning and gleefully roasting Maszlee, it is prudent to find out the actual situation. 

Was Maszlee appointed as president with his full knowledge and consent? Did he actually officially accept the post? If he did not, then all those condemning him will look pretty silly.

Headhunter: What was IIUM thinking when they appointed him? I thought the new government said that universities should be free from politicians?

Is IIUM’s leadership trying to curry favour with the new government, now that the old one has been kicked out?

Candid: Please walk the talk, and not just talk. Avoid any appearance or possibility of conflict of interests.

A minister must be totally and fully committed to serving the country through his or her ministerial appointment.

Shovelnose: Maszlee, you're already in the government, heading an important ministry related to this institution.

Goodness, one does not need a degree to understand the issue and not even entertain nomination or election to any position in these institutions in the first place.

Why do you even place yourself in a position that could give any inkling of a conflict of interest?

Cocomomo: Harapan must stop making these mistakes.

The ministers should be working without following the wrong examples set by their BN predecessors. They should support the prime minister, not give him more problems.

The prime minister has enough problems with a bloated, corrupt and inefficient civil service left over by an incompetent, corrupted BN regime.

Buck up, Harapan, or the people may have no choice but to vote Parti Sosialis Malaysia (as much as we would not want to do so) as voting for BN and PAS is definitely not an option - even for many who voted for these parties in GE14.

Jasmine: Can such an appointment of a cabinet member be made and accepted without the prime minister’s knowledge?

Any fool can see that this is certainly inappropriate. Acceptance is an indication of unadulterated self-aggrandisement without any regard for his current position as a minister.

Maszlee should choose one position. No question about it.

Anonymous_1533374181: I fully agree with the DAP state assemblyperson. Please, minister, you have more urgent issues to attend to. Please prioritise!

Anonymous 621101460964937: How is it that when it comes to one’s own self, people think “promises and assurances” are sufficient to remove conflict of interest and trust-related issues?

It is ridiculous he even considered the position, and shows lack of maturity and ability to see how the public will perceive it.

This is an unnecessary bad rap for a new government trying to stand on its feet.

Umno leader: What happened to separating politics and universities?

Newday: Umno supreme council member Reezal Merican Naina Merican, I agree with the need to separate politics from universities.

What were you doing all that time when BN was progressively doing just what you argue against?

Universities became the place for BN’s agenda and you did nothing to prevent it. You have no standing to discuss this issue.

Carpe Diem: What I find highly amusing is the ability of the current opposition members to change their stand on issues just because they are no longer in power.

All of them were doing the exact same things before, but are all oh-so-righteous now. Just an observation as I am in no way condone the Harapan government for running the country exactly like the previous government.

TC Chan: Maszlee should just decline the post. It adds nothing to his credentials but attracts criticisms for the government.

It is just a distraction, and the government can do without that.

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