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Yoursay: Don’t worry Zahid, more charges to come

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YOURSAY | ‘Both Zahid and Najib have done more damage than what they are being charged for.’

Zahid: 'Overkill' benefits us, thanks for dragging us to court

Anonymous 1689721435778173: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi thinks this is "overkill"? I would think it is an 'underkill', considering the amount you and your family have accumulated compared to the value of the charges added together.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more charges against you as more information come to light.

Léon Moch: What "overkill"? Many are complaining that the government is not moving fast enough and is only scratching the surface.

Quigonbond: Indeed, what a warped logic from Zahid. The only question is whether the charges are manufactured. Who’d go through this much trouble to manufacture so many charges?

Umno members have to seriously ask themselves what these leaders are keeping up the struggle for.

What we hear is struggle this, struggle that, as if the meaning is understood. What exactly are they struggling for? Race and religion?

That’s absurd because the dignity of a race or faith is being dragged across the ground because of corruption and abuse of power. The next time they use the line, journalists should ask them what struggle they mean.

Vijay47: Quite obviously, Zahid, you and former prime miniser Najib Abdul Razak graduated top of the class in top lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah’s intensive programme, “Coping with Stress, Facing Legal Challenges, Putting up a Bold Front”.

Your success is all the more impressive since you possibly did not have to resort to plagiarism as reportedly practised at the National Defence University. But one can never be sure and I digress.

Nevertheless, I would suggest you hold on to opening the sirap, we haven’t heard any XL-sized lady breaking into an aria.

You seem very grateful at the “overkill” of charges against you, especially since it would contribute to a "trust deficiency” towards the government, though I am not sure how you arrived at this conclusion, perhaps from the same fount which taught that tsunamis, earthquakes, and other disturbances in the force are brought about by LGBT enthusiasts frolicking on the beach.

Your gratitude at being dragged to the courts should spurt through the roof as you confront the numerous other charges that are rumoured to be heading your way.

That is, before you head into another pre-ordained direction teeming with riverine bambusodae as botanists would have it.

By the way, what struggle is that which you promise to be steadfast in – to enhance the glory of Islam as you stated earlier?

Mushiro: Zahid, you and Umno have no choice for what you have done to this country. It is sad to see that most Malays are struggling but the Umno elites are either multi-millionaires or billionaires.

Don’t worry, there will be more charges against you, Najib, Umno former ministers, Umno leaders and even members.

Clever Voter: Zahid is ignorant of most legal matters, he has this do it my way or no way. He may lack the finesse but he enjoys power, money and more money.

This man's connection is well spread out, and one would never underestimate the length of his cable, which explains his confidence.

Putting him away is not the answer. Seizing his stolen assets will, and this will undermine his power over time. For him, size matters, and he could do wonders with the ill-gotten gains.

Gerard Lourdesamy: It’s not overkill in terms of the number of charges but rather overkill in respect of the scale of the corruption involving these "pious" Umno leaders.

Based on the balance of probabilities, even if the prosecution is allegedly shooting randomly, at least one shot is bound to hit the target and send the accused to gaol for at least 20 to 30 years.

The rakyat are waiting to rejoice when that happens.

Jasmine: Aren’t they (Zahid and Najib) fortunate to have been given bail despite having a record number of charges preferred against both?

If it had been an ordinary Malaysian with little financial means to afford bails of these amounts, he or she would be languishing in prison for months, even years, while waiting for the trial to come to its conclusion.

So Zahid, be thankful that you are still outside, being chauffeured around in your suit and tie, wearing your smug hypocritical smile and giving press statements. Surely only an idiot would go around like you, oblivious to the real feelings of the ordinary people.

The deep dislike, more likely hatred, for men like you, men who have systematically stolen the people’s money while pretending to be leaders and mouthing falsehood and venom to divide and rule us.

The degree of ugliness and evil in you was clearly evidenced by your latest venom about God punishing thousands of innocent people by triggering an earthquake and tsunami.

You, and there are quite a number like you around, are more akin to all that is evil, shameless and destructive. I pray for your soul.

Ordinarycitizen: It’s not overkill when both Zahid and Najib have done more damage than what they are being charged for. It’s not overkill when the number of charges does not cover all that you both have still and misappropriated.

It’s not overkill when you both are given the grace to appear in court with your suits instead of orange MACC garb. It’s not overkill when you’re allowed to post minimum bail in a few sureties and walk out to spew garbage online.

It’s not overkill when you’re not locked up under the Internal Security Act 1960, but allowed to argue your cases in court.

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