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Yoursay: PDRM, do the right thing on Saddiq-Papagomo 'fight'

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YOURSAY | 'If a minister cannot get protection from police, what can an ordinary citizen expect?'

Papagomo 'fight' with Saddiq just a misunderstanding - deputy IGP

Anonymous_1534239867: How did a minister end up being accosted by a rival politician known for his aggressive behaviour?

What were the minister's bodyguards, whom I presume are members of the police force, doing that someone could allegedly manhandle a minister? This is a case of a serious breach in protocol and must be investigated.

The video showing men in blue walking in an intimidating manner behind the minister is not a welcome sight.

If not handled in the serious manner that it should be handled, it may lead to more severe incidents in future. I hope the police will do the right thing.

BB123: Shocking! If a minister cannot get protection from the police, what can an ordinary citizen expect?

Annonnymous 080: Ministers are not guaranteed safety by the police nowadays and it is so strange that a senior police officer is acting as a defence counsel!

Misunderstanding is a word that had been severely misunderstood and abused in this country.

Bravemalaysian: Can I then grab the deputy IGP (inspector-general of police) by the neck anytime I want and say that I was only fooling around, or protecting him?

What kind of thinking is that?

Righteousness4all: I may not favour Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, but no person or persons in public should grab a minister. This act is definitely a no-no.

Anonymous_1530422112: Everyone knows what transpired, including the police.

Failure to charge and hold the person responsible to account will only send the wrong message, embolden the aggressors and result in more of the same in future.

Police, please act. No one is above the law. Inaction here will only tarnish your reputation.

Cynical: So, it is okay to pull and shove your opponents? No wonder, there is lawlessness in this country.

You have seen mobs tearing and burning posters and threatening DAP leaders right in front of their offices, and yet one of them is a senator today.

Why? Because, to law enforcers, it was not an offence.

Vgeorgemy: It is an ugly truth that Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris (better known as Papagomo) was acting as the head of a vigilante group to cow those who are fighting against corruption, hate and intolerance.

The authorities haven't appointed Wan Muhammad to protect anyone, leave alone ministers, and he has no business to conduct himself as aggressively as seen in Semenyih.

We have to live in fear of this vigilante group if the authorities show leniency to Wan Muhammad.

Kwong: All those people here have not seen the actual close-up videos and photos of the alleged "assault". No, there was no headlock and yes, there was a hand on the shoulder. That is why there is no case.

And please be reminded that Syed Saddiq's bodyguard and police officers were also around them then. And yes, the minister lied and has apparently made a false police report.

By the way, Pakatan Harapan ministers are prone to lying too.

Anonymous 428911434555133: Regardless of whether or not there was neck grabbing, no one, least of all a full cabinet minister, should be subjected to any form of unwanted physical contact with another human being.

KingKriolle: A cabinet minister lodged a police report that he was manhandled by a rival politician and all the deputy IGP (inspector-general of police) could say is it was a misunderstanding?

Come on PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), surely an act of physical aggression against a cabinet member must be viewed more seriously, notwithstanding the young age of the victim.

Our cabinet ministers deserve better protection from the men in blue. If not, this will not be the last case of assault against someone in authority.

Police, take off your blinkers and view the incident more seriously. It is no trivial matter.

Kita Anak Malaysia: Do we have to wait until something happens, like that thug who beat up the woman in the MRT lift, only then it is considered a crime?

If a person whom we don't know suddenly comes very near us, we would feel very uncomfortable, what more if the unknown person or rather a known thug, put us into an apparent headlock.

Is that termed as a misunderstanding? Try putting a headlock on any stranger and see where it will get us.

And the police protecting Syed Saddiq - is it a misunderstanding too as maybe someone got too close to him and suddenly grazed him?

Abd.Karim: Papagomo has a bad track record. He was seen in a video whacking a poor foreign worker. So what action has been taken to teach him a lesson?

Youngsters are watching how he gets away with such acts. We don't need gangsters on our streets.

Vijay47: I think we have to be fair here. First of all, we must appreciate that the deputy IGP and his superior are only policemen and thus cannot be expected to understand the subtleties or even the basics of law.

So when Noor Rashid Ibrahim gives a clean bill of health to this Wan Muhammad Azri on a case that at a minimum should have led to a charge of assault, it is the most his intellect would allow him. But that is not without its silver lining.

The deputy's defence of gangsters and the IGP's abysmal track record should put an immediate end to any consideration of extending their service, which fortunately would be coming to a close shortly.

But where do we put them? Maybe they could be appointed judges. To the Court of Appeal, at least.

Anonymous Grow The Country: Remember this excuse or reason. Misunderstanding.

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