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Yoursay: Academics fiddling with the truth as Rome Statute burns

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YOURSAY | ‘Thank goodness that we have some students who are brave enough to think for themselves.’

Academics convinced rulers with 'biased' paper, students claim

Darmakochi: If the four academics actually did write the alleged paper that was used to convince the Conference of Rulers to reject the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC), then they have a lot to learn from student activists Asheeq Ali Sethi Alivi, Ainina Sofia Adnan Nurhuda Ramli, Suhail Wan Azahar, Ahmad Taqiyuddin Shahriman, Wong Yan Ke, Chong Kar Yan, Nik Azura Nik Nasron and Siti Nurizzah Mohd Tazali.

Dear students, I feel so proud of you. This is how it should be – a matter of great import being subjected to healthy discussion.

Anon 93751028: One important consideration these academics have ignored is that Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany and Emperor Hirohito of Japan were not constitutional monarchs.

By this important omission – certainly understood but ‘ignored’ by the intended audience – the academics are guilty of deliberate misinformation.

Our lack of critical evaluation as a result of a broken education system are big factors in letting them almost get away with it. Thank goodness that we have some students who are brave enough to think for themselves and speak up.

David Dass: The G25 (Group of 25) have called for a national debate on the Rome Statute. Indeed, the students have done the nation a service by disclosing the one-sided view of the four academics. Why were academics like Shad Saleem Faruqi, Azmi Sharom and Ismail Bari not consulted?

Besides, Hirohito was not indicted for war crimes, although under the Japanese Constitution his consent was required for war and for the use of, among others, poison gas. He was consulted on the decision to go to war and participated in the deliberations and finally consented.

The Allies decided that he was misled by the military, and decided not to indict him. The issue of his culpability continues to be debated by historians.

The bottom line is culpability for war crimes. No ruler will be held culpable for war crimes if they did not actually participate in the decision to commit war crimes. In what circumstance would any of our rulers be held liable for war crimes? It is hard to conceive of any such circumstance.

The question is not one of immunity for the rulers. That is already dealt with under our law.

Falcon: The danger isn’t over. I predict that with this move against the Rome Statute considered a success, the same mob will now energise their attacks to remove the present attorney-general from office. They will not rest until the will of the voters is overturned.

Despite some of its imperfections, international law clearly states that whether a country accedes or not, the tide and impact of the Rome Statute is upon us. Only fools and half-baked academicians will dispute this.

When one reads the doctrines and instruments of the United Nations Security Council, it is super clear that the UN can pursue those who commit the four main crimes of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes of aggression across jurisdictions or borders.

With all the rhetoric but inaction shown lately, even on issues of missing Malaysians, a once proud and respected country is today clearly governed by the mob instincts of fanatics and closet terrorists.

Jehangir: If these academics were indeed responsible for sowing discord between the government and the rulers – which could lead to a violent constitutional crisis – shouldn't they be charged for sedition?

Not that I am advocating this course of action, but other people have been dragged to court for sedition on much, much more trivial charges. Once in a while, the Pakatan Harapan government needs to flex its muscles, and do it when it counts, as in this case.

We cannot allow one or two unelected persons to subjugate the government of the day. At the very least, open an investigation into the purported study. Maybe this will be the moment to clean up the rot within academia.

HBasil: If these are the types of academics consulted by the Conference of Rulers, then it is about time for a review of the quality of our educational system, and remove those with inadequate credentials from our public universities.

It’s time to emphasise quality, as quantity is the cause of such bad advice and incompetence.

Wira: The purported paper by those professors was not the cause of the rejection of the Rome Statute.

The decision was already made by the individual implied by PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad before these so-called academics were likely requested to come out with the study.

Roger 5201: Never before in the history of our constitutional democracy have so many core principles been set aside so casually because of one man.

Vijay47: Where do we start, where will we end? Recent events have put us in a frenetic rollercoaster ride that leaves us uncertain whether to laugh or to lament, or even to understand what is going on.

Yet in the midst of all this confusion, certain revelations come through. First, is that being born with a golden spoon embedded with pink diamonds in one’s mouth is no assurance that the arrival is matched with a similar abundance of wisdom – obviously, an inability to face reality equally afflicts the commoner and those of exalted heritage.

Second, the rulers, the Malay race, and Islam as practised in this country must surely be the most vulnerable and threatened kinship in the world. Every morning we hear more cries of further imaginary attacks on this most sensitive of communities.

Alas, this titillating situation is accompanied by several serious fears – why did Mahathir retreat from Rome?

A reconsideration of an earlier decision is understandable, but he had spoken of unidentified forces who intend to wreak havoc on the entire nation. Who are these groups powerful enough to be above the law?

Take them on. The era of mollycoddling must come to a stop. Too often have those employing race and religion as justification for all they do been allowed to get off scot-free. The kid gloves must come off, and the mailed fist must be used.

Otherwise, we will be a nation governed by the mob instinct of fanatics inspired by majestic exploitation.

Steven Ong: Once an agenda has been set, and all education and training are geared towards achieving that agenda, it will stay in place for a long time, as we have seen throughout history.

North Korea is a good example of an idolatry agenda staying in place and perpetuated from generation to generation because children are continuously programmed to support that agenda and nothing else.

In this light, the ‘bias’ of the alleged study on the Rome Statute by these four academicians is unsurprising, with many being in the same circle of belief and thought.

They are the results of the dark path our forefathers chose, and that we now all have to go down – unless a lightning strike lights up that path. It is tragic for Malaysia that this has to happen because of one small step along that road.

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