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Yoursay: Is Cersei Lannister in charge of Pahang?

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YOURSAY | 'Pahang is perhaps the last bastion of Umno. Let them legislate loyalty.'

Businesses must show loyalty to rulers to get permits - Pahang MB

Clever Voter: Compelling any individual to show loyalty to rulers is feudalistic. No one is actually disloyal unless it's about sending tributes, if that is what Pahang Menteri Besar Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail is attempting to say.

Unspoken support, including donations, is already a popular practice. The patronage system is more or less an industry easily worth billions.

What on earth is the menteri besar trying to imply?

The Way It Was: The requirement that businesses must show loyalty to rulers to get permits is ludicrous. Does anyone seriously believe this is happening in the 21st century?

We are a secular nation with a constitutional monarchy, we don't need to show loyalty per se to the rulers.

What does it matter and why should the palace be involved in business decisions, which is not their business in the first place?

Slumdog: Indeed, this idea must have come from the bottom of the ‘stupid ideas’ barrel.

Can one imagine the British prime minister saying from now on if businesses wish to apply for permits and licences, they have to show loyalty to Queen Elizabeth?

Or imagine the prime ministers of Australia, New Zealand or Canada requiring businesses to show respect to the governor-general (the Queen's representative in the respective countries) before they can obtain permits and licences.

Is this some kind of medieval social system of government? How is this genius of a menteri besar going to assess whether loyalty or disloyalty is shown?

Firstpeoplerights: Is this country not a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy? For a moment I thought I was reading about Cersei Lannister.

Anonymous #13114320: Wan Rosdy is just using this loyalty to the sultan as an excuse to allegedly enrich himself and his cronies – additional rules with subjective approvals.

For those applying for licences, they may need to offer bribes to get fast approval.

Similarly, for renewals, additional conditions would mean you have to consistently subscribe to bribery. Otherwise, they may just cancel your licence for non-conformity.

Ericlcc: Enforcement people are generally very happy with more rules and regulations – more ways to reject applications, and therefore, more ways to pad their pockets.

Anonymous 770241447347646: Is the menteri besar bringing back the old system where you need the approval of the royalty before you can start a business in Pahang?

A letter of loyalty from the king perhaps. Who issues this letter of loyalty? How do you measure whether an individual or company has been loyal? What about foreign companies?

What you are doing is making new rules and regulations, making it difficult for all local and foreign investors.

Loyalty comes from within the heart, and is not forced or bought.

Demi Rakyat: There's no need to force anyone to show loyalty. All it takes is for the royalty to show and demonstrate to the rakyat that they deserve to be respected and loyalty will follow naturally.

Otherwise, respect and loyalty will be zero.

Serembanpau: The menteri besar should next set up a Loyalty Department with a director-general and supporting staff to monitor the loyalty of all business licence holders.

It can then generate a 100-page Loyalty standard operating procedure book, which every business licence holder must have and deploy Loyalty inspectors to check compliance to the SOP.

This move will create hundreds of new jobs for jobless graduates. If successful, it will be a blueprint for other states to follow.

Anonymous_1552474309: First of all, it is difficult to quantify respect. Hence, making it impossible to objectively access qualification based on this matrix. Not to mention, it can be easily abused.

Second, cash is not king and definitely not a shortcut to earn respect – not real respect anyway. Look at former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, he may have been respected while in power. And he plunged to the bottom the day after losing the general election.

What Pahang should do is to emulate the Perak sultan – his moderation, guts to speak up against corruption, and genuine love of his subjects make people flock to him.

Kind Soul: Wan Rosdy personally gave out bribes to Orang Asli chiefs to vote for the BN candidate during the 14th general election.

This evidence was given in open court. God save the people of Pahang.

Just Sharing: This is where institutionalised corruption starts. We are already aware of reports of people paying for 'Datuk' awards. Now, do businesspersons need to pay to show loyalty before their permits and licences are approved?

Do we wonder why Malaysia is so backward in terms of free markets and foreign investments? Thanks to these idiot leaders.

G_Sam: Malaysia is disunited because every one of these leaders wants Malaysians to be loyal to them. Loyalty must be to Malaysia, for the betterment of Malaysia and Malaysians as a whole. Loyalty not to royals nor political parties.

Fair Play: Relax everyone. Pahang is perhaps the last bastion of Umno. Let them legislate loyalty.

If they are successful, at least loyalty or lip service can be bought. Perhaps the rakyat can also carry a loyalty card. Isn’t it great for Umno?

In fact, I go one step further. Why not they also legislate what the rakyat can or cannot think? And see how are they going to enforce it.

Nes: Never underestimate the stupidity of politicians.

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