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Yoursay: Daim spot on, Harapan must set the narrative

YOURSAY | 'When your job is to drain the swamp, don't end up fighting the alligators.'

Daim wants Putrajaya to stop dancing to Najib's tune

Just a Malaysian: I'm not a fan of former Council of Eminent Persons chairperson Daim Zainuddin, but he is right in saying that Pakatan Harapan has to stop entertaining Najib Abdul Razak, and focus on establishing its own narrative.

Harapan should ignore the former prime minister's comments, as he has no standing to ask any questions. 

When your job is to drain the swamps, don't end up fighting the alligators. 

Headhunter: I’m glad someone has said this. Najib is already a spent force – a disgrace and a man with zero credibility.

So please, ignore his silly antics and high drama, which seems to be the only thing he's got left to draw attention to himself.

Anonymous 2405371458107314: Right on, Daim. Harapan should focus on improving living conditions to build support, instead of political manoeuvres that are counterproductive and will eventually blow up in their face.

Ng Choong Leong: Many Harapan ministers, though academically qualified, just lack the right political acumen.

They should be truthful with themselves. Step down voluntarily and let others who are more capable in terms of political wisdom to take over to serve the people and the nation.

Esviel: Most Harapan ministers would not even qualify to run a kopitiam. I admit, some are learning fast, but they are few and far between. The majority are simply hopeless.

It has been one year since May 9, 2018, and Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad cannot use the reasoning of "They are inexperienced but are learning."

How long is this learning going to take? Daim is spot on here. Harapan has to define the narrative.

Right now, the coalition is essentially responding to noise. There is no strategy and no consistency. And let me not start on the depressing state of intelligence.

Anonymous_fb04de02: The problem with the current cabinet is that they feel the need to bend backwards to please everyone, not wanting to appear unreasonable or high-handed.

They fail to realise that in Umno and PAS, they're dealing with people with no remorse whatsoever for the damage they have done to the country.

Take a leaf out of what's happening in the United States. Once the Republicans came into power, they basically moved the goalposts and threw all decency out of the window to impose their own ideas regardless of what others think. 

They're idiots, and our ministers don't have to behave like them, but Harapan certainly needs to grow a pair and put the jokers in their place.

Ku Li warns of snap polls, Zaid unconvinced of Dr M-Anwar transition

Wira: Why would Mahathir dissolve Parliament during the transition of power to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim, as Umno advisory council chairperson Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah suggests, unless the premier wants Umno and PAS to return to power and corrupt the country further? 

Mahathir didn't even do it when he resigned as prime minister in 2003.

The peaceful transition of the premiership to Anwar is an election manifesto promise of Pakatan Harapan.

No wonder Razaleigh was never a contender for prime minister. He doesn't understand Mahathir.

Kit P: Of course, it would suit either Razaleigh or acting Umno president Mohamad Hasan to hope for strife between Mahathir and Anwar – and manufacture or conjure up strife if necessary. Razaleigh is hoping to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Eagle: This old man was even rejected by his own party. In the Umno polls, he could not even beat Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar, who is so much younger than him.

All this while he hasn't even muttered a single word about the billions stolen in the 1MDB scandal and the other corruption cases like Lembaga Tabung Haji, etc.

All he cares about is whether Umno can come back into power if there is a snap election. Malaysians must reject this cunning old fox.

My2cen: Both Razaleigh and former minister Zaid Ibrahim are giving unsolicited advice and misguided analysis – Harapan would not be so silly to drop the ball at the halfway point.

As angry as we are with things not done or moving, no benefits from budget, we will not change Harapan for the rubbish that we discarded.

Like Chef Wan said, incompetence or learning on the job is better than those who sold out the country and its people.

Mohd Isnin: I don't think Mahathir will call for a snap election, because if he does that, then he would go down history as a leader who cannot be trusted, which would put him on par with the former prime minister.

Monty: Ku Li, you had a chance to lead Umno again, but your half-attempted comeback was rejected.

So, why don’t you just stay put on the sidelines and observe the master at work. Mahathir knows exactly what he is doing. So too Anwar. And between both of them, Harapan will prevail.

Perhaps you could use the time you have left to work on the still prevailing weaknesses of Umno to make that party an objective and constructive opposition. And, work on PAS to clean up their act too.

Fredtan: Is Razaleigh playing a mind game to fool Malaysians, or is he just a naive politician? You are talking about the smartest politician, Mahathir. Razaleigh is not in the same league.

The fact is no top leader (at least the wise ones) not being forced to vacate his position would give definite timing of his departure – even if he has agreed to do so voluntarily. The reason is that he would be a lame duck prime minister once he declares the date.

His subordinates would not follow his directions to the letter once they know that he will not be around for long. They will be looking ahead to the incoming prime minister.

In former US President Barack Obama’s last one-and-a-half years, he was already a lame duck president. He could not even get his Supreme Court judge appointment approved by the opposing Republican Senate.

In conclusion, Mahathir is no lame duck, nor a dead duck. He leaves at his leisure, or God’s.

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