MB denies banning sale of alcohol, says it is golf club's decision

Modified 22 Mar 2019, 5:40 am

Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun has denied personally ordering a ban on the sale of alcohol at the Seremban International Golf Club (SIGC), saying instead that the decision was made collectively by the SIGC committee.

According to Sin Chew Daily, Aminuddin said that the matter was discussed in the SIGC committee twice and the committee members had agreed that alcohol should not be sold at the 67-year-old club.

As such, he said, the issue of him ordering a ban on the sale of alcohol at the club did not arise.

Speculation had been rife that Aminuddin, who has been SIGC president since August 2018, had banned the sale of alcohol at the club. Sin Chew Daily reported that SIGC members had made such allegations on social media.

Yesterday, Free Malaysia Today (FMT) reported that SIGC members were unhappy with the alcohol ban and were considering calling for the decision to be revoked at the club's extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on Sunday.

It was reported that the state government owns the golf course, while the clubhouse and other sports facilities belong to the 1,500 members.

The menteri besar and the state secretary are automatically elected as the club's president and deputy president. The menteri besar also appoints the secretary, treasurer, club captain and five committee members.

Yesterday, Aminuddin threatened to resign as president of SIGC if the club fails to prioritise local sensitivities and continues selling alcoholic drinks.

“I have raised this issue twice at the club's meetings. If want to sell (alcoholic drinks), carry on, I will quit as president… that’s all. Furthermore, I do not play golf, it is just that I was asked to be president," he said.