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Yoursay: Throw the book at ex-EC commissioners

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YOURSAY | ‘Charge them with activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.’

Six ex-EC commissioners to face tribunal

Roger 5201: Our Election Commission was set up in 1957 by virtue of Article 114 of the Federal Constitution for the purpose of ensuring fair and equitable operations in undertaking parliamentary and state elections in Malaysia.

They – and not Bersih – are responsible for executing clean and fair elections, accountable to the people and not any one political party.

These highly-paid EC commissioners should not have taken up the role if they fail to understand their basic function, role and responsibilities.

Dont Just Talk: The victory of Pakatan Harapan in the 14th general election was nearly hijacked by the EC, when they delayed announcing the seats won by the coalition until the wee hours of May 10, 2018, after Harapan leader Dr Mahathir Mohamad issued a warning to them.

The most notable person involved in this is then EC chairperson Mohd Hashim Abdullah, who must face charges of treason for trying to hijack the GE14 results.

OMG!: Most excellent news! (that six ex-EC commissioners are to face a tribunal).

All previous heads of the EC deserve the full weight of the law. Loss of pensions and medical benefits, fines, and even jail sentences.

They held millions of Malaysians hostage to the corrupt, racist and cynical Umno-BN since 1969. It will be sufficient, for now, to deal only with the immediate past EC head honchos.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Yes, nothing short of a jail sentence will satisfy the rakyat. They collaborated to cheat and steal the elections from the people and must be made an example of.

As commissioners holding the same rank as High Court judges, they deserve the contempt of the people. Their pensions and assets must be forfeited and a hefty fine together with a custodial sentence must be meted out.

Let their fates be a lesson to all future people put in positions of trust. They must be made to feel ashamed for what they almost did in conspiring to retain a kleptocratic government in power.

Hang down your heads in shame, all six of you.

Vent: Just when these blighters thought they had escaped the net on a fat pension to boot, a bolt of ‘harapan’ cast by the very adroit attorney-general has caught them dead in their retirement tracks.

But where o where, is that ignominious one of them of all, Hashim? Perhaps the AG has a boomerang up his sleeve for him?

And how about that mother of all crooks now aptly renamed 'Tan Sri By Hook bin By Crook'?

Hiding within the protective folds of that blot of a party in Harapan so desperate to swell its ranks that the rule of law has been jettisoned, despite its most articulate protagonist being its leader?

Watch this space, folks. More is yet to come.

Predictably the Malay ‘mob’ will demand that these ‘sons of the soil’ face a tribunal composed wholly of Malay judges so that they are not ‘victimised’.

But they won’t be crying out for justice for the two ‘pendatang’ who were part of the electoral ‘mafia’ too.

Indeed, why sweat over ‘pendatang’ who were merely pretenders to the call of service ‘demi agama, bangsa dan negara’?

Ravinder: Why is Hashim not subject to the tribunal? He was the one 'guiding' the six commissioners.

Or will a separate case be taken up against him after getting the evidence during the tribunal hearings?

Whichever way, he is the main culprit and must face justice, the others were just 'yes' men to give legitimacy to what he wanted done.

Malaysia4All: If these folks are found guilty, they should be charged with treason – the crime of betraying one's own country.

They were chosen to safeguard Malaysia's democracy by making voting fair for all Malaysians, but they apparently chose to do the opposite just to keep the BN government in power.

If this is true, they deserve to be incarcerated.

Slumdog: Or charge them with activities detrimental to parliamentary democracy.

That should see them incarcerated for a period of time for their premeditated acts to frustrate, prevent and hinder voters from exercising their democratic rights and intentionally holding back the results of GE14.

Throw in the fact that they made their own rules on the run and did everything to ensure a BN win.

Vijay47: There are two facts here, one confusing and the other surprising.

Why are the charges only in relation to "the run-up to and on the day of the 14th general election"? How about members of the previous eras who were as rotten as they come?

One of the worst scoundrels lurking in the EC was none other than 'Mr By Hook bin By Crook'. Why isn't he dragged to the court by the scruff of his mangy neck? Friends in high places? Very high places?

The surprising part of the tribunal is that it has a non-Malay majority. How will race and religion be protected? Over to you, PAS and Umno.

Pro-justice: Yes, that 'Mr By Hook or Crook', who happens to be one of the higher echelons in Bersatu, must be brought to book.

He was the rotten EC chairperson who brought the integrity of the EC to the level of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. He should not be spared even if he is holding a high position in Bersatu.

How in heavens did Bersatu accept such a rotten egg? Is it because he is a close friend of Malay-first party president Muhyiddin Yassin?

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