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Umno and PAS will work to keep Dr M as PM for full-term - Hadi
Published:  Jul 27, 2019 3:26 AM
Updated: 3:26 AM

PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang (photo, above) said his party and Umno will work to keep Dr Mahathir Mohamad as prime minister for the full term.

This was despite a Pakatan Harapan consensus for Mahathir to eventually handover power to PKR president Anwar Ibrahim before the end of his term.

Hadi said Mahathir's Malay Muslim party Bersatu must be defended because other multi-racial parties in Harapan did not have the "characteristics of Islamic leadership", according to Harakahdaily.

Furthermore, he claimed that Harapan was being dominated by non-Muslims.

"Bersatu only has 11 seats (in the Dewan Rakyat) and their position is not strong in the government.

"The party is alone that is why we, together with Umno, will defend Mahathir to become prime minister until the end of his term.

"That is our position... Mahathir should become prime minister until the end of his term," he was quoted as saying.

Abdul Hadi said PAS is prepared to cooperate with any parties that are "not extreme".

"The unity of Malays and bumiputera are very important but at the same time, we do not deny the rights of non-Muslims.

"That is why we consider non-Muslim parties that are not extreme like MIC, MCA as well as GPS," said the Marang MP.

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