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Yoursay: The ‘Paris photo’ - sin and perjury

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YOURSAY | ‘It is a case of ‘he says, she says’. No photograph, no proof.’

Defence grills Altantuya's cousin if 'photo with Najib' exists

Kahlil Gibran: So much for that. It looks like Burmaa Oyunchimeg does not have the alleged photograph of her cousin, slain Mongolian national Altantuya Shaariibuu, with her ex-lover Abdul Razak Baginda and former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Badril: This will come to nothing, it is a case of ‘he says, she says’. No photograph, no proof.

It is a waste of time, Altantuya’s family is just going to lose the RM100 million civil suit and end up more miserable. Their lawyers are taking them for a ride.

Malaysian-United: Burmaa “said these photographs were still likely to be in the possession of Altantuya's family in Mongolia."

Then please go get it –don’t forget to make some copies – and produce it in court. That will clear the dispute once and for all. What's holding the plaintiff up? This would be the most obvious course of action for most people.

Abcd: It will be circumstantial evidence, but the whereabouts of all Najib during the time frame of the Paris trip can easily be established. The movements of a deputy prime minister abroad should be known by the previous government.

RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: Despite the aggressive line of questioning, Burmaa stood her ground. Telling the truth emboldened her.

Vijay47: Of course, this is a clash between the good guys and the bad. And what we, the good guys, want is that ultimately, the ones behind the murder end up having a ‘swinging’ time.

But in the meantime, like it or not, Manjeet Singh Dhillon is a defence counsel for Abdul Razak Baginda and it is his job to do his best to fight for the interests of his client. If this means ripping apart enemy witnesses, that's par for the course.

We would expect the same and perhaps even worse from the lawyers for the Altantuya family.

Harry L Ishmael: Manjeet failed with his tactics for sure, he looked as if he was on an all-out futile attempt to badger the witness into submission, but the witness stood firm.

One must remember that the witness is fully aware of what can happen to her or anyone else – there is the real fear of death, especially considering that the courts decided that it was fine that the two cops accused of her cousin’s murder had no motive to do so.

There must be in her mind a real perceived threat that she could face the same circumstances.

Anonymous 1689721435778173: I don't see why Burmaa should be lying about Najib. I see her determined to tell the facts as they are, despite the pressure to suppress the truth since the death of Altantuya.

I also see Burmaa as trying to do justice to her cousin.

Kangkung: Finally, we get to hear things that have been suppressed for so long. Altantuya's father has suffered for so long, so let's hope there will be justice for his daughter’s murder.

Hanipa: Who lied, Najib or Altantuya's cousin?

OMG: Thank you, de facto Deputy Law Minister Hanipa Maidin for stating the facts.

It is also a fact that Najib, as “Malaysian Official 1”, has been named in the US Department of Justice indictments as an instrumental party in the mammoth 1MDB scandal, which has been prosecuted in several other jurisdictions.

A huge black cloud therefore hangs over Najib. Who to believe?

Let the day come when he will have to commit perjury – if he is lying – in court and then let the wheels of justice roll on.

Millions of unhappy Malaysians are praying for justice, both for Altantuya and the ravages of 1MDB.

Ultimately: As has widely been proven, even by simple logic, a thief can swear his innocence in a house of worship, as the very fact that he steals shows he thinks little of God and the afterlife.

The truckloads of cash and precious items carted away from properties linked to Najib are testimony to this.

Hplooi: The problem is the consequences of the oath Najib took in a mosque lies in the hereafter, while the oath administered in court has real consequences in this material world.

While we do not care how you end up in the hereafter, we definitely prefer to “pay Caesar what belongs to Caesar”. Otherwise, human society in this material world will collapse.

Don’t Just Talk: Who to believe between Najib and Burmaa? Without a doubt, it’s the latter.

If a person had no interest in the murder and the blowing up of Altantuya's body, why did the former get himself involved in the investigations in the first place?

It is just like the 1MDB scam, which was placed under the Official Secrets Act 1972. It is alleged that he tampered with the auditor-general’s report, for which he is being charged in court.

Najib, too bad for you that Malaysians are literate and not stupid.

Kahlil Gibran: Pakatan Harapan, you are now in office and your man is the home minister, so give the public the real evidence.

Why is Harapan hiding information on the Altantuya story? Since you all are not able to release the real findings, then we will assume Najib has nothing to do with Altantuya’s murder.

Rupert16: Spot on, Hanipa. When it comes to lying, Najib beats everybody hands down. He is world-class.

Billionaire: It’s Oscar season, and the award for best actor goes to ‘Bossku.’

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