Yoursay: Our debt issues lie squarely at your feet, Najib


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YOURSAY | 'The artist is admiring his own work.'

Najib 'praises' gov't for hitting 'RM800b' debt mark

Vgeorgemy: The accused in a scandal involving a multibillion-ringgit public fund has admitted that the national debts at his time amounted to RM686.8 billion.

The substantial portion of the debt incurred during the BN period was for the unproductive purposes and to meet the guarantee payments, as in the case of SRC International and 1MDB.

Pakatan Harapan has no choice but to meet the BN regime’s financial follies by borrowing billions to keep the creditworthiness of the country.

The previous BN regime’s economic model was 1MDB and SRC International by diverting billions to support the extravagant lifestyles of Umno-BN.

Newday: You’re a very naughty boy, former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak – your father would be deeply ashamed at your actions which dynamited the debt levels to what they are now. 

And now you act like a petulant primary schoolboy, forever taking cheap shots and never coming up with one reasonable idea as to what to do.

Our debt issues lie fairly at your feet and no one else.

Why don’t you read and make yourself familiar as to why our debt levels are where they are now? It is not too difficult to see where this debt spiral started, yet you refuse to see the truth.

Keep on trolling as it reminds the rest of us of the blind and dumb 'Bossku' followers out there.

Worried Sick: Something is wrong with Najib. Is he doing all these to get himself admitted to the facility in Tanjong Rambutan as a mitigating factor before sentencing?

I am really amazed that a former prime minister of this country can show so brazenly that he is in a denial syndrome.

Doesn't he know we are in this mess because of what he has done?

Ipohcrite: The nation's debt had indeed climbed under your administration to what it is today, no thanks to your kleptocratic ways.

Credit must be given where it is due. You have indeed rightfully earned your own praise.

Beeja: Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund is valued at US$390 billion (RM1.6 trillion) and is the eighth largest in the world.

This comes from a small red dot to our south, that has no oil or gas, no tin or no rubber, and hardly any land. What they had for 54 years was great leadership with financial acumen and honesty.

We Malaysians had Umno for 61 years with 1MDB as their crowning glory (besides a broken society).

Najib is still crowing. It's beyond embarrassing. We can only hang our heads in shame. Our redemption will be when he is in jail.

Fair Mind: The artist is admiring his own work, haha!

Mano: There is a Tamil saying, “You can wake up a person who is asleep you, but you cannot wake up a person pretending to be asleep.

“You can show, explain to and teach a person who is clueless; but you cannot enlighten a person pretending to be clever.”

Jalan Semangat in PJ is now 'Jalan Prof Khoo Kay Kim'

Diabolocracy: What a waste of time and money. Nobody will refer to it as Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Khim, just like how no one refers to Jalan 222 as Jalan PP Narayanan.

Go name some new street with his name, leave existing streets alone.

Abasir: When will politicians and their dependents in high places learn that the rakyat really don't want nor care for name changes, especially those that affect their daily discourse?

If dead people need to be honoured, go ahead and name flowers or trees after them.

Scrophulariaceae khoo’ sounds more sophisticated and memorable, better than a permanently potholed Jalan Professor Khoo Kay Kim.

Indeed, hasn't Jalan 222 taught these people anything?

Anonnon2: Seeing that the powers-that-be are so free that they can think of road-renaming and other navel-gazing activities, why won't it instead attend to the road condition of Jalan Semangat that resembles some Syrian war zone with its endless craters and bumps and what not?

It has been rotten for years and no one seems to be bothered to improve by re-tarring the road.

Bootlicking must be more important than doing the right thing.

Anonymous #22878930: It’s a very thoughtful gesture, but please also think about the businesses and residences on that street that have to spend money now on everything from name cards to letterheads, etc.

Perhaps Harapan should reserve this gesture in naming new roads only and leaving the rest alone. I am sure the historian would be happier if history is left untouched.

Anonymous_1548748979231.02441548748211867: Malaysia has this propensity to give road names that are long and unwieldy.

Jalan Semangat is short and sweet. Imagine telling the cab driver you wish to go Jalan what’s-this-is-such-a-mouthful-of-a-name.

Soon we will run out of envelope space to write the full address.

Anonymous 0123456789: Of all the outstanding Chinese Malaysians, past and present, he is the exceptional few who have my respect.

Professor Khoo, you deserved to be immortalised.

Anonymous_1543475877: Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not want his name on any roads, buildings, or anywhere. Why can’t you learn from him?

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