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Yoursay: 'By hook or by crook' claim shows dangers of Umno crossovers

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YOURSAY | 'Rashid can't see that patronage is the root of corruption.'

Bersih shocked by Bersatu VP's call to win 'by hook or by crook'

Myviews: Former Election Commission (EC) chairperson and Bersatu vice-president Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman seems to be the personification of the dregs that Bersatu collects from Umno.

Remember he headed the EC once? And he appeared to admit to manipulating electoral boundaries to favour BN?

Will he change his ways? Not likely. So, it's up to the other Pakatan Harapan partners to stand their ground and not deviate from the reform agenda.

If it means cutting off Bersatu, then so be it. Better now than later, because voter sentiments are still strong for change.

The Red Baron: No surprises here. Rashid allegedly helped the kleptocrat and his band of thieves to stay in power and cheated Malaysians of their democratic rights all these years, and he gets a standing ovation at the Bersatu annual general assembly.

Bersatu can try and rebrand as much as it likes. But no amount of scrubbing will wash away the 'Umno entitlement' DNA that has been ingrained for generations.

What is to stop them from looting every institution – even those that are meant to help the community they claim to represent – in the name of race, religion and royalty, like their predecessors?

And to think Rashid is now heading the government’s election reform committee. Good luck to Malaysia.

Anonymous_1543386425: Indeed, Rashid should be asked to resign from the election reform committee.

Otak-Otak: Mahathir and all his previous and present Umno warlords have long brewed such a 'deadly' culture for umpteen years, single-handedly.

Rashid is the 'hero' who managed to clear up some of the mess he himself created. He has no intention and will to dismantle the rotten mindset and institutions that are hurting the public and haunting advancement of the country, even though he has got a second chance.

Love Malaysia 2: Yes, another leopard who refuses to change his spots. Different party, but the mentality is the same.

Bersatu chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad must eradicate this mindset from the party.

To God the Glory: The Bersatu vice-president’s hold on logic is so tenuous. He can’t see that political patronage is the root cause of corruption.

Harapan just threw out a government that lives and breathes cash is king, and Rashid wants to use the same money politics to hold on to power.

New Horizon: Every party has their share of rubbish leaders, and Rashid is exactly that for Bersatu.

Leaders like him are bad news for their parties, but in a way, good news for us – now we can gain insight into the actual stance of party leaders in response to his call.

RZee: Is Rashid the exception or the norm in Bersatu? If it is the latter, God help us and be prepared to vote them out in the 15th general election.

Caring Citizens of Malaysia: Shame on you, Rashid. Not because you are greedy in calling for Bersatu to use government resources to win “by hook or by crook,” as Umno leaders did the same previously.

No, shame on you for not keeping your mouth shut, and inviting trouble to the rest of Bersatu and Harapan. I do hope you learn your lesson, but I think it’s too late.

Bruclax: Yes, this was the man who was once running the election machinery “by hook or by crook”. If we do not purge such characters from our system, then we deserve to get what's coming.

Why, oh why, Mahathir, do you keep bringing such bad apples into the new Malaysia?

Anonymous_d1951643: Bersatu, if you are serious about a new reformed Malaysia, then you must sack this former EC chief from your party.

As if it is not enough that he had already destroyed the EC, now he is ready to destroy your party with such outrageous statements. Do the right thing, otherwise you're no better than Umno.

Dirtbag: I hope the Harapan leaders realise whatever drivel they rationalise as legitimate isn’t exactly what the rakyat will endorse. I would rather vote for an independent candidate in the next round.

The only ones that are consistent seem to be DAP, and for that, they have my respect. Rashid’s statement is shameful. If he got a standing ovation from the Bersatu delegates, this is really serious.

Hearty Malaysian: Rashid is an old horse with the old bad habits in his DNA. Mahathir has made an obvious mistake in letting his old friend join Bersatu and being made vice-president.

Who’s next? Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik and Shahidan Kassim?

Syed Saddiq slams delegate's demand for contracts, warns MACC may come

Anonymous_4056: The formation of Bersatu, its ideals and struggles, is absolutely necessary, but the only problem is the former Umno rascals are making Bersatu no different from Umno.

It is frightening and shameful that Rashid got a standing ovation in his speech.

Oriole: Bersatu is a party that is based on selective compassion. The nation continues to fail, thanks to your myopic views borrowed from the previous regime. What an utterly unimaginative and disappointing 'leader'.

And what about the B40 Malaysians who do not fit the bumiputera grouping, Bersatu Youth chief Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman?

Your lack of exposure to the problems of Malaysians and your tendency to be a parrot for race sentiments are perfect qualities for helping the survival of racist policies.

Anonymous_1534058315: What the delegate said was second nature, it can't be helped – not unless relevant laws are enacted and meted out without fail.

Only after that will our future generations accept it as the new normal.

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