Education Ministry allocates RM100m for dilapidated schools in S’wak



The Education Ministry has allocated RM100 million to assist 32 schools in Sarawak for this year.

The Education Ministry in a statement today said the allocation is for the rebuilding of dilapidated schools in the state.

"The ministry is in the midst of channelling the 2019 provision to the Sarawak State Education Department for the repair, maintenance and development of the schools," the statement said.

In addition, RM25.7 million has also been allocated for the maintenance and upgrading of 135 schools (including dilapidated schools) in need of structural and minor repairs.

According to the statement for the development and upgrading of schools, the projects would be implemented by the Works Department and selection and appointment of contractors would be through open tendering.

It added that Education Minister Maszlee Malik was committed to resolving the problem of dilapidated schools in Sarawak and all states in Malaysia.

“The Education Ministry has always embraced the principles of cooperation with the Sarawak state government in ensuring that conducive learning facilities are provided for the students.

“The Education Ministry will take firm action including terminating the contract of contractors who fail to implement the project within the specified timeframe,” it added.

Appeal letter

In another development the Education Ministry advised low-income families whose children were not entitled to the supplementary food programme (RMT) this year, to submit their letter of appeal to the respective schools.

“The RMT committee will give special consideration once the appeals are submitted,” it said in a statement.

Earlier news that the RMT has been terminated attached with a letter on the matter, went viral on social media platforms.

The Education Ministry added that the Johor Education Department and the school involved have been directed to look into the matter.

According to the Education Ministry the conditions for the RMT entitlement had not changed since 2014.

“Most probably the reason for not receiving the assistance this year is due to changes in the parents’ income,” it added.

- Bernama