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Yoursay: Students backing Najib bodes ill for the nation’s future

YOURSAY | ‘The only value we seem to have inculcated in our education system is that wealth is power.’

UKM students move 'Bossku' event off campus after postponement

Darmakochi: With university students like these, who needs external enemies to destroy this country?

The members of the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Student Council must be living under the coconut shell to even think of organising such a ridiculous event involving former PM Najib Abdul Razak.

Especially when the whole world is laughing at us for the global corruption under the rule of the disgraced former prime minister.

Anonymous_1cfb3ab6: I get it if some folks in the hinterlands are still supportive of ‘Bossku.’ But when it’s university students, despite their access to so much evidence and information, then Malaysia has no hope for the future.

Jasmine: Indeed, this event planned by UKM Student Council is a sad but accurate reflection of what our education system has nurtured over the decades.

In a failed attempt at empowering the Malays – with handouts of all kinds, irrespective of quality or qualification – the only value system worshipped is that wealth is power, and such power should be sought by all means, no matter what the costs to human values are.

Najib is the ultimate symbol of this idolatry and the youths of today, leaders of this nation tomorrow, have revealed the true nature of what runs deep amongst the majority of this country.

It is all about materialism, the imagined and false sense of power that goes with it, and the Machiavellian chase that overwhelms every other consideration. And only fuelled by a daily dose of the poison of race and religion.

What a poisonous cocktail for a nation of multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious nature. It all started five decades ago.

My2cen: Why would anyone, let alone university students, want to listen to someone who stole from the coffers of the country and force the rakyat to pay until the next generation?

With the gravity of the charges, Najib should be sent away while awaiting trial. Only the devil can pull wool over people’s eyes in this way. And the goats are fighting to fall over the cliff for him.

Maybe they should just let the former premier conduct an MBA from prison on ‘How to steal from the country'.

Mano: I feel that UKM should not make it difficult to hold the event. But what is utterly shocking is the thinking capabilities of these students.

Education Minister Maszlee Malik, this is proof enough of the dire state of the education system.

Anonymous_cdb4fb5d: Ask UKM or any local university students what the 1MDB scandal is. Do they not know, or do they not want to know? If it is the latter, is it because their priority is not the country or its affairs?

It is sad that most people, even so-called educated people, don’t care a damn about the 1MDB affair.

No wonder, they are still eager to take selfies with the biggest traitor and thief the country has ever seen.

Zakir Naik ceramah bid rejected by Penang city council

Occam’s Razor: Only controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik’s talk got rejected by the Penang Island City Council (MBPP)?

You would think by now this alleged terrorist would be banned from entering this country and sent back to India, where he is wanted.

This is yet another example of the Pakatan Harapan administration trying so hard to 'jaga hati' (appease) just one demographic.

Kamaapo: If one wishes to talk about one’s own religion, one should confine oneself to all the virtues of that religion, not the assumed negative things from other religions. An ethical person wouldn’t do these needless, obnoxious comparisons.

Zakir, praise your religion sky high, it's fine with non-Muslims. But why do you so unnecessarily provoke by poking your nose into the affairs of other religions?

You are from India. Do the major Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain priests there ever talk about the assumed 'negativities' in Islam or in any other religions?

By all means, praise Islam. But by touching on the 'negative' aspects of other religions, you are aggravating the delicate multi-religious fabric here. That's not an ethical way for a cultured Muslim to boost the faith of adherents and try to rope in new converts.

Unnecessary attempts to convert people like this is one of the major causes of religious friction.

Millions have been killed unnecessarily the world over because of this fanaticism.

TrueNews: Harapan, Malaysia is already a dumping ground for the world’s garbage; we don’t need to add Zakir to the heap.

If the present government is being fair to all religions, this alleged criminal should be expelled to where he’s wanted by his home country.

Listen to any of his speeches, and one can gauge the amount of garbage he spews on other religions.

One Humanity: Spewing religious hatred is not banned in this country as long as these preachers adhere to the guidelines? Does this privilege extend to all preachers, or from just one faith?

Legit: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has broken all his promises to crack down on Islamic extremism in the country.

What is the preacher still doing in this country? He should have been deported to India long ago if we respect international law.

It’s fitting that Malaysia is only good at preaching and does not do what it preaches. What a sham.

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