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Yoursay: Sabotage claim over Sg S'gor pollution needs thorough probe

YOURSAY | 'Any encroachment of this nature is beyond serious and ought to be considered a national emergency.'

Minister: Police find elements of sabotage in Sg S'gor contamination

Kural: Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr Xavier Jeyakumar’s indication that there is a need to consider sabotage is frightening. Any encroachment of this nature is beyond serious and ought to be considered a national emergency.

There could be a calamity and dire consequences for ordinarily innocent consumers from wilful intent to harm. The evil that men can do should be frightening.

Sinan Belawan: In 2002, Selangor was the first state in Malaysia that fully privatised its water supply through an outright sale of assets for the entire network. Water privatisation took hold in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Xavier should step down if he is not able to guarantee uncontaminated water for the people. Positions come with responsibilities. So take responsibility and act with urgency.

Politicians overlook the fact that Malaysia is an ageing society. Significant numbers of seniors live in areas that have no water today and in the coming days.

There are challenges for them, for example, to collect water from a tanker parked away from their homes due to mobility factors. It is expensive for them to order takeaway food, such as by using Grab.

The government of the day must stop the blame game and ensure that clean water flows from people's taps without disruption.

LCF: How many times have water supplies in Selangor been polluted by illegal discharge of effluents or by other illegal activities?

How many times have investigations been carried out? How many times have perpetrators been identified, charged, found guilty and jailed?

What are the chances of similar incidents recurring? What is being done to stop this from happening?

Anonymous Observer: I agree with National Water Services Commission (Span) chairperson Charles Santiago that a complete overhaul of Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) may be necessary.

Is Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari so busy with politics that there is no time to monitor the local authorities and the agencies that provide services to the public? Please wake up.

Abasir: This is now a matter of national security and economic sabotage affecting millions. But will it be treated as such or trivialised by Pakatan Harapan, which is still entangled with the sex tapes?

Will the sick home minister rise to do the needful?

Taps go dry hours after water supply resumes following new incident

Prudent: I sense sabotage and incompetent management.

The whole water catchment area must be monitored day and night using drones with night vision if necessary. Such is the vitality of water supplies for the Klang Valley.

Anonymous_78ab6882: Is there no contingency measure that can be taken in cases like this, so as to ensure water supply will continue in some way?

What are the proactive steps being taken by the management of Syabas and Air Selangor?

We need a total revamp of the management of both these companies, which are run by incompetent people with no foresight, and results in us people paying the price.

The Selangor government needs to take immediate steps to safeguard Harapan’s future in the next election.

Wsoi: Food, water and shelter are the basic critical needs of the Selangor rakyat. The sultan may need to take stern action against troublemakers.

Well That’s Fantastic: Increase the penalty for those committing this offence on the rakyat, minimum 10 years’ jail and a huge fine. Use the money to fund enforcement.

AmBank got uncomfortable with volume of cash going into Najib's accounts

Anonymous_1541405466: The banking system in Malaysia must have very poor compliance with checks and balances.

To have a politician whose yearly salary is a few hundred thousand ringgit move tens of millions of ringgit through the bank should have triggered all kinds of alarms.

But it seems that all types of exceptions were made for former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak and Co because the employees of AmBank were intimidated by the fact that they were dealing with the prime minister.

If Bank Negara has tough banking and money-laundering laws that are compulsory for all banks operating in Malaysia, then it becomes the responsibility of the bank's compliance department to approve these transactions.

This provides a mechanism for rank-and-file bank employees to insulate themselves from becoming an unwitting partner in a major financial crime or scandal by just following the rule of the law. 

It provides a legal shield so that they can’t be pressured into approving shady transactions by pushing any suspicious transaction up to the bank’s compliance department.

The Wakandan: @Anonymous_1541405466, we can’t blame them if they were scared. They were just employees. Dealing with a prime minister who perhaps had a tough reputation did not help.

Everybody wanted to be on his good side. Those that did not would probably not have lasted very long in that system.

Hang Babeuf: This is not a pretty picture. Najib may say it is all personal funds, deposited bit by bit in cash.

But what is the source of this massive continuing cash flow dripping regularly into his hands?

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