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Yoursay: No end to PAS’ brand of ‘syariah-compliant’ lying

YOURSAY | ‘With friends like PAS, who needs enemies?’

'PAS pledged to back PM to stop him being ousted by allies'

Love Malaysia 2: For goodness’ sake. The fabrications are getting more fantastical as the days progress, with PAS shifting goal posts on a daily basis.

No wonder Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad got a written commitment from PAS leaders during their meeting. It is obvious PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang has no backing.

Anonymous 2439891477538802: It looks like PAS continues to tell more lies about the reason for the meeting between Hadi and Mahathir.

Today, it is so that the party could protect the prime minister from a no-confidence vote in the Dewan Rakyat by members of his own Pakatan Harapan coalition.

It seems there is no end to PAS’ brand of ‘syariah-compliant’ lying. The leaders of this party are devoid of any shame and self-respect.

Chuen Tick: So, Mahathir is frolicking in bed with those wolves in religious robes. So be it.

I hope it will come to pass – that the two unnamed Harapan component parties will really table a no-confidence motion against Mahathir.

Better be in the opposition with a conscience than a eunuch, just saying yes to that wily old fox.

Vote 4 Change Johor: PAS lost all the support it previously had from voters in most west coast states during the 14th general election because it could not be a reliable partner to DAP and PKR. That is why all of its candidates were ousted in the polls.

Nobody is surprised by these apparent lies from PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan, who says that the party’s lawmakers will back Mahathir in the case of a no-confidence vote.

The leader who is in trouble here is Hadi, who has shown inconsistency in his political stance. This has angered voters – even the more moderate ones among their supporters who are wary of the corrupt practices of the old BN regime.

Cogito Ergo Sum: If recent PAS statements are anything to go by, lying to split the enemy is alright. This latest statement from Takiyuddin must be a prime example of trying to divide Harapan parties.

Let PAS be informed that it is the rakyat that voted Mahathir and Harapan into power. Meditate on this before going further.

Existential Turd: Whether PAS is supporting Umno or Bersatu is in doubt. What is for sure is that it is never supportive of Malaysia – they are like arsonists, trying to start fires everywhere.

As for Mahathir, he should come out and state categorically whether he will abandon Harapan in favour of PAS' support. At least, people will be clear which party to rally behind.

Cocomomo: PAS must be hoping Mahathir will stop further action against the party and its lying hypocritical leaders over the millions of ringgit it allegedly received from Umno or associated individuals.

Mahathir should publicly declare that he does not need or want the support of religious bigots. Harapan should unite in fighting racial and religious bigotry – especially from hypocrites using religion to mislead the people and keeping them in poverty and darkness.

I Am Penang Kia: PKR, DAP and Amanah have over 100 MPs in the Parliament. If Mahathir is voted out, does PAS think with its 18 lawmakers it is going to be useful?

These pea-brains are trying to sow seeds of hatred among government allies again. Are PAS and BN so devoid of tactics?

Coexist: The doesn’t add up for this ‘no-confidence vote’ lie – yet another sanctioned by Hadi. Indeed, would Mahathir would trade the 92 PKR and DAP seats for PAS’ 18? That’s not even counting Warisan and Amanah.

With friends like PAS, who needs enemies?

'Hadi detailed Nik Abduh's recording despite claiming ignorance'

Vijay47: Oh dear. Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown, despite your familiarity with 1MDB, Low Taek Jho and Najib Abdul Razak, you, unlike Lewis Carrol, seem unable to appreciate that when a statement is made in Kota Bharu, it can mean anything the speaker wishes it to mean.

This indulgence is especially generous when such statement is made by one Hadi, a man renowned in Malaysia for piety which allows him to create new dimensions between truthfulness and falsehood.

Thus, when it was discovered that he had allegedly coached his disciple Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz to lie regarding funds from bedfellows Umno, such straying from the straight and narrow was perfectly justifiable when he explained, with a straight face, that it was for the needs of the 3Rs - race, religion, and Range Rover.

So his disavowing any knowledge of that now famous Nik Abduh audio-clip is inspired by what Humpty Dumpty told Alice, that “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”

Kim Quek: Hadi is caught red-handed lying big time again. What a compulsive liar he has shown himself to be. I pity his flock who continue to worship and obey him.

Fernz: Hadi swears by taqiyya (deliberately lying) and kitman (lying by omission) to advance his cause, whatever it is. If Hadi had been cross-examined in court, he would have to repeat his statement in Malaysia that "corruption is not a sin in Islam."

He explained that "stealing from the government was like stealing from yourself" and that "stealing from yourself is not a sin."

PAS is a party of fakes. It switched to Malay supremacy from Islam when it realised that Umno was going to lose power in Putrajaya. So, it allegedly took the millions from Umno to fight DAP.

Mahathir will finish off PAS. He has already said that the party is the cause of disunity among Malays.

Anonymous 69337402: All Malays must wake up and stop being fooled by the two devils of Umno and PAS. They should not be so easily hoodwinked by their tactics.

They should be discerning and realise the future of the nation requires largely their acceptance of this nation of racial, religious, cultural and linguistic diversity, and therefore should work hard and cooperate with other races to rebuild this country – which is lagging behind many others due to the six decades of bad governance under BN.

Anyway, it has been said and confirmed by all righteous and good people that the root of all evil in Malaysia is Umno and PAS.

The two parties seem to be run by crooks and self-enriching hypocrites, and today the country is in such a terrible mess, with the horrible baggage left behind by the previous incompetents thrown into the hands of the new government.

Just Sharing: If the head of a religious political party is a shameless liar, shouldn’t party members remove him and replace with someone of integrity?

But I doubt there are any such people left in PAS.

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